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JULY 2020

Russian Military Provides List Of Targets, Details Of ‘Repelled’ US-led Strike On Syria. Trump Says It Was ‘Perfect’


Russian Military Provides List Of Targets, Details Of 'Repelled' US-led Strike On Syria. Trump Says It Was 'Perfect'

A Buk air defense system filed at Syria’s Mezzeh military airbase

The Russian Defense Ministry says that the Syrian Air Defense Forces shot down 71 of 103 missiles launched by the US, the UK and France last night.

According to the Russian Defense Minisry, the US and its allies fired cruise missiles, including seaborne Tomahawks and GBU-38 guided bombs from B-1B planes while F-15 and F-16 fighter jets launched air-to-surface missiles. The UK Air Force’s Tornado aircraft fired eight Scalp EG air-launched cruise missiles.

The US-led strike was aimed at the following targets:

  • Four missiles were launched at the area of the Damascus International Airport. All these missiles were intercepted.
  • 12 missiles were launched at the Al-Dumayr Military Airport. All these missiles were intercepted.
  • 18 missiles were launched  at the Baly Military Airport. All these missiles were intercepted.
  • 12 missiles were launched at the Shayarat Military Airport. All these missiles were intercepted.
  • 9 missiles were launched  at the Mezzeh Military Airport. Five of them were intercepted.
  • 16 missiles were launched at the Homs Military Airport. 13 of them were intercepted.
  • 30 missiles were launched at targets in the areas of Barzah and Jaramani. Seven missiles were intercepted.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the facilities in the areas of Barzah and Jaramani were partly destroyed. The military added that these facilities had been for a long time abandoned and had not been invovled in the production of chemical weapons in contrary to the claims of the US-led coalition.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump continued his “smart missiles” story and described the last night strike as “perfectly executed”.

A video from the Mezzeh military airbase:



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  • Neo Onh

    Someone is delusional/lying…..and it is not the Ru DM

    • Rob

      Trump have replaced UNSC with US.

      Now Syrian army and their allies should ready to use 1000 kg smart bombs and burn all bastards on the Syrian land and gift them to cannibals Trump, May and Macron. I surprise that how these foreign bastards using Syrian land and Assad and Putin are waiting them.

    • Starlight

      Delusional, no- just how the game is played. But look at the figures.

      The strikes at the so-called CW sites (france gave russia advance warning of all targets) were largely allowed to go thru. But the MUCH WIDER list of targets were protected from American missiles. Clearly, under the COVER of targeting a bunch of useless targets, the West sought to sneak in a massive series of devastating attacks against key assets, and these are the ones the russians focused on preventing.

      I think you’ll find many missiles shot down over the capital were meant to accidentally on purpose strike assets like the presidential palace. This trick was widely used in both Gulf Wars. Indeed it seems to me the Russians had the intent of saying to america- see we precisely choose whch targets your missiles CAN strike and which they CANNOT.

      This is a Kremlin message aimed direct to the Pentagon. A warning of just how perfect the Russian tech is WITHOUT the use of systems like s-400. The Russian advantage in these areas of warfare is widely known.

      But here’s the BAD news. Bolton knows and is NOT impressed by Russia’s military prowess. Bolton believes in overwhelming military power backed by overwhelming political power. Bolton was NOT put in place immediately before this action by accident. The Deep State needed to RUIN the reputation of Trump’s last non-warmonger, Mattis. And last night Putin (having no choice having allowed himslef to be backed into a corner) did the Deep State job and finished off Mattis.

      From now on this is BOLTON’S game, and the MI6 false flag narrative will continue to move Syria to its final end.

      • Robert Duran

        ” MI6 false flag” glad you mentioned that..The Russian MOD yesterday stated that he UK was involved in the fake CW strike in Syria (the filming and so on) and that seem to have largely been ignored by everyone. The UK must be stopped

      • If Bolton calls the shots, it will result in massive US casualties. The generals are steering clear of mass US deaths but the neocons do not understand risk, they are political fanatics who want human wave attacks and don’t care if every American gets killed in their war.

        • You can call me Al

          If McCain calls the shots, he will surrender and live for a few years in a hotel in Damascus for a few years spewing out confidential information.

        • Kurt Hill

          John Bolton is an idiot…

      • remember this folks , this hasbara and others all over the net are posting the same stuff from the briefing on their desk..

      • Kurt Hill

        How do you know the Russians didn’t use the S400 system, and just claimed that older, Cold War-era systems did the job..?

    • You can call me Al

      DM ?

