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JUNE 2023

Russian Military Police, Syrian Army Deployed In Manbij After US Troops Withdrawal

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US forces have withdrawn from the northern Syrian town of Manbij, a spokesman for the US-led coalition reported on October 15.

Commenting on the situation in the area, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Manbij and its surroundings are now in full control of the Syrian Army. The Defense Ministry said that units of the Russian Military Police are patrolling the contact line between the Syrian Army and Turkish-backed forces northwest of Manbij.

On October 14, a coalition of Turkish-backed militant groups, the Syrian National Army, announced an advance on Manbij. However, no large-scale clashes with the Syrian Army or notable offensive attempts by Turkish-led forces took place.


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Excellent, I hope Russia do not join Turkey again in police operations. Russia must stop pleasing Erdogan, despite the big $$$$ Turkey-Russia deals.

Ceasar Polar

It s all part of one plan. Even tho it looks like each sides is operating alone. All sides all moves are coordinated.

Kemal Büyük

Can you explain the big plan?

Ceasar Polar

Eliminating the SDF and make Syria whole again. As one Sovereign State under Assad. Just like it was before.

Kemal Büyük

Why would SDF give it out freely?

Ceasar Polar

It is a matter of survival for them! It s that or die by the turkish fire.

Tudor Miron

It’s not that moves are strictly coordinated. It’s a case of creating conditions – what Russia is doing is managing predefined probabilities.

Ceasar Polar

Beautiful Chess play.

Luke Hemmming

This is great. The Russian presence might make the Turks give up on taking Manbij.Turkey should take a leaf out of the ‘US military in Syria’ chapter and withdraw. In other words, quit while your ahead Erdogen. Onward and upwards SAA. The only way is up!


Correct me if I’m wrong: To me it seems that SAA is going to create a safe zone for the Turkish “safe zone” on M4 (which was the declared limit of Turkish operations anyway) and has no intention of deployment on border. If it’s a logistical move and they move northward after securing the M4, we’ll find out shortly. If only Kurdish leadership came to their senses without a stick last year and the year before that. If they don’t move north, perhaps it means this whole thing is a carefully coordinated plan and each side plays it’s own part towards a much desired result.

The first day of Turkish operations SF published a report on shelling the Turkish border cities and towns by Kurdish militia/terror groups but no follow ups was published, and there is abundant of incidents and civilian loss of life to be reported, on both sides.

PS: @ishyrionav asked me a few days ago for links about the Karma under one of my pontifications. I gathered a few incidents and dates and will post them under a relevant article.

Ishyrion Av

I think is too early to anticipate what will be the result of this operation. In my opinion, even if Turkey coordinated before with Russia and US, they still don’t know how much they will gain, that depends a lot of local conditions and Damascus eagerness to take back its territory. We can have a surprise anytime. Turkey, IF they made an agreement, they are not known as gentlemen, and they will forget any agreement if they think they can take more with ease. This can cause a reaction from US, from Russia, from Syria and even from Iran. If they didn’t make a previous agreement, the situation can run wilder anytime. And kurds… well, they show no sign of courage. They just need an umbrella. If is American is great, if not, a Russian one will do also. They don’t seem to matter.


Yeah, even though i doubt, that Russia was “in” on the turkish offensive, the turks wont respect any agreement anyway. Just like Idlib. Turks at least as much hypocrites than the US in their propaganda it seems. “Respecting Syrian integrity”. “Preventing humanitarian desaster” “Fighting terror”. It would be funny if it would not be a real life tragedy.

Ishyrion Av

True. This hypocrisy will be their fall, also.


I suspect this has all been predetermined between the Syrians, Russians and Turks. The Turks are currently housing millions of Syrian refugees at great expense who they would like to repatriate ….. this buffer zone will give them a place to house refugees while the Syrian government debriefs and decides who reenters Syria as well as a temporary neutral zone to house those they don’t want returning while their fate is decided without them being Turkey’s “problem”.

Getting the Americans out was the laxative needed to get the whole process moving. Not only will it allow Syria to progress from war but also the Turks who have been pretty bunged up with refugees, other nations criminals and just the war in general. This is not the end of the process but at least this gets things moving.


Assad may have known it would come to this, but i seriously doubt he approved the turkish agression. He knows very well turkey is the only country besides isreal and the US to still support Jihadis in Syria, and as a matter of fact, is the currently biggest Jihadi sponsor. Assad also knows, that the turks will never give up an inch of occupied territory without forcing them out. The US would have moved out in the next months anyway, as this was trumps central campaign promise, and needed to be fullfilled prior to the election. Turks just played both the US and Russia. Like Idlib they will make “agreements” but dont give a shit about acutally being loyal to their claims. And Erdogan skillfully now seems in a position, where the US is impotent, and even Russia will be now tested by Erdogan. We will see how it plays out. Putin seems not to want to support the SAA with airpower, while erdogan supports his jihadis by air. That seems a great disadvantage to the SAA, maybe a fatal one. We will see..


“Assad may have known it would come to this, but i seriously doubt he approved the turkish agression.”

I’m sure Assad doesn’t approve of anyones aggression in Syria however with Syria being a war zone he’s not exactly in a position to be discerning about who does violence to whom in his country. If he wasn’t a pragmatic man before the war he sure is now and he needs an economy and tax dollars at the moment and getting a bridgehead into Eastern Syria is a start to his countries economic recovery.

“Assad also knows, that the turks will never give up an inch of occupied territory without forcing them out.”

You’re making an assumption that both Assad and Erdogan are the cardboard cutout idiots they are portrayed to be in the MSM. Ergodan is in no position to take over anything today. They’ve gone out on a limb and alienated the USA and EU over the last few years to the point where they are being sanctioned and they are supporting millions of Syrian refugees and jihadi’s at great economic and political cost. Do you really think they are in a position to alienate the Russians and Iranians as well by stabbing them in the back?

“Like Idlib they will make “agreements” but dont give a shit about acutally being loyal to their claims.”

You’ll notice that the front lines in Idlib are not moving in Turkey’s favour. Those jihadi’s housed in Idlib are as much a Turkish problem as they are a Syrian problem. Turkey’s biggest immediate fear is a new flood of refugees from Idlib. Having a large population of radical Uigher and Chechyn radicals living in Turkey is not something any nation would want regardless of their ideological leanings. Once things stabilize over the Turkish advance in the East I’ll bet you’ll see Idlib reduced quickly.

“Putin seems not to want to support the SAA with airpower, while erdogan supports his jihadis by air. That seems a great disadvantage to the SAA, maybe a fatal one.”

The RUAF is reportedly flying cover for the SAA advance into Idlib. There have been reports of Turkish supported jihadists getting trigger happy with the SAA but no reports of Turkish regulars interfering with the SAA advance.

S Melanson

Good analysis. I think Erdogan has some leverage and this latest choreographed event would almost have to have been worked out in advance given the players involved and risk of escalation. I am pretty sure Erdogan has abandoned any designs on Idlib and probably saw it as no more than a bargaining chip from the get go where the clueless headchoppers are to be sacrificed in the end – or sent elsewhere as in fight in northeastern Syria. Perhaps Erdogan gets Afrin, cannot see getting more than that at this stage.

Tudor Miron

Mark my words – in longer term Erdogan would not have Afrin.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

I’m sure you’re right.


You make good points that make sense.


I’m sure Syria, Turkey and Russia can work out a mutually pleasing agreement for all. Kurds further away from border etc. Turkey can dump refugees in Syria etc.


@Southfront, Now since the US are withdrawing from Manbij and other areas, and now on those places the Syrian government / troops are there / it is now their place again, can you make a new map where the “Red” / Government Control Area is more bigger and it is on those places, I would really like to have a map where all SAA troops are taking new positions. I am safe keeping map images since 2016 and I kind want to make a slide show presenting all of these captured areas. Thanks.

Tudor Miron

That will be a super slide show. I love comparing 2015 and current Syirian map.


Well I have few pieces from 2015, but what I have is from southfront posts respectively from 2016.


