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Russian Military Infrastructure in Arctic To Be Completed by Late 2016

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Russian Military Infrastructure in Arctic To Be Completed by Late 2016

Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

The building of the main part of the Russian military infrastructure in the Arctic will have been completed by late 2016, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov said after his working tour to Tiksi where he discussed the pace of the construction of Arctic military bases with the leaders of the Federal Special Construction Agency and contractors. According to Ivanov, the current readiness of the installations on Arctic allows to place military units there.

“Most of the work in the Arctic is to be complete by year-end. The current state of readiness of the infrastructure on all Arctic islands allows the troops to do their job. However, the work on stationing further Russian Defense Ministry units in the Arctic will carry on in 2016-2020. Today, the construction and modernization of several airfields in the Arctic zone, e.g. Tiksi, Anadyr, Vorkuta, Temp, etc., are at the design and preparatory stages,” the deputy defense ministry was quoted as saying by the ministry’s press office.

“The construction in the Arctic is a program that is unique in terms of logistics, shipping and building-and-assembly work. This kind of work on such a large scale in being done in Russia’s High North for the first time in Russia’s recent history,” the Deputy Defense Minister said.

Currently, military bases for the Russian Defense Ministry are building on six islands in the Arctic. The building of bases is carried out by military construction personnel.

“A lot has been done. The work is under way in the harsh Arctic environment, with the logistics being difficult. The work must be on schedule and its pace must pick up in some respects: this is very important to the nation’s defense and security,” Timur Ivanov noted.

The building of four military bases in the Arctic, in particular, the Northern Clover administrative and barracks compound on Kotelny Island (New Siberian Islands), was completed in the past year. Now construction personnel are building stationary radar and aircraft control facilities at Cape Schmidt. According to the plans, around 40 edifices and structures should be erected there in this year to accommodate troops and enable them to execute their tasks.

Russia Defense Report – Battle for Arctic:

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After all those 18 Russian troops that were murdered on the Norwegian/Russian border in August 2012 by UK-SAS and Norwegian troops and Finish troops.
It is about time Christian-Russia stood up against the faults-teaching Pagan empire of the UK/Norway who are servants of Lucifer.
UK-SAS troops continue to target Russians for murder. As well as other Europeans and Americans they do not like. This is serious, and the world is learning the truth faster and faster.

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