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JUNE 2021

Russian Military Sums Up Results Of Anti-Terrorist Operation In Syria Since Start Of 2018

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Russian Military Sums Up Results Of Anti-Terrorist Operation In Syria Since Start Of 2018

SOURCE: eng.mil.ru

Military situation

Since the beginning of the year, Syrian troops backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces have liberated a number of key areas, including the eastern part of Idlib province, the Damascus countryside, Eastern Ghouta, Eastern Qalamoun and the northern part of Homs province, Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy said on May 23.

According to Colonel General Rudskoy, a 1,500-strong force of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nsura, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) as well as several ISIS units were eliminated in eastern Idlib in January and February of 2018. As a result, governemnt forces liberated more than 4,300 km2 from militants.

The Russian general added that traffic via the Hama-Aleppo highway has been resumed and 9,573 civilians have already returned from western Idlib via a humanitarian corridor near Abu-Duhur and Tal-Sultan to their homes in the province of Aleppo.

Colonel General Rudskoy noted that food and medical supplies prices had been lowered in the liberated areas and locals are now able to receive health care.

Russian Military Sums Up Results Of Anti-Terrorist Operation In Syria Since Start Of 2018

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He revealed that the Russian side had organized ten observation posts in the Idlib de-escalation zone, Turkey – twelve and Iran – seven.

As to the military operation in the Damascus countryside, Colonel General Rudskoy said that 28,725 militants had been evacauted from the area to northern Syria under a reconciliation deal reached in the area. At the same time, 159,509 civilians were reportedly evacuated from the area during the military operation. Most of them already returned their homes, according to the general.

Colonel General Rudskoy also said that all the ISIS members had been eliminated in the area of Yarmouk. This statement is questionable because, according to local sources and existing video and photo evidence, at least a part of them was allowed to evacuate in order to limit civilian casualties during the clashes in the urban area.

According to the general, 3,283 non-ISIS militants were withdrawn from southern Damascus under a reconciliation deal during the military opeartion in the area.

A reconciliation deal was also reached in the Rastan pocket in northern Homs. Since May 7, 13,407 militants have withdrawn from al-Rastan, al-Qantara Shimali and Talbiseh and other settlements in the area, according to the general. The area is now under full control of government forces.

These militants surrendered to the Syrian Army the following weapons and equipment: seven battle tanks, five infantry fighting vehicles, seven pick-ups equipped with large-caliber machine-guns, 122 guns and mortars, 20 multiple launch rocket systems, 9 ATGM systems, 45 hand AT grenade launchers, 14 anti-aircraft systems, 12 Hellfire improvised launchers, and 56 large-caliber machine-guns.

Humanitarian situation

Major General Yuriy Evtushenko, the Chief of the Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria, noted that the Centre are focusing on post-conflict settlement and creating conditions to enable people to return back home.

The general said that Russian special equipment, lumber, power and fiber optic cables, water pipes and other constructional materials had been delivered to the settlements of Douma, Kafer Batna, Arbin. At the same time works to remove rubbles, clear streets, restore community infrastructure and facilities are ongoing.

The Centre is monitoring humanitarian situation and cooperating with Syrian government bodies and local administration in order to recover social infrastructure, including schools, infirmaries, bakeries, power and water supply objects. Syrian engineers are clearing up living houses from ammo and mines.

According to Major General Evtushenko, 453 buildings and 32 km of roads have been cleared up and 956 explosive devices have been removed in Eastern Ghouta. More than 25km2 have been cleared from rubble.

66,257 people have returned to their homes in Eastern Ghouta.

Russian Military Police units are operating in Eastern Ghouta, Eastern Qalamoun, Yarmuk, al-Rastan and Talbiseh in order to prevent provocations and provide security of civilians.

Since November 1, 2017, 13,763 people have returned their homes in the province of Homs and 46,792 people have returned to their homes on the eastern bank of the Euphrates in the province of Deir Ezzor. Since April 25, 2018, more than 7,000 people have returned to settlements in Eastern Qalamoun.

The general added that over the past month, the Centre had carried out 41 humanitarian actions providing more than 95 tons of food supplies, bottled water, and the bare necessities to the Syrian population. Russian military medics provided medical assistance to more than 1,000 civilians.

Colonel Yuri Tarasov, a Russian Defence Ministry official in Geneva, added that the Russian side is developing a plan to involve international organizations in humanitarian operations in the country. Deployment of the UN mine action office in Damascus is being approved.

