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Russian Military Officials Warn Militants In Syria Preparing Another False Flag Chemical Attack

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Russian Military Officials Warn Militants In Syria Preparing Another False Flag Chemical Attack

Russian military officials in Syria have warned that Islamic militants in Idlib Governorate have delivered several barrels of chlorine to the White Helmets and appear to be preparing a new false flag provocation.

On Tuesday, Rear Admiral Alexander Grinkevich, deputy head of the Russian Defence Ministry’s Centre for Syrian Reconciliation, reported in a daily briefing that the centre has obtained evidence that Islamist rebels in Idlib are preparing a new provocation using chlorine in Sfuhon, a village in southern Idlib Governorate.

“The Russian Reconciliation Centre has received information about the preparation by militants of illegal armed groups of another attempt to organize a provocation using poisonous substances in the southern part of the Idlib de-escalation zone to accuse the Syrian government forces of using chemical weapons against civilians,” Grinkevich said. He added that the White Helmets, a group with known links to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government, had also arrived in Sfuhon.

Militant rebels in Idlib have attempted to stage an incident with chemicals that can be used to mimic an attack with chemical weapons on numerous occasions. The alleged use of chemical weapons by Syria’s armed forces has been used by Western powers as an excuse to attack the Syrian government on several occasions, either through the imposition of additional international pressure and sanctions or airstrikes. LINK


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Lone Ranger

Best way to avoid it is to spread the intel. Good job Comrades ? ??

Svincius Savickas

Very true!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Did SF say Militant groups instead of HTS, that sounds just about right, so now how about an in depth article linking the white helmets to their new Ottoman sponsor, that would be a good article to read next and nearly worth subscribing for. The chemicals they need have to come via Turkey, there is no other way to get chemicals into Idlib, they can’t use the Iraqi or Lebanese borders because they’d have to transport the chemicals through SAA territory and cross the SAA border points to reach Idlib, so as I said there is no other way to get the chemicals into Idlib, so Turkey is where they’ll come from, unless they’ve started manufacturing the chemicals in Idlib or Aleppo and don’t need to transport them at all, but I doubt that very much.

Fog of War

Covering their bases.

– US & 7 friendly nations sign Artemis Accords to carve up moon –

” One clause sure to generate reams of conspiracy theories involves an agreement to “coordinate in advance” regarding the public release of information on what any one country has discovered on the Moon – though “private sector operations” appear to be exempt from this requirement. ”


Ivan Freely

And where did these barrels of Chlorine come from?

AM Hants

Bet they have already filmed the videos, despatched them to the media, just waiting for them to need to change the headlines. Will they be using the same children, who have now grown up, hoping we will not notice?

Must check out the old White Helmet videos, showing where it all went wrong.

Good luck Russia, Iran and Syria.

S Melanson

You give me a great idea – a business opportunity – False Flag Depot… we have every thing you need for your next false flag event, we also can help with ‘event’ planning and even catering services – a hard day of planting fake cannisters of sarin gas will make anyone hungry…

Also, as a heads up, I published an analysis piece on SF (link below). I respect the hard work you put into research and would appreciate your feedback. Thanks Stewart


AM Hants

Go for the business link, you will never be out of business ha-ha.

Hi Stewart and thank you ever so much for the compliment. Bear in mind, my mind is random and have no expertise, in the field.

