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Russian Military: Over 54,000 Militants Eliminated In Syria Over Past Two Years

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Russian Military: Over 54,000 Militants Eliminated In Syria Over Past Two Years

Sukhoi-24 bomber. File image: Alexander Elistratov/TASS

Over 54,000 militants have been eliminated and 1,000 settlements have been liberated in Syria over the past two years, Chief of Russia’s General Staff Valery Gerasimov said on November 7.

More than 1,000 inhabited communities have been liberated, over 54,000 members of illegal armed units killed including more than 2,800 natives of Russia and 1,400 – of the former Soviet republics,” the Russian state-run media outlet TASS quoted Gerasimov’s statement at a meeting of the defense ministry board.

Gerasimov said that terrorists had about 1,500 battle tanks and armored vehicles, over 1,200 guns and mortars seized before they faced Russian forces an their allies. The terrorists had “no shortage of ammunition and materiel, which were constantly replenished from abroad.”

Their commanders were trained in special camps under the watchful eye of Western instructors and military advisers from some countries of the Middle East, Western Europe and America. In some cases, special forces officers from these countries led illegal armed units,” the chief of the general staff said.

In terms of level of cohesion and training, militants were on the level of government troops and almost “every settlement was a fortified area with a well thought out fire system, concrete structures, a ramified system of artificial obstacles and underground communications.”

Gerasimov added that before the start of the Russian operation terrorist groups controlled more than 70% of Syria’s territory and continued to advance in all directions. Now, the cource of the conflict is changed.

Russia tested nearly all the modern hardware during the oepration and implemented the one target, one bomb principle, according to Gerasimov.

“Extensive use of reconnaissance means and strike weapons allowed us to implement the one target, one bomb principle,” he said. “In order to hit targets located within a radius of 4,000 kilometers, the Kalibr sea-based long-range cruise missiles and the X-101 air-launched missiles were used, as well as the Tupolev Tu-22M3 long-range bombers.

Within the 500-kilometer zone, the Sukhoi-24 bombers and the Sukhoi Su-33 fighters equipped with special computing devices operated, while within smaller zones, the Su-24M bombers were used, which are equipped with the Strelets reconnaissance complex,” he added. “The Sukhoi Su-34, Su-30SM and Su-35, the Mil Mi-28N and Kamov Ka-52 helicopters, the S-400 and Pantsir-S anti-aircraft systems, the T-90A and T-72B3 tanks proved effective, as well as the newest electronic warfare systems.

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The US/Israel are said to be forming another proxy terrorist army of 20,000 cutthroats in Southern Syria and Jordan to further their objective of ousting the democratically elected government of Syria.

This US formation will I hope be destroyed before it can become the new ISIS.

Russian strategists will doubtless be planning various responses to further US/Israeli terror aggression in Syria and Iraq.


Maybe, but the folks taking control of America will say NO ! We new Americans, saw through the massive propaganda thrown at us, and defeated the EVIL WITCH and her flying monkeys. George soro’s ANTIFA has been weakened to the point they cannot mount the massive violent protest they were ALLOWED to stage last year. The ‘deep Government ‘ is being exposed and their News Media is failing, less and less people are believing their half-lies about issues and events.


I fully agree with you on the “evil witch and her flying monkeys”, but I have my doubts about Trump, his words and actions and the kind of people he surrounded himself with. These aren’t not good signs, but I sincerely hope you’re right.


Me too sir.


This will take a generation to fix by voting box, major factor will be declining returns on regime change attempts and vastly increasing costs (related to decreasing REAL military ability, F35’s cannot fix that) and other factors, including diplomatic isolation of US if criminal tendencies persist.

Boris Kazlov

This will never be fixed by voting, the voting charade is part of the system, pendulum between two sides of the same lying war party, the empire will disintegrate and disappear as such.

Boris Kazlov

Trump has always been a Zionist, per his own admission, what did you expect?


Wishful thinking on my part.


