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JUNE 2021

Russian Military Police Redeployed In Tel Rifaat City (Photos)

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On March 29, the Russian Military Police was redeployed in the city of Tell Rifaat and the Menagh airbase, southeast of the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin, according to several Turkish and Syrian opposition sources.

Currently Tell Rifaat is under the control of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

Syrian pro-government sources also reported that that the SAA had stepped up its presence in Tell Rifaat and had deployed more units there on March 29.

Russian Military Police Redeployed In Tel Rifaat City (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Russian Military Police Redeployed In Tel Rifaat City (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Turkish sources claimed on March 27 that the Turkish Army and its proxies of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had imposed their control over Tell Rifaat city. A day later, the YPG and the SAA proved that these claims were false.

Tell Rifaat city is supposedly one of the main targets of the Turkish military operation that was launched in Afrin area on January 20. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan even vowed to clean the city of the YPG earlier this month.

However, Russia appears to be against any Turkish attack on Tell Rifaat and the Menagh airbase north of it. Tell Rifaat now hosts tens of thousands of civilians that have been forcibly displaced by the Turkish Army from their villages and towns in Afrin area. This situation could be the reason behind the Russian decision to keep Turkey away from the northern city.

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excellente news glory axe of resistance!!!


And the military police, usually, in the world, is a special force.


Responsible for ORDER and ATROCITY depending on the conflict. Then again a hammer may hit a nail or the head of a street-walker depending on the type of person wielding it.

The REAL question is why zionist appeaser Putin did not anticipate the resurrection of ISIS in turk controlled areas of Syria, and how these new wahhabi terror gangs would impact surrounding regions.


It was PUTIN’S plan to have NATO (Turkey) invade Syria. And now the zionist appeaser is discovering what a cretinous plan that was. Wherever the turks go, ISIS is ressurected. And the saudi ISIS forces are NOT under the direct military control of the turks. So the wahhabi butchers want to immediately use their new turkish imposed power bases to reach out and strike surrounding areas.

Putin has the IQ of a mouldy potato. Every time he appeases, things immediately get far worse (which is why history HATES appeasers).

The fake ‘failed’ coup in Turkey was NATO’s ploy to draw Putin in- worked 100%. As a result, dumbo Putin is tainted, therefore not trusted by the kurds, therefore falls into NATO’s trap of having to rely on the turks instead to ‘pacify’ that region of Syria.

So Putin tells Turkey to invade, which NATO is all ready to do, and a massive NATO army rolls in. Kurdish anti-ISIS projects are exterminated, and as I said, ISIS resurrected. Doesn’t even matter if this was Erdogan’s plan. Turkish regions in Syria = ISIS powerbases. Funny how everyone here got this many months ago, when cheering the Russian bombing of ISIS oil shipments across the border into Turkey. But months later, and Southfront tells you the turks are the ‘good guys’- and thinking being loyal means buying ANYTHING from ‘our side’- you fall for it hook, line and sinker.

Why is zionist appeaser Putin having to send back in the Russian military police he so stupidly withdrew a time back? Because as I said, it came as a suprise to idiot Putin that ISIS would overflow from the new regions under turk control- and now these new ISIS forces need repelling all over again.

How do a few MPs do this, dribblers ask? Well in the first instance ISIS moves thugs into a new town to try to intimidate the locals. At this stage actual terror and violence is low. Think of how a conventional protection racket works. A few MPs can reassure the locals and allow them to not be intimidated- thus ensuring ISIS cannot get its hooks into the locals.

For ISIS, actual terror and atrocity is only <10% of how they work. The rest is bullying, intimidation and plain thuggery- making the males of the target town back down.

Kell McBanned

No one trusts the Turks.


Good news, don’t give the Turds and their terrorist head chopper allies anymore land. I hope this will be a permanent decision.

Miguel Redondo

It starts to be really complicated!!!

“La France déploie des troupes au Kurdistan syrien”


Mr.Macron wants to fight the Turks!!!!

Who is giving the orders? “Asterix” ???

How will they go to Manbij?

at NATO they are going really mad.


