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Russian Military Sets Up Checkpoints In YPG-Held Sheikh Maqsoud District Of Aleppo City – Reports

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Russian Military Sets Up Checkpoints In YPG-Held Sheikh Maqsoud District Of Aleppo City - Reports

Russian military police servicemen distribute food to civilians in Aleppo city

The Russian military has set up a number of checkpoints in the YPG-controlled district of Sheikh Maqsoud in the Syrian city of Aleppo, according to local sources and media activists.

Check points have been reportedly set up by the Russian Military Police in order to monitor the situation and to increase security in the area.

Various sources say that between 10 to 20 Russian military servicemen are involved in this effort.

In December 2016, unconfirmed reports appeared that Kurdish YPG fighters were withdrawing from Sheikh Maqsoud to northern Syria under some kind of agreement with the Syrian government. While these reports have not been officially confirmed, the deployment of Russian servicemen to the YPG-held area could indicate that Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliace is tightening control over Aleppo city and its nearby areas. This is needed to launch a wide scale humanitarian and reconstruction effort in the city. More about it here:

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gfsdyughjgd .

Russians should know PKK and YPG’soi are Kurdish peaceful freedom fighters.FSA are the one’s who defected from the legitimate Syrian government after promised by NATO.Saudi Arabia and Turkey to overthrow the government and rule Syria.FSA =ISIS and therefore must be forced to surrender or lay down arm’s for Syrian peace.

gfsdyughjgd .

FSA betrayed Syrians and must surrender.Erdogan uses FSA to kill Kurdish people.Russians are aware of this Turkey dirty play in the name of fake satanic friendship.

'Sup Bruh!

YPG is just PKK’s Syria branch and they intend to divide Syria in 2. That is why USA has already established 5 chop bases and 2 military bases in Northern Syria. USA intends create a small puppet state there.

SAA should not trust PKK’s Syria branch YPG at all. We saw this at Hasakah. YPG will ask for Qamishli in return for handing Sheikh Maqsoud districh.


I hope the west sets up some sort of puppet state in Syria. A democratic nation in the Midle East is badly needed


how is a u.s puppet state ‘democratic’ you goose.! you mean like they did in libya…? when they removed jamariyan revolutionary government. and murdered gaddafi. ?

Marek Pejović

sarcasm recognized… i think.


He may be serious, but at least “mass murdering” was not used in post. Last I checked Isreal is in the middle east. But it may be just a US/Zionist puppet state. Let the hate mongering begin!

Joseph Scott

Whoa! Since when do US puppet states tend towards democracy?


Or perhaps more of a western zone of influence in northern Syria. The Kurds/SDF are the boots on the ground to push south to Raqqa and river line, but they will take their time about it. No need to give up Qamishli by SAA. If area is pressured by Kurds, Turkey may actually support Syrian forces there!!! How’s that for a strange twist on this conflict in Syria?


It is a troll paid and bought by Turkey to hate Kurds.


Same and typical turkish brainwashing !! long live the kurds !


Look the lying Turkish bot on here too how sad.

'Sup Bruh!
Joseph Scott

Do you understand that Democratic Confederalism is a form of Anarcho-Syndicalism, and so them both being followers of Ocalan’s ideals doesn’t actually imply they have to be carrying out the same project, the way it would for a more centralised political ideology? Do you also understand that forming a nation-state is NOT one of the goals of Democratic Confederalism? The ideology doesn’t even value nation-states as such. They don’t have to get an independent Kurdistan to get what they want. You know Erdogan is an idiot. Stop repeating his propaganda. He attacked the PKK to create a convenient enemy to scare people with, not the other way around. They had been in a generally peaceful state and looking at political solutions until then.


I think we have to keep in mind that there are two Kurdish factions in
Syria. The Rojava YPG, and the Afrin/Sheikh Makhsud YPG. The former
fights against ISIS with the aid of the US, the other against Turkish
backed Jihadists and doesn’t get any aid from anyone, except possibly
Russia and Assad, as long as they don’t rock the boat. Both seek
desperately to unite their territory but the US and Turkey won’t let
them. As long as they don’t advance to the west but only fight ISIS the
Rojava YPG can count on US support, can afford to ignore the Assad
regime and are the darlings of the West. The Afrin YPG doesn’t get any US
support and have to act very carefully with the Assad regime as it is
its only ally capable of providing them with anything. Without Assad or
the Russians these Kurds would be at the mercy of Turkey and its

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