I am heartened by what you say Blucross. Are ordinary Americans becoming more aware of the Zionist 5th Column that has been cheating , raping and mind controlling them via selected education,Hollywood and the MSM propaganda charade since before WW1?

Until the eyes and ears of ordinary and decent Americans realise this, nothing can or will really change.

Zionists have become sacred Cows in American minds and sadly in all too many European minds. Things are changing though, that’s positive.


Same same here in California, in my age group I’d say very few people have opened their eyes to the truth. But as I understand it, younger folks are waking up quicker. The sad part is they are also being brainwashed by their schools and teachers and holding very commie attitudes, like PoloiticalCorrection, the killer of free speech. …and I am well known for my inability to PREDICT, So for my own life I will just keep telling the truth as I see it, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the recovery of America and the world.


I think reality will win this struggle as it always does in the end. Some say I am unhappy because of my (in my opinion) view that the current Western initiated Geo Political conflicts that only empower the super rich are crumbling due to a myriad of internecine criminal factors.

I reply that I am in fact very happy because I can see the demise of all the politicians and cabal’s that I have always deplored. I also reply that it is in fact my interlocutor’s who are unhappy as part of their consciousness can clearly see the reality , whilst their mind programming refuses to accept this.

As an example. There is incontrovertible evidence, even admissions by high ranking politicians that the US/Israel directly and their coalition ( including NATO) have been training, arming, supplying and providing command and control facilities for UN proscribed terror organisations.


Al Tanf is pretty marginal and in middle of uninhabited desert, big problem is in north (Kurd settled area).


It is and if Kurdistan was the chosen terror base for the US terror Foreign Legions the Turkish Army would not be happy.



“””RUSSIAN MILITARY: OVER 54,000 MILITANTS ELIMINATED IN SYRIA OVER PAST TWO YEARS”””. Those are great numbers considering these militants engaged in an urban warefare and their heavy weapons were systematically destroyed by air strikes or precise ground engagements. One target one bomb principle is effective since all identified targets by all reconnaissance means are doomed to utter destruction. Russia’s varied short/long range arsenal allowed for the one target one bomb strategy to be implemented.


The problem was that they had something like 200 000 fighters back in 2014, there are many more that need killing.

All these civilians that joined them from the west that are caught must not be allowed to go back, they must be executed and their spawns must be euthanized.


Not sure where you get your figures from, large numbers of Daesh in Iraq too. But 54k is a large number and totally consistent with their subsequent inability to hold onto territory. And yes, what can we do to get western governments to take the returning jihadists seriously as criminals against humanity.

John Whitehot

the western governments would probably give them citizenship and a pension.


Only in Sweden.

Problem is that for most Western countries, once they make it back into the country, they are now protected by the rule of law. In Syria and Iraq they can be killed or assassinated, no questions asked. But once back in the West governments now have to convict them in a court of law. And prove that as part of ISIS they actually did something bad. Which in a court of law is not always easy to prove. All the more as its hard to gather concrete evidence in Syria and Iraq. That’s probably where the rumors came from that the UK and France’s special forces were actively trying to find and kill their Jihadi nationals in Syria and Iraq, before they could make it home.

Things could be so much easier if all they had to prove was that you were a member of ISIS, in which case a bullet to the neck, followed by an unmarked grave could follow. Or if that’s too harsh for those squeemish liberal types at the very least life in jail.

John Whitehot

i was ironic, but thanks anyway for elaborating : )


No, not just in Sweden. France, Germany, UK, Canada etc.


Nice, I was wondering how many of them were killed since the Russian intervention began!

No doubts many corrupt scumbags the CIA and Pentagon are still trying to support em.


A closer look at the Sarkozy and Lafarge cases http://www.voltairenet.org/article198468.html

by Serge Marchand

If the press is no longer interested in the expanded Middle East after the fall of Raqqa, which it wrongly interprets as the defeat of jihadism, French judges are now working on two cases that have come from the East: one is Libya’s alleged funding of Nicolas Sarkozy’s electoral campaign and the other is Lafarge’s alleged purchase of oil from Daesh. In both cases, the investigations have still not addressed the crux of these matters.

