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Russian Military: US-led Forces Evacuate ISIS Militants To Rukban Refugee Camp, Prevent Civilians From Leaving

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Russian Military: US-led Forces Evacuate ISIS Militants To Rukban Refugee Camp, Prevent Civilians From Leaving

A screenshot from the video

On February 19, Russian forces opened 2 humanitarian corridors allowing refugees to leave the Rukban camp in the US-controlled area of al-Tanf in eastern Syria, head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the conflicting sides in Syria Sergei Solomatin told media on February 20.

According to him, on the same day, 23 people left the US-controlled area via the “Jleb humanitarian corridor”. Members of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent are stationed at the checkpoints to provide medical aid to refugees leaving the camp.

The Russian side says militants have blocked the exit from the Rukban camp by building an earth berm. They also threatened the refugees with “jail and death” on the territory under the control of the Damascus government.

“At the same time, the possibility of exit of foreign fighters from the 55-kilometer zone to Jordan and Iraq is not limited, while militants from the Islamic State terrorist group and their families have been moved to the Rukban camp from the eastern shore of the Euphrates river, where the pro-US  ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ are leading the so-called ‘victorious war against the last remnants of the IS’ in Syria, promoted by the Western media,” the Solomatin explained.

A video by al-Zazeera shows Russsian forces near the Rukban refugee camp:


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so be it you force the civs to stay so shall you die if you let them leave peacefully you will treated with more compassion if not you fckn die sinigog of satan militants!!this i have seen and so it shall be killas!!


and oh ya i seen the pic of the american assets that they were evacuated and u wonder why i have turned on u trump same as your assets in idlib huh?


allll bs as usual……..SAA wants to attack…rubkan camp,idlib,afrin,..russias gives them no green light…and then russia is continuing whinning…….unfuckingbelievable.russias so called Partner, Turkey is now having the leaders of HTS in Turkeys Hospital..it doesnt get any sicker and more obvious…..those Isis terrorists can only be transferred to the camp via choppers…… guess what russia……..this is WAR…and nobody gives u presents in a war…..time to fight…..unless ofcourse there is a bigger Picture….an Agenda

a one world government,with Jerusalem as ist capital under satanic jewish Leadership.All nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal evil satanic Entity named Israel are part of the Agenda, including russia,usa,uk,china,eu etc….


here are only 5 parties to trust….hezbollah,iranian Forces,SAA,PMU in iraq and the houthis.Each of them have made it perfectly clear, there will never be a peaceful Resolution with the satanic Entity israe.Each of them have made clear, that they will push them evil Forces intoi the mediterean, as last quoted by the great charismatic soleimani. ps. None of them trust the russians!!they know the gameplan.But they cannot attack first, they are waiting for the attack on them to make the final Retaliation on Israel……the jews know this, thats why they now are arming their Saudi stooges with nuclear weapons………..and thats the reason why the USA are developing “small” nuclear weapons with a 10 kiloton warhead………russia for ist part is providing Irans and syrias and hezbollahs and houhis advesaries with the S-400, as defensive measures against the Missiles of the resistance!!!!!!


nd again for the moronic 99%sheep………the best example of this bs “cold war” between russia and USA…. russia is pissed, whinning about the USA developing Military assets in space. well Folks, its russia that sold and continues to sell their russian rocket engines to the USA Military, which are beiing used in the Atlas rockets to put those Military assets in space that russia is complaining about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! catch the drift!!!!

thats as if 2 men say they hate eachother, wanna kill each other, and man A is supplying man B with the bullits to shoot him. ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ist a theatre for the 99% sheep. wake the fuck up!!!!

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