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Russian Military To Get New S-350 Vityaz Missile Systems In 2019

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Russian Military To Get New S-350 Vityaz Missile Systems In 2019

S-350 Vityaz

The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) will deploy the new generation S-350 Vityaz short-to-mid range surface-to-air defense missile complex, to replace the S-300, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on December 30th.

General-Lieutenant Yuriy Grekhov, deputy commander of Air and Missile Defense Troops of VKS further said that 10 units of the Pantsir-S missile system and the S-400 Triumf missile defense system will also be deployed.

In 2018, the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems and the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile systems were deployed to air defense units deployed in Crimea, Khabarovsk, Leningrad and Kaliningrad regions, as well as in the Arctic region.

Furthermore, on December 26th, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Defense Ministry carried out tests of the hypersonic system Avangard to successfully verify all of its technical parameters.

“On my instructions the industrial enterprises and the Defense Ministry have prepared for and carried out the final test of this system,” Putin said. “The test was completely successful: all technical parameters were verified.”

The hypersonic missile system will be commissioned in 2019 in the Armed Forces, the Russian President said, emphasizing that it is a new type of strategic weapon.

“Starting from next year, in 2019, a new intercontinental strategic system Avangard will enter service in the Russian army and the first regiment in the Strategic Missile Troops will be deployed,” he said.

This marks the third weapon system that is to be deployed in the short term out of the 6 that Vladimir Putin revealed on March 1st, 2018.

So far, the Kinzhal hypersonic ballistic missile and the Peresvet laser have been delivered to the Russian armed forces.

Furthermore, on December 28th, the S-400 Triumf missile system successfully completed a training to repel a mock air missile attack in Siberia, the Central Military District.

According to the scenario, the adversary planned to launch an air strike on the ground objects and infrastructure of the Novosibirsk region. S-400 standby forces timely detected aircraft on the raid and engaged the enemy by electronic launch of the missiles.

The S-400 protects the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems.

In recent weeks, Russian military officials have boasted the level of modernization that the Russian Armed Forces have reached throughout the various end-of-year public councils and meetings that have taken place.


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I’ve seen very little detail about the Peresvet laser system, even about what it actually does. Does it shoot at things? Or disrupt electronics in some way? I realise it is all classified, but I’ve not even seen a Russian military PR video on it. Does anyone here know anything about this whole new class of weapon?


From my perspective, Peresvet is a laser system to enhance SHORAD defenses by shooting down or blinding swarms of drones. Russian are working on other laser systems, primarily airborne that would have air to ground and ASAT capabilities.

John Whitehot

“US intended goal to minimize the effectiveness of Russian A2/AD is to shoot preemptive missiles that release drones that supposedly swarm air defenses confusing radars and obfuscate real targets.”

The problem with that approach is that it does not make any sense under a EW perspective.

Little drones can only lift the lightest sensors and power packs, which, for the laws of phisycs, cannot produce signal outputs of any meaningful power, lest alone the power needed to jam powerful phased array radars weighing hundreds of kilograms with megawatts of outage.

The swarms themselves can be jammed at will, based on the same principles.

I suspect the whole “drone swarm” is just another US / Israeli MIC bluff, and even if it wasn’t, it’s still tens of years before any operationality.


When the idea of drone swarms was unveiled, the EW perspective was not a deciding factor in their assumptions, since peer EW capabilities was not known.
Still, primitive drone attacks against the Russian base in Latakia required Pantsirs to shoot down some in conjunction with EW interdiction.
The only way US or Israel can have a chance against S300 and S400 air defenses is to overwhelm them with them with electronic spam hoping their guided bombs, HARMs and other attack weapons make it through being masked and obfuscated by all the electronic junk.
Having EW, Pantsir and Tor short air defense systems along with Peresvet would make the Russian air defenses quite impregnable.