      • Prince Teutonic

        Defense ministry…

        • You can call me Al

          God, I am sorry – of course.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Colossal US failure, even by US morons usual lies standards.

  • Eouz Cuemarz

    It would have been interesting if there were US, French or British aircrafts that have been shot down during the strike in Syria. it would be like a slap on Trump, Macron and May’s face, these three leaders are putting mankind in danger.

  • Onno Frowein

    Trump is a Joker just like Macron & May. You dont need to wonder why the West is like an amorph body without ANY leadership or direction. To use an expression from Management Guru Peter F. Drucker: ‘They go by the seat of their pants’ without ANY constructive STRATEGY!!

    • Alejandro Bonifacio

      macron is a bad clown, he is a nobody

      • Jamil Abdin

        and maybe sexually attracted by may, lol

        • Prince Teutonic

          He likes older bitches…

          • Petrus Levelleri

            He’s a passive gay

          • Onno Frowein

            Too bad Hillary didn’t make it to the WH!

  • Redadmiral

    Lies, Propaganda, more lies and bullshit from the Chief Criminal of the Enslaved World

  • bob balluga

    This was just a PR stunt to make the West look good to their people back home. Besides that, it was pointless.

  • as

    Concrete evidence of target eliminated is if the sites no longer operational. You can’t make this shit up.

  • Joe Doe

    I am not sure how this statement can be true, when Russia saying that Syria has only S-125 and S-200, which are not compatible to shut down missiles, like S-300 and S-400

    • Prince Teutonic


      • 40 Pantsir systems in Syria, each with 12 missiles and 2 30 mm guns. A system with 95% hit rate. Should be quite effective coverage of important areas. War isn’t about being perfect.

        • paul ( original )

          I am not very expert at analysing the footage and usually I find it
          hard to see what is going on. However, interestingly I did see what
          appeared to be the high speed machine gun being deployed. It would be
          interesting to know the result. A close encounter by any measure.

          • That could be the 30 mm guns on the Pantsir units.

          • paul ( original )

            You sound as if you know a thing or two about these things. Now I clearly
            saw AA missiles being launched, and to me it looked like it detonated
            at quite high altitude. So does this mean an incoming missile
            destroyed? If so then the claim that nothing was destroyed is false.

          • You probably saw it right. Pansir units have both rapid fire guns and 12 missiles they can fire.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      The S-200 surface-to-air missile system was designed for the defense of
      the most important administrative, industrial and military installations
      from all types of air attack. S-200 provides defeat of modern and
      advanced aircraft, including air command and control centers, AWACS
      aircraft, aircraft jamming creation and other manned and unmanned aerial
      vehicles. The S-200 is an all-weather system that can be operated in
      various climatic conditions.

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      Syria has over 40 S1-Pantsir in different variants. They are short range anti-missile systems that work well enough.
      The problem is that only shooting down enemy missiles is a loose situation, as the enemy can make millions of missiles for thousands of years.
      Only in shooting down enemy aircraft can a victory be claimed.

  • Prince Teutonic

    Someone is lying BIG TIME! But since initial assessment are saying little to no damage to SAA infrastructure it is hard to believe more then 100 missiles successfully struck intended targets…

  • olim

    One would think that being able to shoot down 71 tomahawks, the Syrian anti-aircraft defences should have knocked down at least one of the planes taking part in today’s attack.

    As I recall, a few weeks ago the Syrians shot down the Israeli F-16, so it seems strange that they did not hit a single plane this time.
    The reason may be that either the Russians explicitly forbid them to shoot warplanes, or the number of 71 shot down tomahawks is pulled out of the ass.

    • Prince Teutonic

      They used cruise missiles which can be fired from jets few hundred kilometers before the target…

    • EoF

      They attacked with rockets from a very safe distance, because of fears of Russian retaliation.

  • Kentus

    CONGRATULATIONS!! To the Russians for their restraint and performance of the basic principles of “The Art of War”.
    Timing was perfect. Firing of a 100+ obsolete missiles at empty warehouses etc. on THIS day, couldn’t have been better for all of us. And, at least half intercepted only makes matters worse (for them).

    THEY were cornered, and had not many options, other than try this pathetic move to “save face”.

    “Bang their chest’s”, “Mission accomplished” – “Declare victory and go home” etc. doesn’t cut it this time.

    As stated before: “A hammer consider anything/anywhere to be a nail”

    This time however. The nails is in their own coffin. BIG TIME. Throwing dung around doesn’t help either.

    For the disappointed “war mongers” here” (and all others actually), please study “The Art of War”.

