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Russian Military Police Deploys In Key Town In Eastern Qalamun After Militants’ Surrender

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Russian Military Police Deploys In Key Town In Eastern Qalamun After Militants' Surrender

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On April 20, several units of the Russian Military Police entered the key town of al-Ruhaybah in the southern part of the Eastern Qalamun region, according to Syrian opposition sources.

The deployment of the Russian Military Police is a part of the evacuation deal that was reached after the surrender of the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Eastern Qalamun on April 19.

Meanwhile, Syrian pro-government sources reported that US-backed FSA had handed over their positions in the mountains of al-Batraa and al-Afa’y in the northern part of Eastern Qalamun to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). According to local sources, the evacuation deal allows the SAA to deploy its forces in the mountainous areas of the region, while the Syrian security forces will be deployed inside the civilian areas.

Opposition sources said that the evacuation of the FSA fighters from Eastern Qalamun to the northern governorate of Aleppo and Idlib is set to start on April 21. At the same time, the FSA will hand over its heavy weapons, including heavy rockets and battle tanks, to the SAA.

Its unknown yet how many FSA fighters opted to withdraw to northern Syria. However, Syrian pro-government activists believe that the number is very low, as many local sources reported previously that most of FSA fighters want to stay and join the pro-government Nation Defense Forces (NDF).

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excellentes news after est qualamoun yarmouk!! good!

Shylo Duffy

Because I’m on the outside looking in It’s hard to understand why these anti Syrian fighters are moved from one part of Syria ro another, from what I’ve seen these past yrs once moved to one area they just come back at you from another it makes no sence to me…Doesn’t this just make them stronger fighters in the long run? I luv that Russians are being moved into this area this is great news.Every day I’m sick with worry about how much more will the Syrian people suffer, I pray for them every day as do I pray for all the middle east who’ve had their life’s upturned thanks to the West..

Regime Force

good news all syrian are one family


This will bring a very big difference because their leading role will become an example for other FSA forces as will that nothing is better than their own home country and own army.


I think this is good news, but the South will be catastrophe in Daraa region, those are all Zionist-backed terrorists, and they will stay there and fight for the Zionist cause.

neil barron

More lives saved!!Good

Roger Snellman

Yes, the best news all week.

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