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Russian Military Releases Radar Data Confirming Israeli F-16 Hid Behind IL-20 Off Syrian Coast

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Russian Military Releases Radar Data Confirming Israeli F-16 Hid Behind IL-20 Off Syrian Coast

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On September 24, the Russian Defenes Ministry revelaed a data captured by the S-400 system deployed at Khmeimim air base in the Syrian province of Lattakia.

The data confirms that an Israeli F-16 jet used a Russian IL-20 warplane as cover during the September 17 Israeli attack on Syria.

“Today’s data no longer suggests, but clearly proves that the blame for the tragedy with the Russian Il-20 aircraft lies entirely with the Israeli air force and with those who authorized this kind of activity,” Russian military spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov stated pointing out that at least one Israeli jet flew at altitude of 10,000 meters, sharing azimuth with the Russian plane during the incident

Earlier on September 24, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that Russia will supply Syria with the S-300 air defense system to improve its air defense capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Forces continue rejecting that Israel is the side responsible for the IL-20 incident. Furthermore, it claimed that F-16 jets were in Israeli airspace when the IL-20 was shot down by Syrian air defense fire.

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leon mc pilibin

Russia has given the satanic back stabbing fake jews enough rope to hang themselves with..This is a major game changer,so we will see if the arrogance of nutandyahoo and his criminal buddies will take on the Russians or not.


typical and 100% jewish action….these filthy degenerate humans always come from behind…or bomb the palestinians with their f-16 from above knowing they cant defend themselves….
peace will only be possible on planet earth if all jews are eradicated….and nobody give me that bullshit with the zionists….its one and the same…..believing in the satanic talmud that states and i quote
“all non jews are GOJIM”
“all non jewish women are whores”

kill all jews..kill the men,women and children killing them means killing the lie, killing the murder, killing the theft, and killing the genocide

please dont forget that they hate us all, all non jews….they want us to be their slaves

and dont forget what a wise rabbi(who saw the truth and fought for us all till they tortured and murderd him) once taught us……..jesus ” your father is the father of all lies.satan arihman”

Daniel Martin

Man I think you are way out of order! You can find rotten apples in every tribe of mankind, but encouraging and inciting murder of all jews as a solution just goes beyond what a sane and normal human being would do to any race and is simply disgusting. All people despite race should be persecuted according to the law if they have been found guilty of any crimes and sentenced thereafter and nothing else.



And what are we going to do with the Vatican…the Black Nobility…the Elite…The Freemasons…Jesuits…and all the other Evil Fucktards, Paedophiles, Politicians & Traitors? Because I happen to know a couple of Jewish Folks and they are not that bad at all…


That was disgusting. If you aren’t an Israeli troll you may as well be because the Israeli’s want everyone who is anti-zionist to look like rabid, ignorant racists.

Real Anti-Racist Action

He just stated openly variable facts. I do not think any emotion was put into it.
Just the facts.
When you look at the facts, you see how horrible this group of racist anti-Japetic, anti-Shemitic and anti-Hamitic group of Jews are generally speaking. (Their are of course exceptions to this, only around 70% of Jews go along with the whole Jewish-master-race Talmudic teaching.

al quaida

I suspect you are correct. I think there are quite a number of hasbara trolls commenting on this site. They are way over the top with their anti-semetism, and they seem to comment 24/7.


wow…folks u should read the jewish israeli online various news
outlets, and the comments to the latest news involving the loss of the
russian plan…..wow….these jews are totally out of control…..from
“if russia wants war bring it on” to ” we are the chosen, and nobody can
do nothing” and ” we will kill hezbollah and if russians interfere,
them too” these jews are truly a satanic species

Jim Bim

The perfect recipe for an Apartheid state.

Jonathan Jarvis

Good…sooner Russia realises this the better


S-300 (depending on the variant provided) will give Syrian, Hezbollah, Russian and Iranian forces a large sigh of relief as far as their own operations across Syria go.

It can’t be stated just how bad this has ended for both Israeli and the US coalition. If the version given to Syria of S-300 is the PMU2 version then essentially Syria can shut down any and all flights of its territories whenever it chooses since this is just such an effective system at what is does.

There is recent reports of a Su-35 intercepting a f-22 raptor which means, if real, then the war has entered a weird phase of Superpowers testing each other more openly. Putin did a good job and the Russian MoD gave a damning report showing Israel as the provocateur and party solely to blame for the attack.

Israel using the Il-20 as a human shield is a great example of cowardice.

Jim Bim

It`s the latest S-300 and fully upgraded version.


Then the Israelis have lost their air superiority, it’s as simple as that. Since thos system will be linked with Russian systems as well the Israelis are really screwed.

Jim Bim

On top of that, there will be a no fly zone along the coast, at least around the Russian bases, Russian EW, Russia will jam satellite navigation, on-board radars and communication systems of combat aviation over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea near Syria.