    I published this online flash version 2 or more years back.


    Again, Congratulations to the Russians, and the brave Syrians. What a relief!!


    • EoF
    • The US has never admitted to lose a war and has always put on a show to cover themselves as they lose. They are having a rough time these days, though. Not only is their loss in Syria hard to cover up but their loss in Iraq and Afghanistan is ongoing and they are trying to hide it. Syria also serves as a distraction from those defeats.

  • 1691

    Reading Trump’s tweets makes me laugh.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      It should make you really scare. When moronic people have access to nuclear weapons and are programmed robots with no mind of their own and completely delusional .

      • 1691

        I know, you are right but I can not help it. Generally Trump speaks like a streetwise mafiozo and now, his last tweets: ” mission accomplished” , “thank you france and uk”. well, thanks for what?- making the crowd of gangsters bigger?, exposing his crime and his accomplices? How stupid one can be? They are threatening lives and they are proud of it. They have killed millions for the sake of stealing and they are ready to do more. They failed tremendously and they call it success. It is either a drama or comedy. I can only laugh at them.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          exactly and stupid is as stupid goes I guess. The man is not very intelligent, just shrewd jewish puppet.

  • Joe Doe

    I think Russia military provide fake information. They saying SAA shut down many Tomahawks and GBU-38, but has not shut downy any F-15 and F-16. Therefore, Russia has not follow treats by destroying missile launch path. Russia barks with empty words

    • Samantha Green

      GBU 38 is short range isn’t it? so that would have put B1-Bs and their US aircrew at significant risk, would it not?

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        they claim they drop them. I doubt any of them had the guts to fly over Syrian air space. To drop GBU 38 had to be within maximum 28km. Dont believe everything you hear and read.

      • Tudor Miron

        GBU 38 was used from B1B operating from the area of Al Tanf.

        • Samantha Green

          How did a GBU 38 get out of the area of Al Tanf? do GBU 38s have rockets? or jets?

          • Tudor Miron

            Do you know what is B1b?

          • Samantha Green

            Yes. did they risk the B1b over syrian controlled airspace? or did they toss bomb?

    • Samantha Green

      Are they claiming the facilities were completely empty? The warehouses Clinton hit in Sudan were full of Aspirin. You would expect former chemical warehouses to have some use and be used for something; agricultural pesticides seem most compatible, unless the roofs leaked I suppose, but fertilizers, tractors, auto parts, squatters etc. are all quite possible. It’s hard to imagine a poor nation like Syria letting any functional shelter go completely to waste, unless I suppose they knew it would get bombed.

      • Douglas Houck

        OPCW litterally destroyed all the chemicals and equipment and ensured that the facilities could no longer be used to manufacture anything by early 2015. These facilities were empty shells, and the before images I’ve seen show it.

        • Samantha Green

          Why were the empty buildings not re-purposed?

          • Douglas Houck

            Sorry for the late reply. I have done some reading on the primary target, Center for Scientific Research in Barzeh. But first, I was incorrect in thinking that the buildings bombed has been the old weapons sites that the OPCW had destroyed. I believe there were 18 sites but I haven’t been able to find their names.

            The Center for Scientific Research is a Sryian government agency with a number of facilities. According to SANA the targetted facility held class rooms and laboratories. One commenter said it hadn’t been used in three years but I have not found any corroborating evidence to back it up. The US/West/Israel have all stated that the research agency is where Syria makes it’s chemcial weapons along with missiles, and other military hardware.

            Tlhe best information I have on what OPCW did back in 2014 was this from UN News:

            “Interaction with UN remains excellent and cooperation from Syrian authorities complete,” said OPCW spokesperson Michael Luhan, telling reporters at a press conference in The Hague, that the weapons inspectors on the ground had visited 18 of the 23 sites declared by Syria and that the team is proceeding with “functional destruction” to ensure the sites are inoperable.

            Specifically, he said the joint team is concentrating on destroying “what we call the critical equipment that is at the heart of the production facility, or that runs the mixing and filling units. That critical equipment will be destroyed, rendering the production facilities and equipment inoperable, unusable.”

            He said that “low tech, quick and cheap” methods were being used, such as filling equipment with concrete or smashing it, sometimes using heavy vehicles.

            With destruction activities now conducted at nearly all the relevant sites in Syria, he said: “It means that [Syria] will no longer have the capability to produce any more chemical weapons, and it will no longer have any working equipment to mix and to fill chemical weapons agent into munitions.”

            Hope that helps.

          • Samantha Green

            Wouldn’t that destruction also interfere with peaceful production such as mixing agricultural pesticides?

