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Russian Military Received Over 500 New Units Of Military Equipment And Weapons

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Russian Military Received Over 500 New Units Of Military Equipment And Weapons

IMAGE: eng.mil.ru

On April 12, the Russian Defense Ministry website released a transcript of the recent defense ministry board session dedicated to the Military Acceptance Day. According to the provided data, the Russian military has recently received over 500 new units of military equipment and weapons.

National Centre for State Defence Control hosts Military Acceptance Day chaired by Russian Minister of Defence (source):

Today [April 12] Moscow hosted another Military Acceptance Day chaired by the General of the Army Sergei Shoigu at the National Centre for State Defence Control.

Before starting the session, the Defence Minister congradulated everybody on the Cosmonautics Day. ­

Sergei Shoigu stressed that April 12th is one of the most significant dates in the history of the mankind.

Many prominent academics, gifted engineers and designers devoted their efforts to develop this country’s space science.

The Minister of Defence expressed confidence that accumulated experience, powerful scientific and technical potential, high professional skills of those working in the space science will continue strengthening defence capabilities and security of this country. ­

Concerning to issues on the agenda, Sergei Shoigu noted that the attendees are going to sum up acceptance of military products and infrastructure objects in the first quarter of this year.

The Defence Minister reported that during this period, defence enterprises have supplied the troops with over 500 newest and some 50 repaired pieces of armaments, military and special hardware.

Among them there are:

  • one Bastion coastal missile complex;
  • 13 airplanes of various types;
  • 31 helicopters of Mi-28, Mi-35M and Mi-8 types;
  • 48 Kalibr tactical missiles;
  • 540 Tigr, Ural and KamAZ cars.

In addition, the Armed Forces received engineering equipment and vehicles, signal equipment, aviation weapons and ammunition in accordance with the plan.

According to the Minister of Defence, the majority of the latest models of Russian weapons will be showcased at the ARMY 2019 International Military Technical Forum, where everyone will be able to get familiar with technical and combat capabilities.

Special attention at the Military Acceptance Day was paid to issues related to the status of military infrastructure and ways of its development.

This year it is planned to complete construction of 3,751 buildings and facilities.

Sergei Shoigu informed that to date, more than 850 buildings and facilities have been commissioned, which is 11 times higher than the planned figure for the first quarter.

“This indicates a high pace of work,” stressed the Defence Minister, noting that “the main efforts are focused on development of the Armed Forces command and control system, and creation of facilities for deployment of weapons, military and special equipment, primarily Strategic Nuclear Forces, as well as troops in the Crimea and the Russian Arctic zone.”

Deputy defence ministers Alexei Krivoruchko and Timur Ivanov made their reports in the course of the Military Acceptance Day.


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Those who support Russia in their efforts to stem the Globalist takeover of the middle east should stand and give applause to Russia! What they have achieved in the last 29 years is staggering! From the collapse of the soviet Union, bread lines and corrupt oligarchs selling off their nation to funded muslim uprising in its wealthy oil regions in the Caucasus, Russia is back better than ever! Sure there is still a ways to go but remember, they have been sanctioned and blamed for everything under the sun yet here they are still victorious! The west threw everything they had at Russia! Propaganda, murdering Generals, Ambassador’s and even the UN spokesman! Blamed them for MH17, rigging a US election, rigging BREXIT etc etc, poisonings and chemical weapons attacks lol!

Its been non stop and thats just what we know about!
Now look at them! They are feared and respected!
What a great job Putin has done!

His polls were terrible 6 years a go and now he is a national hero!
Its amazing what the media can do to people!
And we should all thank God that we are now back to living in a Bi-Polar world where Red lines are drawn! Because the enemy of our enemy should always be considered our friend!!

Better to be in a cold war era than to be in a “war on terror” era because they always kill us the civilians and they always use it as an excuse to invade and kill even more people!
So thank you Russia for standing up to these people and bringing back Christianity to russia which is what is greatly lacking in other areas of the world! Yet in the areas it does exist in the world, its corrupt!

Now with Russia WELCOMED as liberators in the middle east with smiles and hand shakes and the CIA being kicked out for invading, we will see a new world emerging where Russia’s economy should begin to thrive! i hate to say it but wars and victories do have their prizes! Repayments, rebuilding contracts, oil deals, arms deals etc etc etc! And keep in mind that big bases are like check points, so if China wants a silk road to Latakia or Lebanon, then they have to go through Russia ($$$$)

Then we have the Artic which is now found to be super rich in Shale gas! Then u have the desperate want of US oil companies to geo-locate and research Russia’s vast lands and develop oil fields! This is a huge investment with just 20% kick back to the US and 80% back to Russia without Russia spending a single dime!

Im telling u this now, russia and the USA will become allies after the 2020 US elections! We will discover that the so called US allies (and the bad former US admins) were never good people nor allied to American peoples interests, only to globalist interests! But the dawn of a new day is coming and a new era in geopolitical standings!

The world has hope!

Russia sets a great example and obviously the right people new to put the right guy in charge of Russia to steer the ship! What an amazing outcome on a long hard road back to greatness! Russia is truly amazing, they thrive under such harsh conditions! they are warriors! No wonder they are so greatly feared throughout history! These are hard tough people these Russians! ive heard that Siberians (russians too but also their own type of people) are literally the hardest and toughest people on this planet PERIOD!

So just goes to show what a big pair of balls and some brains can accomplish in this world!

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