Serge Marchand : Two issues that you highlight in Sous nos yeux. Du 11-Septembre à Donald Trump are currently the subject of judicial proceedings in France. Can you talk to us about them? Let’s begin with the alleged funding of President Sarkozy’s electoral campaign by the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

Thierry Meyssan : When the United Kingdom, France and their allies attacked Libya – a Sovereign state and a member of the United Nations – I set up a government working group in Tripoli to put together the issues that could be raised to recall Paris to order. We gathered together evidence of several cases — Libyan, Tunisian and Egyptian — of funding the 2007 presidential electoral campaign. It is noteworthy that this group included the civil servant that had made payments personally to the emissaries of Nicolas Sarkozy.

JPEG – 50.1 kb

Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske continued this inquiry [1]. As they did not have access to evidence of this agreement, they re-established in detail the circuits for transferring funds.

Contrary to what appeared in the press, there has never been any written evidence of this arrangement but there is audio evidence. Today, someone who collaborated with the Guide Muammar Gaddafi held this information he was thus able to escape Nato prosecution. Today, that someone has been granted asylum in another African state. On the other hand, some transfers of funds can be traced. The Prosecution will easily be able to verify this from information provided by Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske.

In this matter, the criminal proceedings against Nicolas Sarkozy has clearly funded his electoral campaign violating the ceiling set by law, by funding it through foreign funds to the detriment of his competitors. Nonetheless, these proceedings are unfair because they have been brought against him alone and not the other candidate who also benefitted from this money, although for half the amount that Sarkozy received. If you apply the law, then you must apply it to everyone who meets the prima facie case requirements, or leave Mr Sarkozy in peace.

As I have often publicly declared and written, Ségolène Royal was guilty of the same infraction and this was thanks to the help of Roland Dumas Esq., the former President of the Conseil Constitutionnel (the highest constitutional court in France)…

Serge Marchand : In your book, you cite Ségolène Royal, but you make no reference to the name, “Roland Dumas” [2]…

Thierry Meyssan : Yes that’s quite right. The French editor and I came to an agreement not to reveal the names of some French personalities to prevent them bringing defamation proceedings against us. But these names can be read in the publications in other languages. I am going to publish these names on our website, then my editor will not incur any legal liability. The important thing is that the facts that I have related have not been challenged.

As it happens, I contrast Roland Dumas, the anti-imperialist militant for whom I have a deep respect with the same Roland Dumas, the explorer, that we drag around like a cannonball.

Let me get back to what I was saying. Not only do I consider the proceedings as they stand against Nicolas Sarkozy as improper, but knowing that almost every other candidate has also sought money from other foreign governments, and that this has been the practice for years, I think that he has simply been craftier than his competitors and has obtained more than them. Unfortunately, this system is the product of our erroneous conception of Democracy. There is another aspect that no one is talking about that shocks me far more: according to everyone who collaborated with the Guide, President Sarkozy and Madame Royal both pledged that once elected, they would “quash” the sentencing of Abdullah Senussi in the matter of the UTA 772 flight.

Abdullah Senussi is the brother-in-law of Muammar Gaddafi and was Head of the Internal Secret Services. In 1989, during the war in Chad, he had sponsored this attack which cost the lives of 170 persons. Tripoli considered that it was an act of war and therefore Senussi should not be subject to a criminal sentence. On a personal level, my thinking is aligned to the French judges: that if the act took place during war, then it was not an act of war because it was intentionally targeting civilians. Incidentally, everyone knows that Senussi and I did not see eye to eye on anything.

The pledge to “quash” this sentence could only mean pardoning the convicted (possible at the constitutional but not the political level) or worse, manipulating the French Justice System (a violation of the President of the Republic’s constitutional duty). By doing this, Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal have shown that they were both unworthy of this office.

Serge Marchand : The second matter is the Lafarge [3] matter. Former employees are bringing actions against it for not paying them regularly and for purchasing oil from Daesh [4]. Laurent Fabius could be called to testify in investigatory proceedings.

