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JULY 2020

Russian Military Police Created Control Point In Former U.S. Base In Northeast Syria


Russian forces has established a control point in Sarrin base, which was abandoned by U.S. troops earlier this month, a Russian military police officer, Safar Safarov, told reporters on November 21.

The commander revealed that engineering and maintenance works are underway in the base in order to accommodate personnel, who were deployed there on November 14.

“We are planning to house more people here if the senior command issues this order,” Safarov, who is commanding the base now, said, according to the TASS news agency.

Safarov added that an aviation command could be located at the Sarrin base if needed. Meanwhile, special equipment is being shipped to the base.

Russian Military Police Created Control Point In Former U.S. Base In Northeast Syria

Click to see full-size image. Via Google Earth.

The base’s airstrip, that was used by U.S. forces to bring supplies, is now being used by Russian helicopters that operate in northeast Syria. It’s still unclear if Russian fixed-wing cargo planes will be able to land there any time soon.

Units of the Russian Military Police were deployed in northeast Syria last month to facilitate an agreement between the Damascus government and the Kurdish-led Democratic Forces (SDF). Later, the forces were tasked with implementing a Russian-Turkish agreement on the region.

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  • Hornet24

    It is very clear that Russian cargo planes ARE able to land there same as fly away withour any problems because they are more “field capable” the US planes …… If they will land there is questionable for sure