The article, I found interesting and also liked the way if flowed and caught how it caught the reader’s attention. Funnily enough, Wilkie Collins, immediately made me think of Dickins, owing to the pair of them being good friends, back in the 19th century and both of them, together with their crowd of friends did a lot in the 19th century, to put the Great back into Britain, but, also believe the same crowd had a dark side. Owing to the fact I have always been respectful of MAD and believe the peace in Europe was kept, whilst NATO was in a bi-lateral relationship with the Warsaw Pact. It intrigued me that Wilkie Collins, around a century before NATO and the Warsaw Pact were created, had already worked the benefits out. Something so bad, that both parties had no wish to go there. Sadly, with the fall of the Warsaw Pact and NATO leaders, with absolutely no knowledge or respect of MAD, whatsoever, have taken a defensive union into an offensive union. NATO leaders, going back to Tony Blair’s good mate, peace campaigner and Labour Defence Secretary George Robertson and then you had another one of Blair’s good friends, Catherine Ashton. The ex-social worker, who lived with the leader of the UK Communist Party, and just happened to be the Treasurer of the CND (yet another peace protester and wasn’t she a regular up at Greenham Common. How do you go from Social Worker, camping out at Greenham Common, to EU Foreign Minister, with Head of Defence Agency thrown in? How many other Blair mates, who were also peace protesters ended up working in the nuclear industry, including John Reid? How many NATO Leaders, come from non-nuclear nations, who have been more for peace than MAD?

As I wonder down random, I now find myself replacing Soviet with Bolshevik. The Bolsheviks, who overthrew the Russian Empire and the Bolsheviks, who appear to be running the EU as well as the US. Who created the Bolsheviks and I wonder how many of the creators could be found dining with Wilkie and friends?

I used to be fascinated with the Italian Renaissance and the House of Borgia and wondering how it suddenly came to an end. Reminding me of the Roman Empire and the rule of the Caesars and how that came to an end, when there was nowhere else for their depravity to go. It seems to go around in circles, that certain humans, in power, get to that stage, as you state, where they can go no further and we have a reset. It is for that reason, that I believe we are almost there and why I am not frightened, despite the horror of the times and the evil that lurks in human behaviour. Believing, that a reset always happens at just the right moment, even if we have no idea where the miracle will come from.

Another thing, with regards the hegemony and the pure greed and narcism, that drives it all, is the simple fact, that besides the inbreeding of the 1%, they are not known for their intelligence. At the moment, I am just reading: Malcolm Turnbull ‘The Spy Catcher Trial’ and finding it interesting. What let the UK Government down, with regards fighting the case, was the sheer arrogance, believing that bullying was more powerful than facts or the fundamentals of basic law. The book, in a way, is based on something that Maggie said wrong in Parliament with regards Roger Hollis, the ex-Head of MI5, allegedly relating to Victor Rothschild and the Bolshevik Spy Ring and those who led it, over in the UK, via Cambridge. Maggie could have ignored the book, but instead threw the weight of Westminster to try and stop publication, over in Australia. The legal powers behind the Government, running out of the Palace of Westminster, proved themselves to be nothing more than con artists, who simply could not be bothered to fine tune an argument, believing that the power of bullying, can be the basis of the argument. If you look at what is happening in the world today and who is behind it all, they use the same old script. Whilst the world moves on, using facts and legal argument to argue the case.

Sorry, I said my mind loves rambling, but, the beauty of your article, was how it stimulated the old grey cells, that have been lying dormant for months ha-ha.

I do believe that the US is a young Empire, and acts like a toddler on the World Stage. China in all variants has always been a strong Empire or nation, during her chronological history. Did the US take over from the British Empire, when the British Empire went into decline? Russia, again, how long has the Empire/Nation, in all variants been going, compared to the US. When you look at the politicians in the US and in the West and ‘5 Eye’ nations, how many are dependent on the lobbyists and the sponsorship of the lobbyists, rather than the interests of the nation that they represent? Are the Western Politicians weaker in the late 20th century/21st century, than at any time through history and would that be a major factor with regards US having the strength of character to rule as a totalitarian, uni-polar, globalist dictatorship? Or would the Asian nations, have the strength of character to align under a multi-polar, partnership, in order to reign in the ambitions of the US? China, Russia, India and Pakistan work together under the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation partnership, despite their personal problems. How does that leave the United States of America, bearing in mind the debt they bring with them, with regards moving forward either with uni-polar ambitions or would they be prepared to work with others in a multi-polar union, with an emphasis on ‘equal partners’?