JPEG – 39.7 kb

Thierry Meyssan : So here again, we are punched in the face by hypocrisy of gigantic proportions. I do not know if it is the Public Prosecutor that has thus limited the investigation or if it is the judges in charge of the investigation who have clipped their own wings. The real issue is completely different.

The factory at Jalabiyeh (at the Turkish border in the North of Aleppo), was not being used to produce oil rather coke. For two years, the Turkish secret services, the MIT, have chartered trains to deliver it with coal.

The French daily newspaper, Le Monde has acknowledged that the factory was working at full capacity for two years. At that time, you couldn’t transport merchandise from this zone to the area controlled by Damascus, all civil construction had been stopped in the jihadist-controlled zone and there were no exports to Turkey. Thus why manufacture and what had become of this cement?

The response is simple. Jihadists used it to build fortifications [5]. We then passed to a war of positions not with trenches, but with underground bunkers. This strategy had been described by Abou Moussab in “The Syrian”, in a book he published in 2004, “Management of Savagery” [6].

The quantity of cement that Lafarge produced at Jalabiyeh and sent back to the jihadists is equal to what the German Reich used to build the Seigfried line. There are these bunkers that the Russian Air Force’s Army has come to destroy with penetrating bombs.

In 2013, Daesh had still not taken the form of an unrecognized State. The jihadists were divided and dispersed in many groups. However, their military operations were under the de facto coordination of the Nato Land Forces (LandCom) Command Centre at Izmir (Turkey). This meant that they could benefit from advice of Nato engineers to build these installations.

Laurent Fabius was evidently an actor in this operation …

Serge Marchand : Was Nicolas Sarkozy involved in this at all?

Thierry Meyssan : No, not at all. The Lafarge affair began when François Hollande, a former partner of Ségolène Royal, became President. President Sarkozy had concluded a peace agreement with Syria after liberating Baba Amr where the jihadists had already declared an Islamic Emirates.

At the time then, Laurent Fabius and General Benoît Puga thought that France and its allies were toppling the Syrian Arab Republic and would place General Manaf Tlass in power [7]. At that time Manaf’s brother, Firas, was the manager of the factory at Jalabiyeh.

Serge Marchand : Both are sons of General Moustapha Tlass, the former Syrian Defense Minister.

Thierry Meyssan : Absolutely, but Moustapha Tlass, has never taken a stand against the Republic nor has he ever supported the jihadists.

It is important that to know that in the past, Hillary Clinton had been the lawyer, then a director of Lafarge and that when Saddam Hussein was in power, this company had worked with the CIA to illegally transport arms to Iraq and to prepare for war.

Clearly, if the investigation were to pay attention to these facts, it would immediately come up against Secret-Defense, the only way to protect the Hollande government from providing an account of the war that it had been involved in organizing in Syria and its relations with the jihadists.

My book deals with all these issues and many more. It leaves me gobsmacked that no judge has had the curiosity to read it.

Serge Marchand : Thank you .

Serge Marchand


Anoosha Boralessa

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Even if you think a priori that Thierry Meyssan is not a journalist but a novelist and that therefore you do not have to take him seriously, his book sets out a Russian-Arab perspective on the 15 years of war that the Western press has always refused to explain to you. And with good reason.

Sous nos yeux. Du 11-Septembre à Donald Trump.

And if you like unintentional humour :

Mediapart : le complotisme au petit pied, Étienne Gernelle, Le Point, 19 October 2017.

For this short story, Étienne Gernelle owes his entire career to Franz-Olivier Giesbert. The latter replaced Roland Dumas in the bed of the sister of Manaf and Firas Tlass. What a small world.

[1] Avec les compliments du guide, Fabrice Arfi et Karl Laske, Fayard, 2017.

[2] See Sous nos yeux, Thierry Meyssan, Demi-Lune, 2017, p. 26.

[3] Ibid, pp. 88-90 for the French perspective, p. 95 for the Russian perspective, and p. 250 for the US perspective.

