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JUNE 2020

Russian Military Modernizes Its Pantsir-S1 Air Defense System Using Syrian Experience


Russian Military Modernizes Its Pantsir-S1 Air Defense System Using Syrian Experience

Pantsir-S air defense system. FILE IMAGE: Sputnik. Evgeny Biyatov

The Russian military has modernized its Pantsir-S1 short to medium range air defense systems using experience gained in Syria, Commander of Russia’s Air-Defence and Missile Defense Troops Lieutenant General Viktor Gumenniy said in an interview with the Russian Defense Ministry’s newspaper Red Star.

Lieutenant General Gumenniy noted that the Pantsir-S1 is capable of shooting down not only aircraft and missiles, but also projectiles. Thus, the systems have been able to repel repeated militant shelling attacks on the Khmeimim airbase.

The general also revealed that over 4,000 servicemembers of the Air-Defence and Missile Defense Troops have gained expirience in Syria since the start of the Russian antii-terrorist campaign in the country.



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  • Starlight

    Experience? What experience. Putin allowed the jews to bomb at will. Same with the british, french and americans. All that Russia’s world war class air defense system got to shoot down in Syria were pathetic rockets from the stone age, and thousand dollar drones.

    Meanwhile if you go to RT now, the kremlin outlet is boasting about Russia’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia and all its allies in the Middle East. It’s in the article complaining about Trump’s new anti-russian sanctions.

    What RT doesn’t mention is arms sales to Syria or Iran- cos Putin has banned both these enemies of Saudi Arabia from buying any recent Russian weapon systems.

    -Putin arming the wahhabi horrors with the best weapons money can buy.
    -Putin banning arms supplies to the houthis of Yemen, and Iran and Syria (the latter two CAN buy ancient obsolete Russian junk, but nothing recent)
    -Putin working with leading NATO member, Turkey, in its invasion of Syria and Iraq.
    -Putin being crucified by the MI6 nerve agent false flag in the UK. Now the ‘poisoned’ spy and his daughter are on the edge of publicly giving interviews blaming Russia, at which time all of Putin’s plans to have any civilised relationship with the West are turned to ashes- starting with the ruination of the World Cup.

    Yes, but Putin the zionist appeaser is all win- ain’t that right folks?

    Backed into a corner, appearing to the Chinese as the weakest possible leader, all Putin can do now is prepare for WAR. The one area where Russia can win, and yet by doing so loses everything (along with the rest of us).

    PS it is not long now before the USA starts to arrest leading Russian citizens across the globe, and zionist appeaser Putin has to advise every Russian to stay at home in the Russian Federation and ‘hide’. This is just how pathetic Putin has made Russia on the global stage.

    • Rex drabble

      I think YOU should run Russia..Maybe you can start off with nuking a country or two just to let them know you aint taking any mucking around.Boy that will show them.

      • Tudor Miron

        The only aim of this starlight creature is weakening support that Putin has.

        • nshah

          I’m a rational when comes to facts.. it’s true of what he’s saying.. Putin even condemn the Yemeni houthis when they sent missiles to Riyadh in a phone call to that Bedouin clown..!
          And every single statement written in he’s comments are true.. how can we (me and him) denied that..? Not sure about u guys..!
          These are the weaknesses part of Putin.. call it whatever you want.. some are saying it’s part of his strategy.. Yeah.., a strategy at the stake of human lives.. which makes him not honorable, noble or a savior..! It’s all about money or in a more appropriate terms.. “business”.. hehehe

          • Tudor Miron

            If you look at larger picture than you realise that manuvering doesn’t always mean retreating. Yes, it is business. Putin is in the business of restoring Russia’s soveregnity. So far he’s doing well.

          • nshah

            yeah let’s see if now Russia will retaliates as promised .. coz, if there’s war.., there would be no businesses.. but, as usual only for MIC of muricunts I presumed..!

      • nshah

        why not.. the United snakes did that just to show Russia that they had nuke..? But if I run Russia the 1st thing I would do to save the whole world is to nuke Hellaviv, Haifa and Demona.. with that.. US will halt everything as there’s nothing for them to fight for anymore..!

    • jerry hamilton

      I see you’re off the weed.

      • Redadmiral

        Not sure about that. Starlight can’t seem to penetrate the ‘purple haze’ that is obscuring Putting and Russia.

      • Tudor Miron

        He moved on to heavier stuff?

    • AJ

      Surely you must realise the Russian mission that started in 2015 was to aid Assad in the anti terrorist operation. Not to start shooting down coaltion aircraft or acting as Syrias bodyguard to all and sundry. Putin is not stupid he was never going to drag Russia into a major conflict with the west – he is simply outgunned & outnumbered in the region. Iran did buy S300s so I would not call these obsolete (yeah not as up to date as the S400s but still formidable). Iran also made a provisional agreement to co produce with Russia the SU30 fighter.

