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Russian Military Revealed Goal Of Missile Strikes On New Year Eve In Ukraine

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Russian Military Revealed Goal Of Missile Strikes On New Year Eve In Ukraine

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On January 1, the Russian Ministry of Defence published another daily briefing on the ongoing developments of the special military operation in Ukraine. The Russian military reported on the battles on the front lines in the Donbass as well as on the targets of the recent strikes throughout the war-torn country.

On December 31, air alert sounded throughout Ukraine. The authorities of several Ukrainian regions and cities confirmed the explosions. In particular, according to the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, there were explosions in the capital in the Solomenskiy, Pechersk and Goloseevsky districts. The Khmelnitsky authorities reported a strike on a military facility. Explosions also thundered in the Nikolaev region. Other Ukrainian officials declared that air defence systems were activated in other regions. LINK

The Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched another massive attack with high-precision long-range air-based missiles.

The targets of the attack were the military industrial facilities of Ukraine involved in producing assault unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) designed for committing terrorist attacks against the Russian Federation. The parking ramps and launch sites of the assault UAVs have also been destroyed.

The goal of the attack was reached.

Kiev regime’s plans to commit terrorist attacks against the Russian Federation in the nearest future have been frustrated, – the report reads.



The briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defence also revealed that the Russian military inflicted heavy losses to the AFU on the Kupyansk front lines near the villages of Kotlyarovka, Ivanovka, Podoly, Pershotravnevoye of the Kharkiv region and Novoselovskoye of the Luhansk People’s Republic. More than 40 Ukrainian servicemen were killed. Two armored combat vehicles and a pickup truck were destroyed.

In the Krasny Liman area, five company tactical groups of the 92nd mechanized, 95th airborne assault brigades of the AFU and the 111th brigade of the Territorial Defence were heavily shelled by Russian artillery near the villages of Rozovka and Stelmakhovka in the LPR, as well as in the Serebryansky forestry. Losses of the AFU in the area were estimated by the Russian military at over 150 servicemen killed and wounded. An armoured personnel carrier and two pickups were destroyed.

Russian forces also continue their offensive on the Donetsk front lines. On the outskirts of Donetsk, fire attacks and intensive action of Russian units have resulted in the elimination of over 110 Ukrainian personnel, two infantry fighting vehicles, five armoured fighting vehicles, and seven motor vehicles.

At the same time, Russian servicemen continue to repel Ukrainian counterattacks in the Zaporozhye region. Ukrainian units made unsuccessful attempts to launch a counterattack near Dorozhnyanka in the Zaporozhye region in an attempt to regain the lost positions. As a result of the failed operation, over 50 Ukrainian personnel, two armoured fighting vehicles, and three motor vehicles were destroyed.

Moreover, six Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups, that had operated in the area Novoandreyevka, Dorozhnyanka (Zaporozhye region), Nikolskoye, Neskuchnoye, and Novomikhaylovka (Donetsk People’s Republic), were eliminated.


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Dictator Putin’s orders throughout the year: February 2022 – Capture Ukraine! May 2022 – Conquer the landscape! November 2022 – Take the city! February 2023 – Occupy the house!

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Clearly you and just a little troll trying to get attention on South. It’s no moment saw on putin tell to capture the Nazi country

Mexican American 🇲🇽

Keep biting your nails, they coming for you.


Orders of free people around the world: 1. Kill all WEF members. 2. Kill all bankers and corporate criminals 3. Eradicate European corrupted aristocracy 4. Eliminate so called Greens with their fake man-made climate change fairytale 5. Eliminate top echelons of current Vatican satanists. 6. Put Rockefellers and Rotschields on public trial and hang them in public and keep them hanged for weeks and organize school trips so that children can see Satans gubernators on Earth. 7. arrest all trecherous politicians, put them on trial and if found guilty eliminate them and their families as a warning for all those who might find same corrupted misdeeds attractive 8. If current Russian leadership proved to be nothing more than tools of globalists, burn them alive with their families, all without trial. Piss on their graves for betraying hopes of humanity.


The forces of evil are in bad shape, poor things. Their specialty is CATASTROPHIC DEFEATS. They can’t get enough. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Big losses all away along the front, without losses added in from Solodor or Bakhmut.


Well done Russia, continue to destroy the globalist elites proxy forces…..


Eventually, the only ones left fighting will be mercenaries.

Florian Geyer

All the HATO mercs would be doing is fighting for a ‘ticket’ on a CIA rescue flights that will likely be shot down anyway :)


To be pedantic and from a historic perspective towards the end of the Roman Empire, the Legions had a high proportion of mercenaries in its ranks. History tends to repeat itself.


And now we have Ukrainian reply to successful Russian attacks on military targets…Ukraine bombs hospital in Donetsk and kills medical staff and patients. Western media? Nothing but crickets chirping.


Them’s a fine bunch of fellows, them ukranazis is. Had a cousin sign up with them critters last year. Pay’s better than sloppin’ hogs. Came back tattooed head to foot. Only had one foot though but his head t’wer ok. Nose was half gone n he still twitches a lot but his stutter’s better than when he left, must have been from them volts when that power line fell on his head. That Zolooshee fellow said his pay was in the mail but that was a year’s back. Mail’s real slow in ukrane I’m a guessin’. Now he’s back to sloppin’ hogs but when he hops around on that one foot, they kind’a have fun with him n push him in the slop trough. Pigs is smart.

Last edited 2 months ago by Clem
Tommy Jensen

“the Russian military inflicted heavy losses to the villages of Kotlyarovka, Ivanovka, Podoly”. Fixed.

Fee Fi Fo Fum

Final lights out for Ukraine. Nighty nite y’all.


The ordnance at the twelve second mark reads: Ukronazis! Happy 2023 New Year. Signed Grandfather Frost (Santa Klaus).

Ziological Warefare

NATO are still piggies


Santa even dislikes the NAZI’s they may not like his presents.

300K more mobilization

Odessa will be liberated and then war will be finish

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