[4] E mails from Daesh form part of the investigatory file. These e mails were initially published on the website Zaman Al-Wasl, and were then withdrawn before the article in Le Monde was published. You can still view these emails on the Voltaire Network website: “Lafarge-Holcim e-mails”.

[5] “Revelations – Lafarge-Holcim’s jihad”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 24 March 2017.

[6] Management of Savagery was signed under the pseudonym, “Abu Bakr Naji”. Experts do not agree on the author’s true identity. Experts from the Saudi Television Channel think it would be Abou Jihad al-Masri, head of Al-Qaeda propaganda. On the contrary, other experts such as Thierry Meyssan think that this book does not originate from propaganda but military art. They think it is attributable to the person who authored The Global Islamic Resistance Call, Abou Moussab “The Syrian”. This jihadist had been granted political asylum in France when Mitterrand was president. He is known for adapting the “strategy of tension “ to jihad. He was the head of the Islamic Conflict Studies Bureau, in Madrid and London: a structure identical to what was Aginter Press (the Piazza Fontana attack) in the seventies. Ibid, p. 118.

[7] Currently A Laurent Fabius is the President of the Conseil Constitutionnel (France’s highest constitutional court) and General Puga is the Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor. They have been placed in eighth and seventeenth place in the protocol order of the Republic.


thank you so much, this is explains so much!


The US will never use the one target one bomb strategy. Its far too cost effective, and the merchants of war opposes it because it reduces profit potential. They prefer the profitable indiscriminate bombing.


What will never make the news is the hundreds of billions of dollars gulf states spent to wage this war.

Money wasted by idiot kings.


This helps me understand why the Wahabis removed their puppet from Lebanon: they plan to bring chaos there, destroy the country and “ideally” give way to a war against Lebanon led by the zionist colonial regime.


http://www.voltairenet.org/the/barzanis/crimes/against/non/kurds/ Not a long article, Barzani is the PM whose term expired in 2015 , his family shipped legal and illegal oil from Iraq and Syria to Turkey . Even with that money , was not inclined to pay his troops , and I’ve read has conned the oil company’s into advancing him billions . So is this story believable , sounds like his style .


The Barzanis’ Crimes against Non Kurds

Sheikh Hatem Al-Taei, Mayor of Kirkuk, has published a preliminary list of 7 000 inhabitants that had been kidnapped and detained by the Barzanis’ Secret Police, Assayish, during the Kurdish occupation of the district.

If the prisoners’ families were to protest, then these prisoners would be sure to disappear.

Massoud Barzani’s PDK had annexed the Arab region of Kirkuk and had hoped to integrate it into a pseudo-Kurdistan under Israeli protection. The region has just been liberated by the Iraqi army. The occupation troops left without doing battle and more than 100 000 Kurdish colonels fled.

The victims were non-Kurdish inhabitants, principally Arabs, that might be Sunni or Christian but also even Turkoman.



Nice caption, big lie.

There were large doubts about the number of IS fighters. As Russia did not not fight IS at all untill mid 2015, so indeed the last two years, that is exactly the only correct number in this report.

Sorry SF, you have been had and it is either bad reporting by you or you take russian propaganda as the thuth, a bad thing for a serious media site.

Hope you do better in the future.

james graham

dutchnational You are confusing what happens in a war with a civilian academic exercise. My Dad and 4 uncles were in WW2. Wars are won and lost because of the power of your propaganda and how good a liar you are. The truth is the first casualty in a war because each side has to keep that hidden from the enemy. It is a struggle for power and control…by all available means. If you think telling the truth is going to stop you getting shot and killed, think again. Wars are nothing but an exercise in misinformation. People’s conduct and behaviour at war is far removed from what it is in civilian life. Indeed, the civilian discourse often glides very easily into military matters….as chalk glides into cheese and as if wars are civilised.

John Whitehot

wars aren’t won because of propaganda.

you must be a propagandist to genuinely think that.

james graham

Look up Duncan Campbell, journalist, born 1952. His Mum worked in Bletchley Park during WW2. Wiki/website. Amongst others, I fish. I’ve yet to find an angler who told the truth.

