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Russian Military Police Troops Enter Bushra Al-Sham Town In Southern Syria (Videos, Map)

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Russian Military Police Troops Enter Bushra Al-Sham Town In Southern Syria (Videos, Map)

A screenshot from the video

Troops of the Russian Military Police have entered the town of Bushra Al-Sham in the southern Syrian province of Daraa, according to a video released by the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

According to reprots, militants in Bushra Al-Sham have already accepted a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government and have started prepearing to surrender their weapons. As soon as this is done, they will get a chance to settle their legal status. The town will be fully controlled by government troops.

The Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria says that 27 settlements have turned to the government control over the past week. MORE HERE

Military situation in Daraa:

Russian Military Police Troops Enter Bushra Al-Sham Town In Southern Syria (Videos, Map)

Click to see the full-size image

Meawnhile, government forces have recovered a large number of weapons in the recently liberated areas in the province.

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Gregory Casey

Isn’t it wonderful to see all those captured Saudi, Bahraini, Emirati & Jordanian number-plates together with the pristine, well-laundered and pressed Military Uniforms so that those Jihadists from the Arabian Peninsula would look good on camera as they ponce around Southern Syria!! I presume they shaved their beards and cut their hair before they sauntered to the Jordanian Border looking to be allowed to cross into Jordan ……… all those young men of military-age we see on TV clips gathering around border-crossings need to be hoovered up and taken into lovely concentration camps in the middle of the Syrian Desert where they can contemplate the promises made to them of the soft and well-paid life they would have with Uncle Sam looking after their backs in South Syria.


rel8iabole mercenaries ;9…
How many BILLIONS did spend the Saudis, CIA, Qatar and UAE for NOTHING? :))))))


132 billion, they could have turned Saudi Arabia into a lush garden.


What is the source for that number?


We’ll find out
Just ….. google ;) (sic!)


The PM of Qatar reveled that number during an interview on 24France.


…. below


Anglo/Zionist did succeed in destroying Syria’s infrastructure which will take decades to restore. That was Plan B of the Zionists. Now, Syria must do a North Korea on Israel by having 200,000 medium and long range missiles for defense against Zionist aggression. That will make Israel pause before it engages in aggression.


They don’t get even S-300….


Interesting how Russia has been using large MP units as a sort of small and flexible paramilitary groups. I imagine these sorts of units will be among the last to leave Syria.


‘…paramilitary…’, err, no. They are military police, doing exactly what military police do in all serious conflict zones – securing order and transitioning authority in previously (militant) occupied territory, currently caught in a power vacuum, where the scope for looting and criminality are inherently major issues. This is the role of military police in conflict zones – the hint is in the name.

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