I look forward to reading the other two parts of the series. Good luck and thank you for allowing me to read your work, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

S Melanson

Thanks for the complement, means a great deal to me. Your thoughts may be random but there is something there in your prose – will read over again and let it sink in. The two parts remaining are drafted but will each take a few days to refine. There is a story arc and where it lands in part 3 will be unexpected but very hopeful – our troubling times are solvable by us – I do really think so, time will tell… Cheers

AM Hants

Take care and again thank you for the compliment. Reading your article, it stimulated my mind and I found it fascinating, when Wilkie Collins came into it. Especially the crowd he hung around with in the 19th century, including Dickens and all that they achieved out of the headlines. Plus, I enjoyed the references back to Roman history, it is interesting how everything goes around in circles and there always seems a reset button, even when all hope is lost.

I look forward to the rest of the series and good luck with it.

This may or may not interest you, off topic, but over on Gateway Pundit.

‘…Top German Trial Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Those Responsible for Corona Scandal and Lockdowns Must be Criminally Prosecuted (VIDEO)… Article over on Gateway Pundit…’

S Melanson

Greetings, just wanted to give you a heads up that I published another analysis piece and the link is below. I would really like to hear your perspective on what I wrote, Cheers, Stewart.


AM Hants

Cheers Stewart. OK if I check it out later?

AM Hants

I have had a quick look at the article and so enjoyed it.

It grabbed me, when highlighting how the fall of the Soviet Union, turned a functioning and peaceful NATO, to go from bi-polar and we’ll behaved to uni-polar and out of control.

Together with the chart on defence spending. Believe Russia might be slightly lower now, and similar to UK, owing to their defence budget decreasing. However, still a lot lower than US and all of NATO combined.

There was an article, in the week, that got me rambling, going back to 1991. It got the grey cells functioning with regards events around 1991 and how they fit in with your article.

Was it 1988 or 1989 that Bush Snr replaced Reagan? Maggie Thatcher, replaced by Common Purpose Member, John Major, as UK Prime Minister. Maggie Thatcher Adviser, Timothy Bell, who set up Bell Pottinger, who were awarded $500 million, by Bush and Chenie, to spin Saddam and WMDs. His brother David set up Common Purpose and heads the Media Standards Committee and Cambridge University Press Organisation. Many UK Prime Minister’s and politicians are members of Common Purpose. Dick Chenie, George Bush And Defence Secretary, cut down US military personnel, in exchange for reliance on Privatised military and intelligence industry. Just in time for his new post politics position as CEO of Haliburton. Common Purpose Member, UK Prime Minister joins Chenie, Bush family and Bin Laden family over in the Carlyle Group. Common Purpose Member, Tony Blair becomes UK Prime Minister (replaced by Common Purpose Member Brown, who was replaced by Common Purpose Member Cameron) 1991 fall of Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. 1992 $oro$ is invited by the mother of Chrystia Freelan to write the Ukraine Constitution, following the fall of the Bolshevik Union and emergence of 15 independent nations. 1991, Fall of Soviet Union, Gorbachev now redundant. 1991, Yeltsin becomes President of Russian Federation, which he goes onto bankrupt, whilst staying loyal to Bolshevik oligarchs, despite the fall of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. 1990, Bush and Thatcher and Gulf War Round 1. 1991, Bush and Major celebrate end of Gulf War Round 1.

So much history lends itself to your interesting article.

Thank you and I am going to read it, more thoroughly later.

AM Hants

Hi, my reply to your article, is random and I guess does not flow with the article, but, weaves another thread into it. I did enjoy reading it all.

