Russian Military Showcases Its Hypersonic Weapon Systems And Combat Lasers In New Videos


The Russian Defense Ministry has released a new series of videos showcasing its modern weapon systems revaled earlier this year.

Peresvet combat laser system:

Burevestnik – a cruise missile with a nuclear powerplant:

Poseidon (Status-6) unmanned underwater vehicle:

Avangard gliding vehicle:

Sarmat ICBM:

Kinzhal hypersonic air-launched missile system:

More about the new Russian weapons:



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  • Jesus

    Great array of weapons that render Zio NATO systems obsolete and meaningless. Great work within the parameters of the defense budget, while Zios throw monopoly money on mentally challenged projects.

    Great work Zios in dumbing down western societies from an intellectual standpoint, turning out bankers and lawyers as nauseam, your lying, cheating and subversive actions will not elevate the brain power in your dammed out societies.

  • Rob

    These are real weapons and a real threat to ZIO-US and ZIO-NATO member states. These weapons can fu**k these all evils very well.