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Russian Military: Jaysh al-Islam Killed Three Own Commanders Participating In Negotiations


Russian Military: Jaysh al-Islam Killed Three Own Commanders Participating In Negotiations

Illustrative image, Jaysh al-Islam fighters in Duma district, April 5

On April 7, the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria revealed that Jaysh al-Islam leadership had eliminated three of its main commanders who had participated in the negotiations with Russia.

“As a result of sharp contradictions among odious militants and those who were ready for negotiations, the former leaders of the group were physically eliminated,” said Major-General Yuri Yevtushenko, head of the reconciliation center, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

The commanders were identified as “Abu Hamam” – the head of Jaysh al-Islam political office in Duma district, “Abu Ali” – the secretary of Jaysh al-Islam leader Essam al-Buwaydhani and “Abu Omar” – the financial administrative of the armed group.

Jaysh al-Islam claimed on April 5 that Abu Omar and Abu Ali had been killed during previous clashes with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). However, several Syrian opposition activists reported that they were assassinated.

The reconciliation center said that “Abu Qusai”, a militant commander of Jaysh al-Islam, replaced Abu Hamam and immediately rejected all the previous agreements with Russia. Abu Qusai even stopped the evacuation of sick and injured civilians from the Duma district, according to the center.

Syrian opposition sources confirmed that Abu Hamam was replaced by Abu Qusai on April 7. However, the sources didn’t clarify the fate of Abu Hamam. This may mean that he was indeed killed.

Local observers believe that a peaceful agreement with Jaysh al-Islam leadership is impossible now as they have proven to be aggressive and untrustworthy.



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  • Tudor Miron

    Well that’s their (Jaysh) choice. SAA with a little help of RuAF will help them with it.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    The solution to this is simple: No deals, no prisoners.

  • Jozsef Osztronkovics

    This is where the zionist Israel US UK are controlling their terrorist scum’s –the zionist regimes have no regard of any human life including the civilians and the terrorist –the zionist regimes –uk us eu israel only want power and money

  • Hilarious! Night of the Long Knives, Orc style!

    • goingbrokes

      Perhaps. I’d tend to think that foreign intel moles are there to eliminate those who try to spoil the plan (that is, those who want peace with the Government).

  • Eskandar Black

    Find the Arab trash responsible, remove them and all their living relatives for three generation, as is customary for the region.

  • Eskandar Black

    I recently read that several russian mercs were held prisoner in Douma, and were executed as part of the coup against Jaish al islam leadership. Does anyone have any links to support these claims?

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      where did u read that?

      • Eskandar Black

        I am looking for support for this statement, if it is not true, then it is not true.

        • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

          But u said u read it where?

          • Eskandar Black

            I don’t talk about my sources.

  • Maxime St-Jacques Canada

    Accept the negociations now or no deals no prisoners. Free who surrender weapons… please verry g.

  • Igor Dano

    I suspect Mossad and CIA skunks to stink there.
    Probably some equipment for gas warfare from NATO is there as well. New orders try to win time for evacuation of MOSSAD and US people from the area.

  • Smaug

    No camaraderie or discipline whatsoever.

    The wages of sin…..

  • christianblood

    (..Jaysh al-Islam Killed Three Of Its Commanders Participating In Negotiations..)


  • Sinbad2

    Orders from Langley.

    • goingbrokes

      Indeed. The tactic is clear: conduct negotiations with the Government in order to identify those who want peace and then proceed to eliminate them.

  • Vitex

    Too much captagon can make you strange.