John Whitehot

“Still, primitive drone attacks against the Russian base in Latakia required Pantsirs to shoot down some in conjunction with EW interdiction”

They weren’t primitive – by admission of the Russians they “appeared” primitive but had quite high tech in them. Nonetheless, these “DIY drones” operations were conducted with Poseidon planes in the closest possible positions in the air, which means they were spying on possible Russian EW means implemented to stop the attacks.

Using the Pantsyrs to shoot them down is very likely the most reasonable choice so not to give out too much EW material to study to the Poseidons, the Pantsyrs able to operate without emissions.


The laser can disable/shoot them down more economically and quicker. If you had tens or hundreds of these drones coming at you, the laser can zap them quickly without exhausting the Pantsir missiles. Keep the Pantsir missiles for the real stuff.

John Whitehot

the truth about Peresvet is that Russia managed to build both offensive (hypersonics) and defensive (combat lasers) next generation strategic weapons.

If and when the US will deploy hypersonic weapons (I’ll have white hair by then), Russia would already field 2nd or 3rd generations combat lasers to shoot them down.

As for the “drone swarms”, which for me it remains an idiocy until they are described in less cartoonish terms, a SAM warhead going off in the middle of a “swarm” is more than enough to convert it from flying to falling garbage.

You can call me Al

Happy New Year. At the risk of being rude, you could look it up, you know.




Although now, I think you are right, hard to find detail.


True, but it probably indicates I am not sufficiently curious to do my own research, but am curious enough to ask someone at this site which specialises in matters of Russian militaria. What in the old days we used to call ‘a conversation’.

Thanks for the links anyway, although the Sputnik video reminded me of watching “Thunderbirds” on a Saturday morning when just a lad. The other two sites were a little vague, plenty of supposition and not much fact, it seems the system is still pretty secret which is as it should be I suppose.


Hi Ross, lasers can also transmit information (very secure) not only destroy targets. Maybe Peresvetis designed to activate/de-activate systems in LEO or immediate surroundings. Happy New Year.

Gary Sellars

Peresvet appears to be Russias answer to mass drone (swarm) attacks. It would be a short-range/point defense system to engage large numbers of small attackers in a cost-effective manner – no need to deplete your Pantsir misisle inventory to knock out small cheap UAVs.

Not really surprising given that the Seppostanis have been telegraphing their wet dreams about drone swarms overwhelming any opposing IADS.


The S350 with the latest technologies provides more compact missiles, having 12 missiles ready to fire instead of the typical 4, and provides a layered defense integratable with the S400.
The naval version of this system (Poliment Redut) has been accepted by the Russian navy and equips its latest frigates.

Carne João Pasta

It truly brings me peace to know Russia is serious about defending itself, its civilization. I’d trust Russia more than the US if I lived in Europe.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, Russia has learnt a lot of valuable lessons from Syria and the Zionist idiots have exposed a lot of weaknesses. The S-350 is perhaps the best mid-range point defence SAM system and if used in layered conjunction with S-400, S-300, Buk, Tor and Pantsir1 then the skies become a death trap for any hostile aircraft. Hopefully, Russia will be handing over some batteries of S-350 to SAA and Iran and indirectly Hezbollah. The range appears to be in the 60-75 kms range and enough to cover all of Golan, Damascus plain and all the way to the Mediterranean. The 12 missile pack launch makes it very lethal as reloading is minimized and multiple targets destroyed in the same launch sequence.


I don’t know if Russia will sell the S350 to Syria or Lebanon, it is the latest weaponry in their arsenal, they have a S 350 battalion deployed in central syria.

Floyd Hazzard

I’m in Canada and I’d like to comment honestly but to do so puts me at the mercy of hounding, hacking government security elements that watch everything people like me write as our conscience dictate. That’s the democracy they give us here, a f—ing police state. I have to agree with them or else.


What are you worried about, take pride if they turn up at your door, pride in knowing that free thought is enough for them to arrest you.
That proves that there is no freedom for the ordinary man, that all this law and order they force on you, is actually slavery lite.

If they worry more about us, it leaves less time for them to rob more.

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