      • Tudor Miron

        There’s no point in logical discussion with starlight – he actually knows it all but he’s job is not about the true. MSM is demonizing Putin “for what he does” but there’s also a significant troll force that try to demonize Puting “for what he doesn’t do” – they try to cover all bases.

    • mohib khan

      you seems to know to much

      • You can call me Al

        Sarcasm ?

        • mohib khan

          Honestly not sarcasm I am impressed

          • You can call me Al

            Nice response …..mmmm.

            I find your intelligence remarkable !.

          • mohib khan

            Thanks glad you liked it

          • mohib khan


    • Rob

      Cry moron more cry. Cry to the sky high.

    • folks, this is typical hasbara post style , making up hilarious nonsensical post so everyone will try to straighten him.. Mark my word , there is no point in discussing facts with hasbara operative like this starlight because he do not seek truth but all he want is to detract the comment section into constantly replying to him , thus his mission achieved.

    • Rizzzzzzz

      Yea you have a agenda. 1 putin Saved Syria and Assad from collapse who gives a fuck if he lets Israel bomb hezbollah thats not russias interests .Russias interests involve keeping its base and political influence in syria 2 play a major role in the regions affairs and confront American dominance in region. 3 flex military muscle and divert attention from ukraine . While establishing anti american partnerships undermining U.S .AND ITS ALLIES

  • Rob

    UN and World Bank both have made for justice, prosperity and development of this human world but as we see that the decision took place in these two organizations to invade Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and so on to take land from indegenious people and brutally murder them that is why Russia and China should not be the part of these two bloody organizations. Both Russia and China should withdraw their membership from these two organizations and the money that they donate or spend on these two organizations could be spent on SCO.

  • Anastasis

    Μy point is that the Russian troops should not have allowed Turkey to occupy Afrin as they allowed to invade Cyprus in 1974 and occupied its northern part, which is 37% of its territory, and it should not have worked with a criminal country like Turkey.

    • Rob

      Whole Cyprus is soul and heart of Turkey. Look the location of Cyprus then claim. Stop spreading disinformation. Second Turkish army in Syria and in Iraq are supporting SAA and Iraqi armies. You will see in coming Tehran summit of five countries leaders Putin, Erdogan, Assad, Ruhani and Abadi.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        Get your facts straight and Cyprus is not yours to give away.

        • Rob

          That is Turkish land. See the history. The British colonial regime took Cyprus from Turkey like nowadays UK and Washington are trying to take Palestine and Syria from Palestinians and Syrians. Open your eyes don’t see dreams at day time. The hypocrisies like your one leads the world to wars.

          • Semper Prudens

            History existed even before the Ottoman Empire. No Christian land belongs to Turkey. They should be expelled only to Anadolia. Not even the European side of Bosphorus should be left to them. Because Turks always want more land. Give them Thrace, they want Greece. Give them Greece, they want Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. Give them Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, they will want Croatia and Hungary, as their “historic heritage” too, And after Croatia and Hungary, they would request Vienna. So we (all the European Christians) should give a boot in the ass to Turkey, once for all and expel it far behind our borders. It ‘s a pity that German and British diplomacy prevented total destruction of the Ottoman Empire in 1876 and later. 1912 was a good chance too.

          • Rob

            Are you drunk or on crack that talking nonsense. Don’t waste your time.

          • nshah

            Emm.. that sounds familiar.. isn’t that sounds like the US & Co vassals..?

    • Brad Isherwood

      War is a Racket – General Smedley Butler.

      Since the 1700s. …Masonic/Empire like British East India company have pillaged nations ,
      Seized Resources, …operated Opium trafficking, …gun running,regime change. Etc etc.
      Not much change since then. ..
      Putin’s in power due to powerfull Jewish Oligarchs. ..
      He’s not firing S 400 at IAF Vultures attack Syria. .
      Nor will he contend vs US,Turk,Saudi Ambitions over Syria.
      Poor Syria is victim….just as the Donbass.
      Both have endured against great odds….but they both Suffer as Putin offers limited measure and technology to stop the Agressors
      Maybe Syria is not critical geostrategic. ..
      Donbass is..

      Putin should kick Rothschilds Central Bank out…..and send the Jewish Oligarchs away.

      This reeking Compromise must end…

      • Sam Jonsson

        öhhh that is what he did he kicked out people like roman abramovitch ,michail cholodovsky(Spelling i know). Get real you can´t just out the rothchilds without replacing it with something..Get some knowledge Before talking ok

  • Jesus

    The Pantsair system will be receiving new modular ammunition that will be loaded into the missile launcher, up to 40 units per launcher tube. It is inexpensive and it is intended for rapid firing against a swarm of drones without using the more expensive surface to air missiles.