AM Hants

Anybody remember the old videos and crisis actors? No doubt they have already shot the 2020 videos and despatched to happy media. Here are the White Helmet/Al Qaeda/ISIS etc, etc, etc crisis actors in action:

White Helmet Fake Video Rescue… https://duckduckgo.com/?q=white+helmet+fake+videos&t=osx&ia=videos&pn=1&iax=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D9EyGQ9Ijozw

MUST WATCH! White Helmets staged saving somebody like actors …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2dpyR1kEP4

Syria: Boy in White Helmets FAKE Chemical Attack Video Reveals Truth …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPGG3P14WWk

Crisis Actors Exposed in Syria for US Imperialism…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe7GzncqH4k

Hollywood Heroes, White Helmets, Al Qaeda Crisis Actors Win Academy Award. White Helmet Crisis Actors and Jihadists Transported to Europe by Israel (Funny how ISIS, Al-Nusra & Al-Qaeda Never Threaten the IDF) Exceptional Refugees – Israel Helps Evacuate White Helmets From Syria, Exports al-Qaeda To Europe http://themillenniumreport.com/2018/07/al-qaeda-white-helmet-crisis-actors-and-jihadists-transported-to-europe-by-israel/ ………………………..

Meet some of the cast:






Pin on things we do not like



I would love this meaning Russia politely pointing out to the US that no Patriot missile strikes will be tolerated next time.

AM Hants

What did Amnesty do to Roger Waters, when Eliot Higgins aka Belingcat was whinging to Amnesty (funded by $ ore $) that it was so unfair they were allowing Roger Waters to be part of a charity fundraiser? Who funds Eliot Higgins and Belingcat, besides Google and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office? Who funds The White Helmets, besides the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, plus a few other nations Government Departments?


How rock star Roger Waters was hung out to dry by Amnesty and Bellingcat for his views on Syrian ‘chemical attack’ – Kit Klarenberg

“…That the White Helmets are a Western construct disseminating propaganda to facilitate governments dropping bombs on people, as per Roger Waters’ phrase, was amply confirmed by the recent release of internal UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) files by hacktivist collective Anonymous.

‘False and fabricated’: Syria slams OPCW report blaming it for 2017 chemical weapons attacks

Among other things, the documents expose a vast and extremely well-funded multi-year operation to produce propaganda targeted both at Syrians and Western populations, forging perceptions of a coherent, credible, moderate opposition to the government of Bashar Assad and extremist groups such as Islamic State alike, and to cultivate support for British-facilitated regime change in the country.

Under the auspices of this project, ARK International – a “conflict transformation and stabilization consultancy” founded by Alistair Harris, a veteran FCO diplomat – developed and ran an “internationally-focused communications campaign designed to raise global awareness” of the White Helmets.

“ARK created and continues to run a Twitter feed and Facebook page on behalf of the Syrian Civil Defense teams, posting photos and updates on their activities in English throughout the day. This has received high-profile recognition from international websites and commentators… New York-based advocacy group, the Syria Campaign, reached out to the civil defenders through their Twitter feed, and following subsequent discussions with ARK, selected the civil defense to front its campaign to keep Syria in the news [emphasis added],” a leaked internal document states.

Intriguingly, ARK also extensively trained and equipped over 150 “activists” in Syria on “camera handling, lighting, sound, interviewing, filming a story,” post-production techniques including “video and sound editing and software, voice-over, scriptwriting,” and “graphics and 2D and 3D animation design and software.”

Students were even instructed in practical propaganda theory – namely “target audience identification, qualitative and quantitative techniques, media and media narrative analysis and monitoring,”“behavioral identification/understanding,” “campaign planning,” “behavior, behavioral change, and how communications can influence it [emphasis added],” and more.

Content produced by trainees was then fed to ARK’s “well-established contacts” at media outlets including Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, the New York Times and Reuters, in some cases the firm’s students were hired directly as on-the-ground ‘stringers’ by these organizations, producing reports and conducting interviews.

The files offer no indication that ARK’s trainees were further schooled in how to stage chemical weapons attacks for a Western audience. However, the techniques they learned could clearly so easily be used and abused for such a purpose – making the question of whether they did so worthy of intensive further investigation…’

Read more: https://www.rt.com/news/485413-syria-opcw-2017-chemical-weapons

Ralph London

Lying, aka ‘scriptwriting’.

Maz K

With all their tech, can’t the Russians discover where this stash is… then blow the place up while the terrorist rats are there, scheming?

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