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Russian Military To Sign Contract For 13 Su-57 Fifth-Generation Fighter Jets In 2020

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Russian Military To Sign Contract For 13 Su-57 Fifth-Generation Fighter Jets In 2020

Su-57 fighter jets. IMAGE: Sergei Bobylyov/TASS

A second contract to manufacture 13 Su-57 fighter jets for the Russian Aerospace Forces is to be signed in 2020, TASS reported on January 16 citing a source in Russia’s aircraft-making industry.

“In 2020, we plan to sign the second contract to manufacture and deliver 13 Su-57 fighter jets, some of them equipped with the second-stage engines,” he said. “The preliminary timeframe for the new contract is five years.”

A first Su-57 contract was signed in 2018. It envisages the delivery of two Su-57 jets in 2019-2020.

“In line with the contract signed in 2018, one serial Su-57 jet with first-stage engines will be delivered to the Aerospace Forces this year, the other aircraft featuring the same type of engine – in 2020,” the source said.

According to TASS, the fighter jet’s manufacturer, the United Aircraft Corporation, refrained from commenting on the report.

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Five years to deliver 13 aircraft, barely a squadron? My, that’s not much of a priority now is it? If they were that good and that needed I’d be cranking them out 13 a month.

Tudor Miron

I would not pay too much attention to this kind of reports :)

Bigaess Wangmane

The Su-35 does everything the Su-57 can minus some stealth characteristics, why should Russia build 1000 of these planes when they’re simply not needed in those numbers?


SU-35 is also cheaper. Makes sense to use it.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

250 MiG-29
250 MiG-31
300 Su-27
110 Su-30
100 Su-35
10 MiG-35
10 Su-57
? MiG-41
Not short on multi-role fighters/interceptors/exoatmospheric superiority platforms in 2019-2020.

Daniel Miller

ummm no their will be 12 dilivered by 2020 and 13 more will be ordered in 2020

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Yeah, so that is minimum of 25 by end of 2025.
My point being it is not in serial production, as it doesn’t need to be.


Russian air superiority fighters will operate in context of IADS, current events in Syria have shown that Suk 35 enhanced by state of the art EW can blind the F22 radar and outmaneuver it. Suk 57 production will continue as needed.


There are actually more than 13 but the rest are completely stealth. This 13 are meant to cover the real shit.


They say they plan on starting the next small batch in the future, there is clearly no time table of when these would actually be finished. Budgets might actually change by then, but at least their optimistic.

Zionism = EVIL

So far the previous generations of Russian flying dishwashers have a very poor combat record from Afghanistan to Syria. Even the Turkeys shot them down with impunity. The SU-57 will most likely be another decoration piece like the S-400 pot plants.


These “potplants” seem to be working, as nobody dares to challenge them and they sell like hot cake. The empire tries by all means to prevent these sales. People with brains can put 2 and 2 together, the others write… see the post above mine.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Correct me if im wrong, but NATO shot down only a single russian plane, not the entire Southern Air Regiment as you are implying.
And as far as i know, the only “stealth” aircraft lost in combat in aviation history, is US made.

Old soviet made SAM systems from the 70s, operated by a “low quality force” have shot down a US “stealth” plane.

Tell me again what kind of qualitystamp there is on US made aircraft and helicopter?

Soviet/russian aviation actually have a very good track record in combat, taking the unstable 80s and 90s into consideration.

I prefer any russian made aircraft and helicopter above any one from the US.

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