          • Douglas Houck

            To some degree. The cost of a new building is not that significant
            and I’m not sure if the destroyed equipment could be used for normal fertilizer production. Good question.

    • batavian

      The Yankee/Frog/Tea Bagger missiles were downed by SAA SAM batteries. Russia did not use their S-300/S-400. They had said from day one they would destroy any missile and its launch device IF their troops were targeted. Russia’s bark was loud enough for those that were paying attention. USA Gen. Dunford explained that the Three Amigos went out of their way not to come anywhere near the Russians,

    • Tudor Miron

      Try harder Joey, reread your own post. Don’t you see that it’s screaming loud “I’m a liar but I need thos shekels”

  • EoF

    Any respect i had for Trump went completely in the trash after this. Sad!

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      May I ask what you respected about a pervert stooge of NWO since birth?

      • EoF

        He wanted to get along with russia. He wanted to get out of syria. He wanted to “drain the swamp”. This is what i respected.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          No. He was vote fishing, telling the mass population what they wanted to hear. Obviously you dont know much about him and never bother to search his history and deeds.

          Believing a politician what he says when is election time that be i guess all downfall.

          • You can call me Al

            Just stop now. Many of us had high hopes for him, we were wrong OK; please leave I now.

        • paul ( original )

          Yes your point is entirely correct. These are the things he appeared to
          promise and it was entirely reasonable to think that may be he would
          go some way to deliver on some of the promises. It is not just that
          he has been inadequate, he has performed at total about face. I can
          not say I was completely convinced but what has transpired has been a
          complete reversal of what I hoped for. I doubt in the long run it
          will do him any good.

        • Bob

          But the current US state apparatus is extremely opposed to those proposals – and have fought tooth and nail to protect their ongoing agendas and positions – to point that Trump now has belligerent Neo-Con interventionist John Bolton at his side. This means those proposals are all over.

  • Hole

    Meanwhile a russian cargo vessel with river crossing equipment is on its way to Syria.

    • Samantha Green

      Aren’t they across the river in places already?

      • You can call me Al

        Yes, but more to follow.

      • Hole

        One or two crossings can be attacked, at another three or four and the Ami and his terrorists will have problems.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    I think the use pantsir to protect air bases and BK M2 to protect Damascus airport and Mezzeh with good result….Barzan an jaramani complex arent important for SAA and old soviet System have failed to protect it!

  • Giap

    Russia make weapons that perform. The Western stooges and their supreme masters voice make weapons to enrich the 1% class.

  • da4kov

    Brave syrians , Bulgarians with you!

    • You can call me Al

      Brave Syrians , British with you!

  • Can Byzt

    Where is Russia’s response? It would go after the sources of the missile launches and engage them, wouldn’t it? All invading aircraft went back to their bases without casualty. Wtf? Nobody will take Russia seriously again. It’s setting a very dangerous precedent that attacking Russia’s allies is easy and without consequences

    • Volker Burkert

      Why would the Russians reveal their defense capabilities to the enemy when the Syrians can deal with the Tomahawks themselves and no Russian assets were targeted. If the Russians were to react to an attack they would probably go after the launching platforms not just the missiles.

    • Volker Burkert

      Has anyone seen the US planes within government controlled Syrian airspace? They can launch their missiles from the safety of international airspace.

    • Tudor Miron

      It’s just that Russia is watching closely and so far their ally does very well by himself (well not exactly by himself). No Russian or Iranian servicemen were endangered and very little actual damage was inflicted by US/UK attack. There’s no point to use your main forces when secondary forces (this is not to disrespect Syrians that did very well) is sufficient.

    • You can call me Al

      Did it attack Russians or Iranians?, their bases or their structure – NO.

  • Robert Duran

    Trump has to say these things. Trump is a d*ck but this guy isnt as bad as they make him appear. He is cornered by the deep state.Both last night and last years strikes were PR moves. I may be naive but I believe he both wants to leave Syria and better relations with Russia. Trump should do whatever he has to to stay in power because the alternative will be unimaginable.

  • Igor Dano

    Dotard J. Swamp was sayimg something different. He tweeted, that his new clever missiles find their targets, so who is now lying?

    • BMWA1

      Chitry missiles! 🤣

  • NeoLeo

    Jihadi Don keeps lying. Make Alqaeda Great Again.
    Swamp mutant.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    Very nice but was any fighters hit?

    • Dr. Pro Liv

      Of course not.
      Fighter jets were all moved to Russian Khmaimim air base.

      • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

        I meant us/french/british jets

        • Dr. Pro Liv

          Never saw anything on that.
          I guess not. They were too busy shooting down cruise missiles I suppose.

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            I wish they had

        • χρηστος

          my guess is that they attacked ‘Israeli style’…..from far far far away….

  • The Russians are still going to upgrade the Syrian Air Defenses in case the sore losers have another go after they cook up some more smoke in another “rebel” slum.

    The so-called evidence of chemical weapons is such a joke.

  • RichardD

    From the article:

    “30 missiles were launched at targets in the areas of Barzah and Jaramani. Seven missiles were intercepted.

    According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the facilities in the areas of Barzah and Jaramani were partly destroyed. The military added that these facilities had been for a long time abandoned”

    What this says to me is that because the facilities were abandoned, is that they may not have been defended by dedicated air defense systems on site. And that the 7 missiles that were taken down were targeted by regional systems simply because they were violating Syrian airspace.
    If the statistics cited in the article are correct. It was an astounding success on the part of the Syrian Air Defense Force supported by the Syrian government coalition.

    It’s unlikely that the alleged “chemical weapons” sites that did get hit had any dedicated air defense systems on site. Which is probably why they got hit. Those missiles violated Syrian airspace, but they didn’t enter high value target zones. So they probably weren’t even fired at in an effort to avoid running the air defense systems out of ordnance and having to take time reloading them.

    • χρηστος

      my point exactly…..no need to protect empty buildings….in such a massive attack (103missiles)you have to focus on the most essential potential targets….airports etc…..

  • Kentus

    RE. my previous post, and “Nails”, I couldn’t help it and made this:


    And, I know, I am being far to kind.


    • Pantpurlais

      And they’d better order some more U$ flags from China.

  • SnowCatzor

    And not a single life lost. Trump can try to save-face with delusional, blowhard rhetoric all he wants, but this attack was frankly laughable.

  • chris chuba

    “According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the facilities in the areas of Barzah and Jaramani were partly destroyed.”

    Yeah but how many people died from the toxic clouds of Sarin and Novichok (the next false flag) nerve agents?

    • Fred Dozer

      “toxic clouds”
      Attack by Mattis-Led Forces
      April 2004 US siege of Fallujah
      The horrific legacy of depleted uranium contamination continues, with stillbirths and birth defects still occurring at astronomical rates, creating a situation so extreme that some Iraqi doctors are calling it a genocide.

  • TheDude

    Repelled? LOL the syrians were humiliated

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      No the Syrians weren’t, Putin was.

  • Floyd Hazzard

    Russia is a big punching bag. Forget all the propaganda, face reality. It’s been proven time and time again.

    • Fred Dozer

      If “chemical weapons” sites were hit, thousands if not more, women, children & infants alike would have been slaughtered. Chemical weapons cloud would travel miles. Really insane.
      But in this case 100 missiles and no fatalities. No damage to any military personal or weapons.
      USA spent 150 million on missiles. The missiles from s-400 are millions each. Have you seen what cities look like in Syria ? Search on You tube, everything is already bombed out. Why should Putin take out ships or aircraft if no threat to his or Assad’s army ? History shows USA used Nukes. Russia could have sank every ship and more. To risk the world with a enemy country that used nukes ? One day it will happen, it just was not yesterday.

      • Can Byzt

        So usa & zionist minions can keep bombing sovereign countries as they wish without any consequences so long as the city is already bombed out?

        • Fred Dozer

          Russia has the means to defend all of Syria with hi-tech weapons. No-fly zone. Why they choose not to ? I have no idea. They have a history of their enemy (West) (partner) and beyond a doubt will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.
          But what I wrote above pertains to the recent attack. Still regardless, they are all criminals and UN is as corrupt as they are.

  • Sinbad2

    This is Americas Suez moment, they will never recover

  • Rex drabble

    Thats a lot of missiles and some were aimed at cities with innocent people.
    The goal was to cause huge damage and many many deaths.
    SYRIA single handedly defeated the USA/UK/FRANCE who were giving it all they had!

  • it just sad watching american president acting like the ‘murica’ crowd who elected him… he is not even trying to hide his foolish arrogance and acting like the world owed america , never mind the millions of dead and wounded and displace people all over the world due to america’s endless wars..

    this is the last warning for americans and yet they elected this draft-avoided who worship military and salute everything in uniform.. this is the representation of american public nowadays .. a nation on decline that seek to blame everyone else except reflecting WHY it is in decline..

    The Cup of America’s sins are full and it is time for punishment..