It is now clear that the whole situation was planned by Syria, Russia Turkey and Iran, and to some extent Trump was out maneuvered by Erdogan to kick the US forces our of Syria… The Kurds were caught unaware by the Turks and have no option than to call Damascus for Help… The result….Damascus taking over the major sdf controlled cities without firing a shot.. USA have limited options now and are cornered…. They can’t go back to bases taken over by Russia… The result….. Yankee go home…it’s over….your reputation in the eyes of everyone in the ME is “betrayal” that is whether you like it or not.. Great players in the ME…


USA still sitting in Al Tanf in the south so blocking the main road Iran – Iraq – Syria – Lebanon.

Lazy Gamer

Now, how does Assad get Erdogan to compromise with him?


secured border. big money from gas pipe, and eventually leverage over Europe from it’s gas pipe Russian probably brokered the deal with Turks. Russian get it’s ally Syrian’s territory back hence securing it’s military base there. Turks would get the money, security and leverage over Europe

Tudor Miron

It is way more that military base. What Russia is actually doing is gradually securing a better safer world on this planet. Yes, it is only beginning but world is watching and taking notice.


over a year ago, I long suspected that this situation will happen. Turkey would moved it’s troops and any turkmen fighters under its control to pound on the Kurds on north east Syria, forcing the Kurds to cede its foothold back to SAA, and ultimately breaking the Kurds opposition and putting it under SAA umbrella

Why would Turks do this? two big reasons 1. Secured border: Turkey would gain secured border on it’s southern border as SAA absorb and slowly disarmed Kurds fighter. They would have less trouble from PKK that way

2. Big money: With northeastern Syria region secured, natural gas pipes from Iran planned by the Russian and Iran could pass through to Turkey and eventually ended up supplying Europe This give Turks lots of money and leverage over Europe!!!

I suspected Russian and Turkey brokered this deal behind curtain for over a year. Syrians will get their land back but very slowly, and probably not all of it, but majority and important regions would eventually fall back to Syrian’s hand


“1. Secured border: Turkey would gain secured border on it’s southern border as SAA absorb and slowly disarmed Kurds fighter. They would have less trouble from PKK that way”

You are 100% spot on here!

“2. Big money: With northeastern Syria region secured, natural gas pipes from Iran planned by the Russian and Iran could pass through to Turkey and eventually ended up supplying Europe This give Turks lots of money and leverage over Europe!!!”

This will be competition for Russian gas! Therefore i doubt it! The only way this happens is if the Russians can develop their industries there! Remember, Russia feeds to Southern Europe vua Turkey! Russia blocked the Qatari pipelines! Qatar was forced to side with Iran and buy shares in Rosneft! Now if they want to sell their gas and oil to europe, they need to deal with Russia!

The USA is out of the middle east now! Watch them all suck putin’s dick! Good for Russia! Look what putin did! He took them from bread lines to glory! Russia gonna be a mega super power again! Everyone thought china was gonna be a super power! WRONG! China is FUCKED!


………..Have to disagree with you vehemently on your closing sentence. China is FAR from being fucked. If you have been paying attention to the role it has been playing in the WORLDS economy, you will see that they are leaps and bounds ahead of EVERYONE, especially in Africa. Chinas “Belt and Road” project is awesome, and it is taking shape each and everyday…………and the world will be a better place for it, just you wait and see. You forgot also, that Russia and China are now bound militarily, and combined, they are the largest nuclear power Bloc in the world.


Original Qatar gas pipes were planned to go through SA – > Iraq – > Syria – > Turkey. But Syria don’t want to be part of it because they were allies with Russia and they afraid it will undermine Russian dominance in Europe and thus their relationship

Tbh pretty sure thats why Turkey were together with SA and jUSA trying to remove Assad in the first place because they want that gas pipe badly!!

Now that Russian and Iran is going to dictate the gas pipes, Turkey got no choice but to join in the new plan.

Beside why wouldn’t the Russian wants to be part of the Iran gas sales to Europe. Iran has very large proven natural gas reserve

Since the Russian loses Ukraine for its gas pipes transit, they are looking for more powerful allies that EU can’t muck around for its gas transit, ie turkey

All the Russian need to do is get the gas to Europe and sells in Euro, that would accelerate the sunset of US dollar usage in Europe!


Agree! HOWEVER, not completely! Lets not forget that Iran was once enemy number 1 to Russia and has been for many centuries! Also Turkey is historically Russia’s number 1 enemy also!

