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Russian Military Police Is Recruiting Former Free Syrian Army Fighters In Northern Homs – Report

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Russian Military Police Is Recruiting Former Free Syrian Army Fighters In Northern Homs – Report

FILE IMAGE: Russian Military Police service members are in Syria

The Russian Military Police is recruiting former Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters from the recently liberated northern Homs countryside, the Syrian news outlet Enab Baladi reported on October 6.

According to the pro-opposition outlet, more than 5,000 locals have applied to join so far. However, the Russian Military Police wants 2,000 fighters only. Once accepted, the new recruits will sign a five-year contract and go through three months of training in a military base near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

These local fighters will likely join Syrian government forces, which support the monitoring missions of the Russian Military Police in Syria. Since 2015, the Russian Military Police has secured many liberated areas and has guaranteed several reconciliation agreements through the war torn country. However, the Russians will not stay there for an unlimited period of time. So, they are assisting the Damascus government in forming security forces consisting of personnel of pro-government units and some former members of opposition armed groups.

Last May, FSA groups in the northern Homs countryside accepted a reconciliation agreement that prevented a military operation. Under the agreement, hundreds of radical militants withdraw towards the opposition-held areas in northern Syria, while thousands others joined Damascus government forces.

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This may not be wise, ever heard of green on blue attacks?

John Whitehot

ever heard of total zionist defeat?


I am sure that the US government and military will find this concept of reintergration impossible to understand and comprehend. I doubt that many in the UK ‘shit for brains ‘ government organisations will either.

Ending a civil war is about ‘building bridges and mending fences ‘ that allow the people to mix again with the security that all but the clinically insane wish to see after years of destructive and depraved violence which is usually fed from abroad.

I am sure that the vast majority of us who debate here wish for all sane Syrians to be again at peace. The clinically insane either need to be incarcerated in VERY secure mental hospitals or killed if they still choose to remain bearing arms in Syria.

John Wallace


John Wallace

Did you hear about one of the biggest drivers of the Iraq uprising against American troops was that all of the previous Police and military were denied re applying for their old jobs back . Tens of thousands of already trained men with nothing too lose and an ax to grind.. These fighters are the ones that chose to change sides and go with the government rather than stick with their old mates so very sensible too offer them a job and a future for them and their families they will be in most cases very committed to protecting. Of course green on blue may happen on the odd occasion but that is better than having thousands committed too attacking Syrian forces on a daily basis.


Yours is a mature observation that Smaug will never allow himself to understand John.
Smaugs job depends on that :)


I think Smaug understands very well. It has the Nikki Haley disease – highly-contagious and terminal :)

Tudor Miron

That (denying re applying) was done deliberately – were also would they recrute daesh cannon fodder to form their irregular armed forces (daesh, queda etc.)

John Wallace

ISIS / Daesh didn’t exist then and al queda only moved in when a vacuum was created so had America re instated Police especially and disciplined army units control of the country would have been much easier. Had they reduced corruption in politics then that would have helped but of course America thrives on the belief the dollar buys everything. Interestingly ISIS was formed from with the best Officers of Saddams army that had been denied re instatement and become part of the rebellion . Caught and imprisoned together where Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi also a prisoner was used as a peace negotiator and taken from prison o prison to meet with these and others who all later became ISIS . Most of these people would never have met had it not been for America introducing them too each other and being outsmartd by Abu Bakr al- Bag..who was looking at the longer picture rather American need for quiet and peaceful prisoners today .


has happened before in some occassions. lead to a bloodbath of the SYrian forces. ltes hope that now the war is near the end the former fsas will realise that anything like that would be equal to suicide


The poor buggers will work for whomsoever pays them wages. That is why it was so easy for the USA, UK, France, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE etc. to recruits 100’s of thousands for their mercenary armies. The idea that this is driven by religion is a total nonsense fabricated by Zionist media.

Karim Al Ahamadi

Most of them are blind haters. Haters of Shia before anyone else. Good reasons why the Wahhabis ,ZIonists and others always have had hated the Shia’s.

Al-Islam.org read a book or two here. Wonderful site


In other news, Fars is reporting that Russian troops have been deployed to al Bukamal, which is on the Euphrates close to the Iraqi border and a major crossing, road.

I’m guessing, but I think the US might use the crossing, to transport out oil, and supplies in.


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