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JULY 2020

Russian Military Police Creating Permanent Observation Posts In Golan Heights: Defense Ministry


Russian Military Police Creating Permanent Observation Posts In Golan Heights: Defense Ministry

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Units of Russia’s Military Police are creating permanent observation posts near the demilitarized zone at the Golan Heights on the Syrian-Israeli contact line, the Russian military says.

According to the deputy commander of the Russian forces in Syria in charge of military police, Viktor Zaytsev, the first permanent observation post of has already been set up in the area.

“Seven more will be created in the future. They will serve as a security guarantee for civilians of the Quneitra governorate,” Zaytsev added.

He also noted that there will be no posts in the demilitarized zone.

Last month, a UN mission, accompanied by the Russian military police, has for the first time ever entered the region from the territory of Syria since the start of the war. Prior to that, UN forces headquartered in the capital Damascus, had to enter the area through the Lebanese border, because the Syrian part of the demilitarized zone was controlled by militants.



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  • FlorianGeyer

    This makes sense and after Syria has defeated the US Coalition of Terror a diplomatic discussion will I am sure be held to pressure the Israelis to withdraw from the Golan areas that was the determination of the UN resolution passed many decades ago so demands.

    The US is getting weaker with every dollar that is added to her massive debt mountain and as the US weakens , so will the parasite of Israel that sucks on the blood of Americans. :)

    • Feudalism Victory

      Theyll have to fight israel to get it back.

      • Leonard Mcateer

        israel dont fight real armys they’re only brave when bombing and shelling unarmed civilians trapped in an open air concentration camp, but i’m sure your zionist american politicians will sacrafice American soldiers as they are only goyim cannon fodder!

        • Feudalism Victory

          Regrettably true. In truth it is israelis who make excellent fodder for the front but they lost their main chance when the lands next to the golan fell. They will be dropped in due course to fend for themselves in whatever capital they want.

          TRUMP 2020.

    • Tony B.

      That’s not how it works. Both are owned by the Rothschild cabal. The cabal uses both as it sees fit. U.S. economy is a cabal project. It will rise or fall as the cabal wishes. Belief systems in what will crash it otherwise are just wishful thinking. The cabal owns most of the world, especially most of its exchange mediums. It can keep the U.S. economy afloat forever so long as it still exists.

      The cabal is EVERYONE’S REAL ENEMY, not any particular countries.

      • Icarus Tanović


        • Tony B.

          And they would be absolutely helpless to do anything at all without cabal financing, just like every other bunch that damages the earth.
          Do you really think they get modern heavy weapons out of the sky? Do you think those who supply them, all Rothschild owned, do it on their own?
          Don’t be naive. Fight the real enemy or just forget about it.

          • Icarus Tanović

            Of course I don’t. Zionists and Wahhabis are closest possible allies.

  • leon mc pilibin

    Negotiations need to start with the ISIS ISRAHELLI terrorists in the occupied Golan Heights to be bussed back to HELL AVIV.

    • leon mc pilibin

      BTW,the israhellis wont dare attack the Russians like they attack the UN peacekeepers.

  • John Trudgian
    • Garga

      Thanks for the link.
      They’re insane. How they manage to say “Shiite and Hizballah forces have
      crept further west and taken up new positions that are several meters
      closer than before to the Israeli border…
      with a straight face, I have no idea!
      And they are concerned about how can they now go and murder people in the buffer zone. The whining on the comment section are particularly amusing…

  • RichardD

    Jews have been the enemy of Russia and humanity for a long time. Russia would be much better off finishing the dejudification process that previous generations made so much progress with. And assisting in the dejudification of Palestine and our planet to create a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity.