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MARCH 2021

Russian Military Releases Video Of Borei-class And Lada-class Submarines


On March 19, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video showing its new Borei-class nuclear missile submarine [equipped with Bulava ballistic missiles] and Kronstadt Lada-class diesel-electric attack submarine.

The video shows the Borei-class nuclear submarine ready for departure as well as the submarine moving at water surface at full speed. The Lada-class submarine is showcased in a floating dock.

The Lada-class submarine is an improved version of the Project 636 Kilo class, with new, quieter combat systems as well as possible air-independent propulsion.

The Kronstadt was set afloat in 2018 and is planned to enter service with the Navy in 2020.

According to the defense ministry, Russia has launched active production of project 636.3 and 677 non-nuclear submarines, as well as nuclear submarines of the Yasen and Borei class, which should become the basis of the country’s naval forces.




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