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Russian Military Police Entered Tafas Town In Western Daraa Following Successful Negotiation (Photos)

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Russian Military Police Entered Tafas Town In Western Daraa Following Successful Negotiation (Photos)

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On July 11, units of the Russian Military Police were deployed inside the town of Tafas in the western Daraa countryside under a reconciliation agreement, which was approved by the local Free Syrian army (FSA) fictions earlier, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

Over the last week, Tafas has witnessed heavy clashes between the FSA and the Syrian Arab Amy (SAA). Now this is over as local FSA fighters have agreed to hand over their weapons and join the reconciliation process. Those who oppose the agreement will likely be allowed to leave towards the opposition-held areas in northern Syria.

Meanwhile, the SAA resumed its military operations around Tafas and captured the hill of al-Ash`ari west of the town. This hill is one of the key points around the valley of al-Yarmouk, which is held by the ISIS-affiliated group, Khalid ibn al-Walid Army.

After capturing al-Ash’ari, warplanes of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) conducted a series of airstrikes on several positions of the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army in the village of Jillen, 3km northwest of the hell.

The upcoming hours may witness limited clashes between the ISIS-affiliated group and the SAA in the western Daraa countryside. However, the SAA and its allies will not likely launch a large scale military operation to eliminate the terrorist group before securing all FSA-held areas.

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Well done SAA and their allies. Its very good news.

If the child butcher Israeli pirates do any mistake and trying to hinder the rapid advance of Syria and of their allies then Israel will observe no fly zone over all Palestine from Jordan border to Mediterranean’s sea and from Lebanon border to Egyptian border.

Oscar Silva Martinez

All they have to do is touch one Russian soldier and shit will go loose!!!

leon mc pilibin

The zionists are shitting bricks,,lol


If Trump and NATO both produce hundreds of organizations in Middle East with different names weather that is Israel or ISIS or Al-Qaeda or medical rescue team or engineering team etc what ever their name or brand is but in fact they all are terrorists.


very good news!!! bravo russian forces!!

Kell McBanned

Two more towns about to surrender also, great news.


“approved by the local Free Syrian army (FSA) fictions”

This isn’t a typo, they’re definitely a fictional army.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I just call them “Foreign Service Army” now all backed and filled by foreign nations.

Marvin Joel Zavala López

“3km northwest of the hell”

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