According to the colonel, the Russian side hopes that the UN and other international organizations will confirm their interest in a rapid recovery of Syrian territories damaged by terrorists as well as the resumption of peaceful life.

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Alfred Mendoza

Israeli Secret Intelligence Service = ISIS??? Obama sent ISIS $2 BILLION DOLLARS WHILE IN OFFICE!

Dr. Pro Liv

And US have spent double that amount on training of “rebels” and giving them away shitload of weapons.
Not to mention all the rest bought by Saudis, Qatar and other bastards

leon mc pilibin

Its all Rothschild federal reserve bankster dollars,they just print the money from nothing,and everyone else pays for it,The Synagogue of Satan.


It’s the US dollar that is the problem.
Because the US dollar is the global reserve currency, every country has to keep US dollars. On top of that all the ME oil producers are required to keep their profits in the USA.
So when the US prints money like confetti, it’s the whole world that gets ripped off.
When any other country prints money like the US, they quickly go the way of Zimbabwe.

That is why the US attacks and destroys any country that tries to free itself from the slavery of the US dollar.

It’s the USA that is the Synagogue of Satan.

Promitheas Apollonious

xm….. and the rest before and after him how much they send?

Joe Dirt

Obama sent 2 billion in cash to Iran….

Java Ape Timelord

That was the money that USA stole from Iran via sanctions. It was Not a gift. USA still owes Iran money, when are the USA going to return that stolen money?

Joe Dirt

HA! USA is about to drop bombs on Iran to burn the money that dirty mudslime obama gave


Easy boy!!


He won’t understand that, his type are allowed to steal. God told them they could steal and kill all others, because they are the master race.
It’s like trying to have a logical conversation with a crocodile, it just doesn’t work.
The only thing you can do is kill the croc, because if you don’t, he will kill you.

Java Ape Timelord

@Joe Dirt, “obama gave”; no he did not give, he returned the stolen money.

northerntruthseeker .

that is just a drop in the bucket out of the tens of billions of dollars the US has stolen from Iran

northerntruthseeker .

You just figured that out now? Others including myself have known for years now that ISIS is a total fraud and made up of Israeli/American bought and paid for operatives and mercenaries…



Val Shadowhawk


Cyric London

Agreed. Russia maybe in bed with Israel but any aid Syria can get is welcome. Incidentally, I don’t indict the Russia military servicemen.You will not find a braver more honorable force on the planet. Its their criminal leadership led by Chabad Putin that needs to put under indictment.

A military coup seems to be unlikely at this point, short of a complete economic collapse. As long as Chabad Putin keeps following orders like a good sock puppet,matters will carry on the way they have been.

At some point though military culpability will be called in question. Simply following orders is no defense. As an analogy, anyone that signs up to the join the United Snakes military these days is knowingly make a pact with evil. There can be no denying it and those that do will have to answer to God one day for their actions. It is not an excuse to say that you joined to collect a paycheck. No amount of fiat money is worth bartering your soul.


Whether this includes the occupied Golan, may depend on what the Lebanese, Jordanians, and Egyptians want to do as far as clearing the Golan and the rest of the illegally Jew occupied territories, including the Gaza borders and airspace, want to do. It obviously does include Syria east of the river:
comment image

Aheebwa patrick

Russians in syria are doing exactly a brother can do, God bless the Russians and equip them with the knowledge to lead this world


What about USA and israel terrorism ???


Their time will come.


.. long after we’ll be dead and buried, I guess


Well I reckon you guess wrong, the American collapse will be like the Soviet collapse.
Israelis are already moving money out of Israel, most will flee, and the hardliners that stay will be easy pickings without the American military.

Winnie Eldrup



America is becoming day by day irrelevant, I mean moving out of the world game. This is good sign for the whole world.


Yes, no, maybe.
The US is becoming more irrational day by day, they are Hitler types, and those type of people would rather be dead than not rule the world.
This is a very dangerous time, the US could start launching nukes at any moment, they really are that insane.

Cyric London

Trump’s job seems to be one of accelerating the race to the abyss. North Korean summit officially canceled the other day. Everyone knows doing a deal with the US is entirely worthless.

Joe Dirt

Humanitarian situation

“We have bombed the sit out Syria and now everyone can return home to a pile of sand and rocks, good luck”



Well the bombing and destruction was done by the US and Israel.
I notice that you Hasbara types and Netanyahu are freaking out at the thought of having to return Syrian and Lebanese land back to its rightful owners.