Side effect of this is, that this applies also for ships in the vicinity.

al quaida

The Russian MOD reported that “the IAF has notified the Russian side only 25 times while its jets have carried out more than 200 strikes against targets located in Syria over the past 18 months alone.”
So in other words, the deconfliction agreement was effectively non-existent. So Russia was depending upon a non-existent agreement in order to protect its air crews.
I’d say it was a miracle that it’s taken this long for a Russian plane to be shot down.
I think a strong argument can be made that Russia is also responsible for the shoot down.


Good to see Russian Military Generals in Uniform ⚔️ coming out??️?its Never too late in a war scenario

Jan Lavicka

ISISrael (uSS) = cowardice, psychopathy and pedophilia ;)
“Pedophilia – The Talmud’s Dirty Secret”

Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

The Il20 was the real target of this attack imho.

Real Anti-Racist Action

A no-fly zone must be established over Israel while the rebels form regime change inside of the Tel Aviv regime.
Benjamin Netanyahu has killed his own people (the Palestinian part of the Israeli population)
And because Benjamin Netanyahu kills his own people, we are looking forward to regime change in Israel.
He no longer has any legitimacy to reign power.



Good news ? good suggestions


IsraHelli F-16s took cover behind an Ilyushin because they knew that the IL-20 with its huge Radar Cross Section would become the Target of the S-200 and you informed the Russians one minute before the Ilyushin was Downed IsraHell…the Israeli Defense Ministry Lied that the 4 F16’s were already back on IsraHelli Territory….but radar-images will show that you were in close proximity of the IL-20 at the moment of impact Lying IsraHelli Cockroaches….

3-D Reconstruction of Il-20 Downing in Syria,

Konashenkov further debunked claims by the IDF that their jets had already been within Israeli airspace when the Syrian Army launched the missiles that hit the Russian plane, saying that F-16s left the area only 10 minutes after receiving the information on the downing.


You Lied as usual! Mister Israeli Defense Minister… you said that your Planes were back in Israeli Territory which they were NOT!

“The Israeli Defense Ministry expressed its condolences over the lost Russian plane, but insisted that the F-16s involved in the strikes were already back in Israeli airspace when the plane was destroyed, and blamed Syria.”


IsraHell keep spreading your Filthy Lies…for 21 minutes is moORE then enough…


Their insistence to lie it off perhaps what does it for the Russian. Perhaps they’ve been dealing with Americans for far too long to deal with logically sane people.


That is why You should keep repeating the same message over & over again perhaps sooner or later it will stick to their brains…

I thought these ZioFascists were Smart…but they are NOT…they keep trying to sell the same Boring Babylonian Magic Trick over & over again… that is how they will lose: No Fantasy…No Creativity…it worked for Centuries…but not anymore…they are pretty easy to predict…


JEWISH ? F-16 Trickingly TailFollow Russian Jets ?️? precision information given to NATO ⚔️ pirates ⚔️-100%Hit?️Nato pirates ⚔️ jews celebrating hit? Vostok-18Russia china war games down played


We’re looking a a photo of a plasma screen, who took this? And why is this what the RDM released instead of anything else? Don’t they keep flight records and such?

There’s no scale provided for this image, was the F-16I 200 feet in front of the Il-20M or 20 miles? Also, there’s no altitude provided. And most importantly, there’s no way to know from this what the F-16I pilots or the S-300 operator’s intentions were.

If you want to convince the world of the Russian version of the story, write something that would convince an Israeli as well as a Russian.


There must be a manual for dummies. It will help you understand. May be, just may be.


Oh, yeah. Insult my intelligence. Are you really trying to persuade people or are you just trying to boost your own ego? Rhetorical, shut up.


Are you really trying to persuade people or are you just trying to boost your own ego?
Don’t bother to answer. How comes you are the only one who does not understand. Really? Ah, shame.


It’s cruel to make fun of retarded people.


But it doesn’t matter if it’s real or not, the important thing is you Zionists will be forced to stop killing people.

Tommy Jensen

My proposal is that Russia should make a scientific research report about it and make a book.

Then Kremlin should enter into a personal dialogue with Al-Bagdadi, Dick Cheney, John Bolton, Shaked, Albreight and Torture Haspel about the incident, and how we all can do it better together as long as we are together in the same boat.


My proposal is we suck your brains out with a straw and invest the fluid in Indonesian Zinc ;)

Mohamed Gure

Israel just wanted to wedge a line btn Russia and Syria but unfortunate Jews miscalculated and won’t be able to fly freely as s300 arrive.


Dear South Front,

While several news sources say the Russian military released data the only other one that includes any sort of photo cites you as the origin. Did you take this picture, South Front? Were you supposed to have a camera in there? Under what circumstances did you have access to this plasma screen?

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