  • the connected / networked russian air defense in the region works wonderfully , and pantsyr is just one of defensive nodes tasked with anti PGM and anti drone / helicopter while the bigger SAM system act as the heavy hitter..

    syrian also operate pantsyr system and since they are connected to Russian air defense network in syria , their efficiency rise thru the roof unlike older system thats acted alone or in static positions.

    pantsyr listed capability is also destruction of cruise missiles, as proven by their action during US illegal cruse missile attack into syrian airfield. Of 59 tomahawk , only about 20 reached the empty airfield to the embarassment of US military.

    • Brad Isherwood

      The Tomahawk strike destroyed Syrian aircraft….hangers,…radar,…SAM missile battery.
      If Pantsir was at this airbase these hits should not have occured.
      The missing Tomahawks were jammed by Russian systems.
      The Airbases air defence was epic fail.

      Syria’s air defence grid was shit for years after Russia stepped in – 2015.
      Only recently as like last 6 -9 months has Syrian Air defence operated like professionals were at work.
      Damascus area got plastered for years…
      WTF were the Syrian Mobile BUK M2E? …other capable SAM systems in Syria’s inventory? .
      Damascus is like Zone 1 and protect the President!

      In the Donbass. ……Putin let’s these people eat arty and grads…
      Ukronazi Snipers, Mortars kill many brave Donbass militia who stand the contact line while
      Ukronazi shell Donbass citizens in their homes.

      Is Unacceptable!
      Putin/Russia are Class A Power!…
      Protect and defend the Innocent is Morally Right!

      • whatsmolly

        Yes and no, you are right on the time frame. I even have distinct memory of the first time SAA air defenses downed an Israeli missle and noted that if they can down a missle with buk/s200, then they sure as hell can down a plane and it was definitely a shift in capability because Israel was hitting Syria for years without even 1 intercept. Russia probably put effort to update the unmaintained gear, gave em more/better ammo and upgraded/connected Syrian radar to their own. And this was all about 6 month ago. But the fact that’s even more interesting is that the SAA seems to have never used the pantsir which is odd since it would be by far more capable than buk/s200 and there would be no reason not to have some units deployed between Israel and Damascus, Russia most likely suggested that Syria not use their pantsir systems unless a very real need arise. And Israel seems to have lost that plane due to nothing other than radar upgrades so there was no real need to put their pantsir system in harm’s way because of a few Israeli jets. As far as Donbass goes, yes it’s a real shame but the fact is, the Ukrainians stopped all air sorties within a few months because of how many planes got downed, pantsir would have certainly saved some lives but with how bad the anti Russian propoganda got, it might have been ultimately more harmful than good, the west might have deployed military assets in response to Russia obviously doing it. Fact is Ukraine did lose by every definition with or without Donbass having anti aircraft assets.

        • Brad Isherwood

          Enjoyed your comments : )

          I’m no Experten/career professional in military geostrategic
          Yet this Syrian conflict is Red Flags all over the place for why late to insufficient response by forces were applied to theatre military operations.
          Iran/IRGC had few counter fire battery radar in the field.
          None of Iran’s mobile SAM systems were in Syria.
          No Iranian SeaCobra attack Helicopters with Iranian TOW missiles.
          Iran/IRGC did train Syrian Shia Militias and basic arm them. ..
          Hezbollah was excellent operations units…yet lacked Sat Com/direct, …TAC air /controller,…Maybe some ATGM. …
          It’s kinda like Russia /Iran fight this war with SAA and Shia Militias fight with one hand tied behind their back.
          Russia and Iran have serious determined military which Israel and US are shit scared of!
          Why Syria and Donbass live in torment is ???

          Putin was seated in power by Powerfull Jewish Oligarchs.
          Russia is still at present BIS/Rothschilds Central Bank system.
          It’s probable Putin is Compromised. ..
          Iran after decades sanctions wants Boeing airliners. ..

          Syria’s Partitioned now…
          Even the poofy French are piling back in to get their Lafarge Concrete business up and running. ….probably get the Old …French Connection** Narcotics racket back.

      • silly , no one left in the airbase except delapidated equipment.. no radar no SAM no working aircraft.. the tomahawks are intercepted during their course from the sea to the deep inland airbase , not on the airbase itself..

        why only 20 tomahawk hit the base ? because the cruise missile attack follow different paths and those 39 tomahawks shot down are directly on russian/syrian airdefense zones..

        but nice try mr hasbara.. keep goin on and on spread lies for your daily shekels ..

  • Jim Prendergast

    Though it may be difficult, having Iran, Turkey and Russia working together is a great thing.They are powerful nations. Iran and Turkey were once one nation. Alliance could bring peace and prosperity to the region.

    • Attrition47

      It would certainly make it harder for American Caesar to keep the bloodbath going.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        There are no american Caesars, just slaves and low life’s executing, or trying to with out much success, their masters commands.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      yes? one nation……. when was that?