Macron wants to occupy Syria like in 1800s. Syrians don’t remember history because they spent to much times praying 5 times a day and talking in coffee shops.


ISIS killed the guy that had the responsibility of the archaelogical sites in Palmyra, perhaps a sunni, as the most part of the syrians


Pourrait déployer isn’t déploie. And by the way, the chinese and not only also could deploy some troops for the liberation of the East Euphrates, if Mironton, John Bull et alia are wanting a WWIII.


If only Asterix was giving the orders. Asterix at least was a proud Gaul able to see through the machinations of others. Macron is a glory hound who dreams of being the new Tony Blair, replacing the UK as America’s favorite side kick.


I loathe the jewish power-cult with all my heart, yet I can say with absolute certainty everything in that VT article is complete codswallop.

MOST of the rebel weapons are from RUSSIA. Does that mean Russia supports the rebels? Of course not. Just that Russian weapons, especially from the ex-soviet states now in NATO, flood the market- and the USA bought shed loads of these ex-soviet arms and shipped them to the rebels.

Likewise jewish weapons of mass atrocity flood the market as well- and the jews have worked very hard to use their border with Syria to allow a constant flow of said weapons to wahhabi terrorists in the region.

But NO, Israel never had “secert underground bases” in East Ghouta. The on-the-ground handlers of the rebels are all BRITISH. In East Ghouta the british facilitated all kinds of arms and intelligence supplies to the rebels, but the rebels themselves were led by well educated locals who had been ‘turned’ to wahhabism by the many saudi clerics Assad allowed into Syria after 2001 and the 911 false flag.

British SAS experts worked with rebels in EG to try to assist with the creation of various gas false flags- but the rebels had to stage these events themselves- that’s how british intelligence works- leadership, material assistance and training- but the locals must be the ones to set things up and carry out the projects.

The downside of such a rule is obvious. The locals can, and usually will screw up (which is why American special forces badly disguise themselves and then directly carry out the atrocities themselves- PRETENDING to be the rebels).

East Ghouta was always too hot for the Yanks. Too dangerous for the cowardly jews of Israel. Only brits have the courage, expertise, experience, and ruthlessness.

But please, dribblers, carry on telling us how Britain is the ‘puppet’ of the USA- its ‘lapdog’- the fabian horrors need another very good laff today.

Kell McBanned

I did see a jihadi video of Al Nusra I think where fire directions to the machine gun were being given in what sounded like an Australian accent, this stunned me but I wouldnt be suprised if the “City of London” has Australian SAS in there also.


Giving the IMPRESSION that the EU does not approve of the ILLEGAL Turkish invasion of a sovereign nation is how the Great Game is played well. Turkey = USA = NATO. France, in reality, is delighted that zionist appeaser Putin was tricked into giving Turkey full permission to invade Syra.

Now France can make more hay by ‘tut tuting’ the invasion.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

No it’s Obelix who gives the orders right now and get it right Asterix is the brains with some brawn.

Manuel Flores Escobar

To keep Tell Rifaat under SAA has strategic reasons….it is to protect Aleppo capital!


This is wise because like the American force at Manbij it guarantees that the Turks will not attack that city as the they will not risk war with a superpower.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

7 coalition forces , 5 were wounded and 2 lost their lives to an IED in Manbij area.


It’s war.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They don’t know who planted it could be anyone TFSA would be logical choice.


Yes, logical. It may have been a stray ISIS sleeper cell hiding in the town.

Kell McBanned

Jihadimap were reporting its part of a deal, the Turks want Jisr el Shugur and have forces massing to take it, so the Syrians, Russians moved back into Tel Rifaat and the Airbase, moving pieces on a negotiated chessboard by the sounds of it.


Seems Erdogan is finished in Afrin, I hope he moves on Manbij next. Something tells me Trump is really getting US troops out of Syria, hence the French redeployment. Trump doesn’t want his own Iraq and the situation reminds me of his stance on Libya. The European hawks were talking about dividing the spoils and controlling the land, stating that the US also had a major role to play. Trump’ s response was “No, not us, we don’t want any part of it” Macron’s face was priceless.

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