It’s good to see you sweat dirt.

Joe Dirt

Syrian and Russian conducted bombing raids on a daily basis for 7 years so stop with your bull shit that the US and Israel created this mess.


Yeah, poor Syrians bombed by.. RUSSIA.
Some chopped Syrians don’t count if the head-choppers are YOUR f*king MOSSAD and CIA-b@stards.

What about MOSSUL almost wiped-out by the US-lead troops and US-bombs ? What about RACCA leveled to the ground by US Air-Force and other vassals -“allies”?
No sound about that, what, dear Hasbara- “cheerleader”?

Cyric London

All it not lost though! Here comes the IMF and the World bank ready to lend Syria billions in fiat money for reconstruction. Wait a minute though, I thought Russia in co-operation with the BRICS countries were developing an alternative to the IMF. What happened to that project? More smoke and mirrors from Chabad Putin it looks like.

Whoever pays the piper calls the tune. With IMF loans I guarantee you it will not be Russian companies that are awarded the contracts. They played their role in Syria’s partition like a good lap dog. I am sure there 30 pieces of silver will come at a future date.


“the Russian side hopes that the UN and other international organizations
will confirm their interest in a rapid recovery of Syrian territories
damaged by terrorists as well as the resumption of peaceful life.”

That is highly unlikely, the US and Israel will do whatever they can to keep the war going.
The US controls the UN, so they will not help restore peace.

Rex drabble

Im very impressed with Russia,they have saved the world from USIS and shown us how a major power should conduct themselves.
Shame on you Americans,you warmongering pieces of shit.


Let’s see how impressed you’ll be when Putin gets a good price for ASSAD and IRAN..
The USSR-Boss Leonid Brezhnev got Vietnam from Kissinger in 1972, for NOT helping the Arabs in 1973 as Israel attacked Syria and Egypt


My what a vivid imagination.


” Russian Military Sums Up Results Of Anti-Terrorist Operation In Syria Since Start Of 2018 ”

-Did not shot-down Israeli warplanes bombing ALLIED Syrian and Iranian troops
-Did not bomb the ISIS-US-controlled OIL-fields in NE-Syria
-Did not bombed US- and Israeli- mercenaries around ALEPPO, giving wannabe Sultan ERDOGAN free-hand around there (??!!)
-Did not supply the Syrian with AT LEAST S-300 to do it themselves, IF Putin doesn’t want to anger “the Holy-Bibiland”
-BECAME damn’ quiet in the air over Syria, whille even THE FRENCH open bases there to help the Israeli-vassals Kurdish-YPG (???!!!)

Russia is now a LAME-DUCK because of not endangering the PRESTIGE-sh*t called FIFA World Cup (soccer)
A lesson for others: taking some f*king prestige-events in SPORT paralyze you in the Politics, you have to be a good host and the “guests” blackmail you with that.
It started already with the Moscow-Olympics in 1980.. And now i6t’s developed to a strategic weapon:
Georgia-2008 -Olympics in CHINA, then Putin lost Ukraine while SOCI (a little taken back-Crimea but DONBAS is some “putinist chessboard” where Putin tries to make compromises instead of really arming the DONBAS-fighters so that they may march into Kiev and finish that sh*t there (Oh sorry, ho9w could I forget? m;).. BUT THERE are Bibi’s JEWS and Rockefeller’s Biilderberf-scvmbags INVOLVED.. A-ha!.. QAnd MERK€L runs to the Russians and to the CHINESE (among otzher Bilderberg-CIA-jobs) to play “Hermes” for the New-World-Order…
And now in SUMMER 2018 the USRARLI-Bilderberg-cr@p can do whatever it wants in Donbas, Lebanon, GAZA, Syria and Iran. till the end of July.2018

Cyric London

All true. I have written Russia off, but it is nice to see any improvement for Syria. It looks like Idlib province is shrinking. Good to see. Assad will take any help from Russia he can get and keep on smiling. He is not a stupid man. He knows Putin and his Kremlin Cabal are duplicitous.

I would like to see Syria and Iraq form a union and then demand the exit of all foreign troops (Including Rusisan). I would give the Russian bases in Syria to Iran.

Assad could also cut a deal with the west anytime he likes and leave the Russians high and dry. France has been putting out feelers for sometime now. Of course he would be a fool to trust any of them. Its good to have options though.

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