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JUNE 2021

Russian Military Recommends US To Supply Its Aircraft Crews With Updated Maps To Avoid Encounters Over Black Sea

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Russian Military Recommends US To Supply Its Aircraft Crews With Updated Maps To Avoid Encounters Over Black Sea

Denis Tyrin/TASS

The Russian military has adviced the US to supply “all crews with updated maps showing the correct borders of Russia’s airspace” in order to avoid encounters over the Black Sea and the Russian borders in general.

The comment followed the recent reports about an interception of the US EP-3 radio-electronic surveillance plane by a Sukhoi Su-27 jet over the international waters of the Black Sea near Crimea on January 29.

“The Aerospace Force will continue to maintain the reliable protection of Russian airspace. Should American pilots, knowing this fact, fall into depression or succumb to any phobias, we advise the US side to exclude these flight routes near Russia’s borders in the future, or return to the negotiating table and agree on their rules,” the ministry said. “We would like to address the commander of the 67th Task Force of the 6th Fleet Bill Ellis with a reminder Crimea is an integral part of Russia.”

“Also, we would like to draw attention to the fact that it takes Russia’s fighter planes just minutes to ‘intercept’ air targets approaching the state border with their transponders turned off. For this reason all actions by Russia’s Sukhoi-27 plane, which for more than two hours and twenty minutes prevented the US radio-electronic surveillance plane EP-3E from approaching Russia’s air space near Crimea should be correctly called ‘escort’,” the ministry added.

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Note : 2 hours 20mins (corrected)

David Pryce

Otherwise Russia caught you by the shorts and curlys
Try as u may, Russia is ready should NATO an army of so many languages that ordering your evening meal in mess Hall be a challenge
Never mind co-ordinate a full on attack

Graeme Rymill

Where is the missing 20 minutes???? The Russians are hiding something!!!!

Only joking…..


When Russian aircraft fly close to Dutch airspace they call it a
provocation, another sign that Russia is flexing its military muscle.
But when the reverse happens they call it a ‘reconnaissance’ mission. As if planes laden with electronic intelligence gathering equipment that is flying next to Russian airspace is there to chart unknown waters.

Gregory Louis

That last sentence omg I’m crying

Ariel Cohen


Angelo Cinarelli

How many Russia, chinese, iranian, North Korean spy airplane are fly around Usa? How many? Why the American do not stay at home having sex with theyr woman?


” Why the American do not stay at home having sex with theyr woman? ”

Because many American women are too fat and ugly as are their husbands :)


There are pickup artists who actually make a good living teaching American men how to go abroad and pick up foreign women. Because their own women are so horrible.


Perhaps it is time for Holland to ban American male sex tourists then Barba ?


I don’t know, I reckon that our women are not that much better then American women these days. Maybe less fat, but the mindset is almost the same.


It is rather a sad state of affairs ( no pun intended ) that females have now been ‘weaponised ‘ by those who seek to break up society by fracturing the bonds of family life and creating a friction between the sexes.

All of this is of course logical as it goes a long way to preventing unified dissent when one includes mass immigration of people with very different ‘ideals’ and traditional practices.

A fractured society is easier to dominate by the few.

Angelo Cinarelli

hahahaha, Yes you are right. Russian woman are much much better. :)

Jan Tesarik

having sex with their children… uSSa/EU is led by pedophiles, inferior beings, the “elites” ;)

Ariel Cohen

Have you seen the size of most of their women? Their waistlines have expanded proportionate to their hamburgers. Little wonder then that US servicemen prefer overseas postings, even war zones. A guy can get that desperate…


If I understand this well the US was trying to prove that it didn’t recognize the annexation of Crimea by flying in the connected air space.


Please remember what you have just said when Russian and Syrian aircraft start flying over the Kurdish areas of Syria. :)


Or when the Americans protest about the breakaway ‘people’s’ republics. You can’t condemn Russia for doing something and then do exactly the same in Syria. Oh, wait, you can. After all, might makes right.


The main difference being that it was a US funded and violent ILLEGAL coup that propelled the criminal Ukranian oligarchs supported by armed gangs of Neo Nazis and Georgian snipers into power.

Arguably the people of the DPR and LPR are in fact opposing terrorists sponsored by NATO and the US and should be supported by the UN.

The people of the Crimea were also dismayed by the ILLEGAL and violent US sponsored coup and asked Russia for protection from the Ukranian criminals who continue to shell and murder civilians every day in the DPR and LPR . The Crimean people asked to be rejoined with Russia and Russia accepted them to their traditional homeland.


Obviously they deny this in the West. But that still doesn’t negate the delicious irony that those who blame Russia for something are doing the exact same thing in Syria. And on THAT they’re vulnerable in any discussion.


It is though, the denial of reality that is in fact weakening the West greatly.

There is a lot of bluster and little reality in all walks of life.

The old adage of ‘ Bullshit Baffles Brains ‘ is sustainable for a while until the Tsunami of Reality flushes away all the detritus of bluster in its wake.


Are the Americans under the impression that all this whining makes them look like something other than seriously petty whiny wimps who had their bluff called and lost?

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