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MARCH 2021

Russian Military Shows Video Of Sub Launching Barrage Of 4 Nuclear ICBMs


On May 23, the Russian military released a video showing of the Borei-class submarine Yuri Dolgoruky successfully test-firing four nuclear-capable Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). The video was filmed on May 22 in the White Sea.

“The missiles were fired from a submerged position, successfully completing the mission.

The test confirmed combat readiness of the Project-955 Borei SSBN and the Bulava missile system.

It was the first-ever salvo fire from this type of submarines,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on its webste.

Currently, Russia has three Borei-class nuclear submarines in active service. A fourth upgraded submarine, the Knyaz Vladimir, is undergoing trials. Each of them can carry 16 Bulava missiles. The Bulava has a reported range of up to 11,000km and can carry up to six nuclear warheads.



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