John Whitehot

ok, yet he wasn’t a propagandist, but a journalist who revealed some of the dirtiest secrets about the US and UK like Echelon.

idk how this relates to war propaganda

james graham

I haven’t met him personally but I was there when his film about Project Zircon was banned during the ’80’s…BBC Scotland, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow. The Police went in and took the tapes…except for one. A private viewing was arranged and we saw the film in a church near Charing Cross Station. Now I would call it lies and propaganda if I said to you that I was telling you the truth….and also did not tell you about other facts that were relevant. You have been deprived of the truth because of my silence. Alternatively, instead of presenting you with facts I provide you with some fiction. My silence about that deprives you of the truth. I suggest this is taken to extremes in the military context and in wars. Armies operate under very strict command and control. Orders are given and taken according to rank. But these are people who believe they know there is true knowledge, there is false knowledge and all that they know cannot possibly be all be true. Campbell revealed what others concealed. The US Military recruits most of their troops from the poorest states (Wilkerson). When you add to that the role of Governments and the mass MSM the truth is very hard to find. Of course, I am pro-Assad in the Syrian context and make no secret of that. It’s not all luck but you do need a bit of luck when you are fishing.

John Whitehot

very interesting, and clarifying in regards to the meaning of “fishing”.


Wars are won on the battlefield with weapons, only the naive believe otherwise.

james graham

A weapon is a material thing. They don’t have a mind or a will or conscious reasons and motives.


This isn’t true:

“Wars are won and lost because of the power of your propaganda and how good a liar you are.”

You can’t win wars without weapons. And the winner usually has the best weapons and enough of them to get the job done.

james graham

Sometimes people believe their own propaganda. The US/UK Allies often claim they won WW2 in Europe. But there was no Western Front for most of the war and by the time they invaded on D-Day the Communists had the Nazis beat. Most of WW2 was fought on the Eastern Front. Of course, weaponry and intelligence and the number of soldiers are not mutually exclusive. The US lost in Vietnam and they have not been so effective in the context of unconventional warfare. Vast amounts of money are spent on the use of “soft power.” The CIA and the Pentagon have made no secret of the fact that intelligence, “soft power,” lies and propaganda are very valuable for their purposes.


Wars are won or lost by battles, not propaganda. Psyops can influence the course of events to a limited degree. But are no substitute for weapons and armies. Which are the primary determining factor for victory or defeat.

Your statement that “Wars are won and lost because of the power of your propaganda and how good a liar you are.” is simply not true.

Bobby Twoshoes

There were and indeed still are in America (where I presume you think we should be getting our propaganda from) large doubts about the shape of the Earth, for me that raises more questions about US schooling than whether the planet is round. Though since you obviously prefer American propaganda it is not surprising you value some ambiguous “doubts” over official statements.

If you hope that Southfront will be ignoring the facts and regurgitating nonsensical US drivel in the future I can see you being disappointed, why don’t you save us all the misery and fuck of to one of the plethora of US propaganda outlets so you don’t have to continually be called out for the fraud you are. I suppose that would mean no more troll money from your handlers though and I can see you as someone who values money over reputation.


So the number of Syrian dead is accurate but not the jihads, is that it? Coming from a baby raper cult supporter like you without proof, your hasbara disinfo only shows your Jew pedophile cult unhappiness at losing the war and the prospect of a superior military force on Israel’s border to implement the resolutions that they’re in chronic violation of.

Marjan Terčelj

Respect to the brave Russian people. They turned the course of history that big capital prepared for the future. Syrian world war is a turning point from USA/western centered world to multi-polar world.


Great job well done by the Russians. The computerized targeting systems for free fall and other unguided munitions is a wonderful advance for effective war on the cheap.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

That is a typical Russian modest claim. I interpret the Russian aircraft and cruise missiles killed more than 100 thousand. Best is when Russia killed ISIS members who are Russian citizen traitors.

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