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Russian Military Refutes Media Claims Of Its Alleged Withdrawal From Syria’s De-Escalation Deal

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Russian Military Refutes Media Claims Of Its Alleged Withdrawal From Syria's De-Escalation Deal

FILE PHOTO © Dmitriy Vinogradov / Sputnik

In a June 27 statement the Russian Defense Minsitry refuted media claims that Russia has withdrawn from Syria’s de-escalation deal.

The statement said that reports by the Turkish media about the alleged withdrawal of Russia from the agreement on the southern Syrian de-escalation zone does not correspond to reality.

“The Russian airbase Khmeimim in the Syrian Arab Republic does not have sites or pages on social networks,” the minsitry said adding all information relating to the activities of Russian troops in Syria is reported exclusively by representatives and official accounts of the defense ministry.

The statement comes amid the ongoing military operation of the Syrian Army against militants in southern Syria. According to an official Syrian-Russian version of the events, the army is fighting members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and linked groups that are excluded from the ceasefire.

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I know plenty of nice good people from Turkey. It’s a shame that the Turkish people let that clown Erdogan drag their country down the shitter. With friends like him, who needs enemies.


There are signs in Turkey that the AKPs popularity and momentum are in decline, despite them retaining the government and artificially inflating the power of the head of state from the referendum. the AKP enjoys nowhere near the popularity it did 10 to 15 years ago, and this time had to form a coalition with a neo-fascist party like the MHP to retain control of parliament.

It isn’t all doom and gloom.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well it was Andalou news which released the fake story and it isn’t the first or last one. Besides what idiot would believe that Hemeim Airbase has it’s own web page as many know all information is released by the Russian Ministry of defense. Still won’t accept Russian Ministry or Kadyrov as FB friends,lol.


That is true but it would be a lot worse if Erdogan had lost and a US lapdog took power in Turkey.


We are living in interesting times, the centre of power is moving.
When things get nasty, sometimes you need a nasty fkr on your side.
Churchill was an nasty piece of work, but he saved Britain, same with Stalin, and Roosevelt.

Sadly nice guys come last.

Wise Gandalf

We are living in interesting times, the centre of power is moving.

Australia will be given to asian nations.


If Asian nations had wanted Australia, they would have taken it thousands of years ago. Indonesian fisherman were camping on Australian beaches long before white man knew Australia existed.
Britain gifted Australia to the USA, as part payment for WWII, the Americans might give/sell Australia to China, only time will tell.

An Australian PM said that Australia’s future was in Asia over 25 years ago, and he was right.

Wise Gandalf


you, white trash are zionsts of south. kill all of you!


Actually we are more like the socialists of the south, a tall feller like you would get knocked down to size very quickly.
We don’t go for this fawning hero worship of our leaders like Americans.

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