We just find ourselves in a predicament such as this! Lets remember, there is no such thing as allies! Only Common interests! BP owns a lot of Iranian oil! This hasnt changed!

Ukraine was a weak link but that doesnt mean Turkey wont be either! Turkey now has more power because it can play russia and USA and Europe off each other!

When the writing was on the wall that Russia would prevail in Syria (winning Aleppo) Thats when everything changed! Thats when Qatar bought 20% shares in Rosneft (along with Glencore) and Saudi started to hate on Qatar! Iran allowed Qatar airways to use its airspace and even shipped them food after Saudi Sanctions! Qatar is actually Turkey’s master! Maybe u dont know this but its true!

So after the Aleppo victory, Merkel met with Putin on building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and Turkey sided with Russia!

It was clear who would control European energy supplies! RUSSIA! How? By being the cheapest supplier and by blocking (or making a check point in Syria)!

Turkey would also now have leverage over Europe as Turkey would become a energy hub!

But Iran plays second to Russia! Lets be clear about this! Yes Qatar and Iran share the same gas field (the biggest in the world) but Qatar loses a share in this if the pipes lead from Iran! But Iran needs Qatar to agree on the pipes to run through Turkey! But Russia OWNS Armenia and have a heavy influence on the Kurds which is where these pipelines MUST transfer through!

This would be the true reason why Erdogan wants a Turkish controlled region in Syria, so pipelines can run through without the threat of sabotage from Turkish Kurds who would demand ransom (like a check point)!

Remember, any region for which goods, oil, gas, food whatever is transported, ALWAYS pays a toll! ALWAYS! Even if u and i travel to a nation via another nation, we pay a TOLL and airport tax! even if we fly over a nation, there is a TOLL to use their airspace! its included in your airfare ticket!

So Routes, pipelines and market share is what TRULY counts! The less people u need to pay off (tolls) the cheaper u can make ur supplies to customers! Russia used the Baltic sea and Ukraine! Now they must use Turkey! But being the BIG DOG who supplies Turkey, do u really think Iran can supply energy to Europe without paying a toll to the big dog? Because the big dog will lose market share % and profits! Why would he want to compete when he could have it all to himself? So they pay tolls! thats reality!

So if it is in Russia best interest to shake hands with Russia’s historical enemy, receive a toll payment and control who feeds Europe, then it will be Russia who ultimately decides! The big dog always decides!

USA was a big dog and it decided! But the USA cannot compete with Russian gas price they can only offer an alternative so that Europe is not politically controlled by its dependence on this resource!

pipelines are always the cheapest supply option! Big dogs dont usually pay tolls, tolls are paid to them! Russia has a check point in Syria (the mouth of the Med sea! Thats the silk road! Trade routes are important! it doesnt matter how much oil and gas u got, what matters is if u can sell it and how will u transport it it and how competitive will u be! Iran is not a big dog! Russia is! its Russia’s decision!


excellente news!! bravo russia!!

AM Hants

Unprecedented: US Forces Peacefully Hand Over Key Syrian City to Russians, Syrians… https://russia-insider.com/en/unprecedented-us-forces-peacefully-hand-over-key-syrian-city-russians-syrians/ri27782

By Tyler Durden, so no doubt original article can be found on Zero Hedge.

Uncle Meat

You visit RI? Stopped visiting there years ago. Here’s the original link: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/pentagon-confirms-manbij-handed-over-russia-us-forces-filmed-departing

AM Hants

Still regularly go there and missing the regulars of old. Went over to Zero Hedge, to check the source and must admit, I was seriously excited reading the same article on both sites. RI is on strange leave at the moment, due to come back as something else, but, I love the comments section and the fact you have more scope than most sites. Although saying that, they did get rid of a lot of the regulars, and have no idea why a few years back.

You can call me Al

Spot on again girl.

AM Hants

Hi stranger, hope you are well. Looking good, with regards Syria.

Imran Khan pops over to Iran for a coffee and a chat. Then the following day, he is having a coffee and a chat with Prince William. I wonder if he had any messages to pass on from Iran. Bet there were loads to talk about, considering Princess Diana was good friends with Imran Khan’s mother-in-law. Lady Annabel Goldsmith, wife of James Goldsmith, father of Jemima, and the Duchess of Cambridge, just happens to be a Goldsmith, on her mother’s side. Carol Middleton nee Goldsmith.

Then you had President Putin, who turned up for coffee and a chat, over in Saudi, the same day Imran is over in Iran. Today, President Putin is being hosted by the UAE, who seriously went to town, on the meet and greet. Well anybody, can walk down a red carpet, as memories of Obama, arriving for the G20 summit, over in China come to mind. He had to leave his plane from the staff entrance, unlike the other guests, arriving at the airport. Then on his return home to Russia, Erdogan is due to pop over for coffee and a chat.

Erdogan Accepted Putin’s Invitation to Visit Russia in Next Few Days – Kremlin… https://sputniknews.com/russia/201910151077056916-erdogan-accepted-putins-invitation-to-visit-russia-in-next-few-days—kremlin/

Red Carpets Are for Wimps! How UAE Greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin… https://sputniknews.com/viral/201910151077055623-red-carpets-uae-russian-president-putin/


Iran = BP Never forget that! The world is not as it seems! As of Trump’s presidency (and why he is attacked so much) The west is against Trump! Trump and putin are on the same page! There is so much more to this than people on this forum understand!

AM Hants

Haha, nice one and owing to being ignorant of who owns what, with regards oil companies, it makes so much sense.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, pops over to Iran for a meeting, the same day that President Putin is having a meeting in Saudi. When Imran Khan returned home, he had a meeting with Prince William and I wonder if he had any messages to pass over? President Putin then moves on to hold a similar meeting in the UAE. Sad, that the media never gives him the credit he so deserves.

There was an article, back in September, with regards Moon of Alabama, and how following the Saudi Oil Field strike, the war in Yemen was virtually over. UK, France and I believe Germany, turned up in Iran and for a meeting. Doesn’t France have serious investments in the oil fields, that are shared between Iran and Qatar? Remember, Boris Johnson, when Mayor of London, selling the South Bank to Qatar. The Russian exiles own South Kensington and Qatar owns Canary Wharf, the economic centre and South Bank, courtesy of Boris.

So like in the US, it is like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are having a hissy fit. The Rockefellers, in control of Common Purpose/Integrity Initiative and the Dems, with the Rothschilds controlling the other team. Although, assumed Boris might be team Rothschild, yet, he was the Foreign Minister when Russia Gate/Ukraine Gate and the Skripals went down and his ancestory would not surprise me, if he was linked into the Lost Tribes. Why did Boris lay a wreath at the site on the Russian Bridge, where Nemstov got taken out?


Look at these 2 maps that are before and after World War 1! Look at who controlled which lands! Remember after the fall of the Ottoman empire, the Middle east was split up and re-named!

This will show u Who truly controls the oil and gas in those regions! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c1637c00f9d2f9fa252518cbe7ad8dc21335b10ed5c848f561b7ae4585803a50.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8aed9203a28bbf9db1681b7b3abd6f57dcd7efbbface195ed4613d7a52683e2c.png

Tudor Miron

I just love seeing more and more RED om Syrian map. Being Russian there’s no doubt that red is my favorite color. All in all it is nice to see how elaborate long term strategy is giving its results. Where are Russia bashers gang?




Aha! Showed your true colours you old timer!

Today I saw the reception for president Putin by Saudi king. The way they played your anthem and the look on VVP’s face put me in stitches. Being a Russian, I guess it’s not as amusing for you. Perhaps the Egyptians did a better job a few years ago. Not that they meant to disrespect Putin. They are Saudis after all, incompetent even with the anthem of their American master/client.

Tudor Miron

I had nothing but a lough when listening to Saudis “musicians” :) In fact I don’t consider it as deliberate offence – I think that they did the best they could. Lol.

S Melanson

The Saudis did the same thing with the US anthem – horrible. So no, not on purpose, but it represents the general incompetence of a society based on cronyism, devoid of merit where merit makes you a threat. However, the band’s performance is considerably better than Saudi performance in Yemen where we have a new term – Uber-incompetence. ;)

Sasan Jamshidi

This is a CLEAR DEAL between Trump and Putin, its just politics games!



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