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Russian Military Helicopter Crashed In Syria. Two Pilots Died

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Russian Military Helicopter Crashed In Syria. Two Pilots Died

FILE PHOTO: Russian MI-24 attack helicopter over the Hmeimim air base in Syria © Dmitriy Vinogradov / Sputnik

Two pilots died when a Russian Mi-24 helicopter crashed due to a technical fault near the Syrian Hama military airfield, on December 31, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Both pilots died in a rough landing 15 k, from the airfield. The engineer got injuries and the rescue team sent him to the Hmeymim airfield, where he received necessary assistance,” the ministry said. “The crash was not caused by any firing.”

The ministry has denied reports that the helicopter was under fire from militants.

Unconfirmed reports about the incident appeared early on December 31. However, pro-militant media outlets were not able to provide evidence confirming their version that the helicopter was downed.

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So the alledged ceash report was correct afterall.

Eskandar Black

Look at you itching celebrate dead Russians. You are filth. I can not wait until pictures of your Kurdish terrorists in corpse form are posted all over twitter.


He doesn’t care about the Kurds, he “supports” them for now because they are fighting for western interests in Syria. He use to support Nusra a year or two ago.

Eskandar Black

all his other allies are dead.

Solomon Krupacek

moron, he isnot happy, he slams, that some journalists and commenters (like you, bleckshit!) denied the reality and slearly lied.

Eskandar Black

How many shekels today Agent Solomon? The liar as usual is you, since i never denied anything about the helicopter falling

Solomon Krupacek

i am not agent, therefore i vcan nto pay you shekels :)) but mossad looks for traitors in russian newspapers. putin likes this. ;)

Eskandar Black

Hahaha, I mean how many shekels have you earned today agent solomon. Always looking for a way not to pay someone.

John Mason

You must have upset him, Eskander. Have a look at his spelling. Is that the typing version of stuttering?


No, he’s always like that, fat fingers and all :P

Solomon Krupacek



*Oy Vey!

Graeme Rymill

What dutchnational is doing is pointing out how wrong were all the “fake news” claims made by people commenting on the earlier Southfront article about this.

“fake news”

“The US Coalition of ‘fakery’ get what they always seek with Fake News”

“it was nothing”

“Most probably fake news as the Russians normally confirm these events”

The usual rush to judgement from the commentators on this site….

Please show me where in the sentence “So the alledged crash report was correct after all” there is a word or phrase indicating celebration or pleasure over dead Russians.

Eskandar Black

maybe, but he tends to come out of the wood work to dance of fresh graves often.

John Whitehot

because it normally goes like the other user said, jihadist claims are never credible, so most people don’t believe them at face value.

It’s a pitable practice that some others like the usual dutch suspect try to point out at the above people “mistakes” so to give jihadists some more credibility after all.

Not to mention, that the “casualties game” some medias and trolls are playing is among the lowliest point humans can reach – and rest assured, the particular people that does it must be picked among the most venomous, vilest scum to impest and poison this planet. And I don’t care about how you put it in public, or how you write it down to give it this or that flavor – you know what you are doing, and that you are a sorry excuse of an human being, that you help speculating and throwing dirt on anything that is good and just while cowardly sitting behind faked names and multiple accounts.

If it were for me, I’d gather your kind up and throw it in a snake pit, in any case, evolution will do the job anyway.

Graeme Rymill

“jihadist claims are never credible” A helicopter crashed? How unbelievable is that? You pro-Assadists need to take a deep breath every now and then. It is not as though they were claiming jihadists had recaptured Aleppo!

Dutchnational (and me too!) enjoy pointing out mistakes because of the unthinking acceptance that all pro-Assad news is true and all bad news (bad news from the Assadist perspective) is “fake news” or “zio lies”. It is time you guys looked a little more critically at information. Otherwise you end up looking like a bunch of tunnel visioned fools.

As to the “casualties game” I don’t know what that is or what it refers to. Perhaps before you throw me in the snakepit you could spend 10 seconds explaining it to me…. or not.. it is up to you.

John Whitehot

“A helicopter crashed? How unbelievable is that?”

Don’t try to divert. You know well that the point isn’t the helicopter crash but the jihadist credibility.

Hence, it doesn’t matter if jihadists announce an helicopter crash, a car accident or someone slipping on a banana peel, they can’t be taken at face value – otherwise we should beleveing that they destroyed in Syria more than the entire size of the SAA and Iraqi army combined plus Hezbollah and then some more.

As to the casualties game, idk if you are playing it or not and frankly i’m not interested. Because my remark wasn’t personal, it is against a general category of people, which know well what they are doing, and for that reason don’t need any explanation in the snake pit. In any case, it is related to the attempt to exploit casualties of servicemen to give force to political views (blatantly anti-Russian and anti-Putin in this case).

“Otherwise you end up looking like a bunch of tunnel visioned fools”

Again, I don’t write for defending any kind of reputation. If you really think that way, and I’m not explaining, you should get 10 years older and comment again.

Mistakes in these kind of subject happen most of the time and any professional analyst knows that for a fact – as in none other subject the information available could be less reliable. In any case, you side with someone (the dutch) that a couple months ago was predicting that ragheads would storm Aleppo from the Idlib direction and from God knows where and retake the city, so I’d refrain from using expressions like “tunnel visioned fools”.

Graeme Rymill

“don’t try to divert” Divert? It is the crux of my argument – we need to argue the facts. In this case, the crash of a Russian helicopter, the early reports were vague and substantiated. But there was nothing improbable about a helicopter crashing either due to pilot error, mechanical malfunction or enemy action. But as usual with negative news the Assadist chorus howled it down as fake.

It is the facts (or lack of facts in many cases) surrounding any reported development that should inform any discussion. The assumption that pro-Assadists statements are automatically true and jihadist/US/”zio” are automatically false is a nonsense. And so it proved in this particular case.

John Whitehot

“But there was nothing improbable about a helicopter crashing either due to pilot error, mechanical malfunction or enemy action”

The jihadist claimed 7 persons inside and that was very unlikely to say the least. Combat helicopters have high rates of technical mishaps, it has always happened since they are employed, Cobra and Apache crews paid a high price in casualties to malfunctions in both Irak wars and A-stan. The desert environment is an issue as sand does bad things to turbines and gearboxes. In any case, it’s nothing new, and the jihadist claim was false as they claimed 7 casualties.

If they were interested in their credibility half of what you are, they would release accurate statements, at least the few, single times they may have something to present as being gone their way.

Instead they chose to lie anyway.

“The assumption that pro-Assadists statements are automatically true and jihadist/US/”zio” are automatically false is a nonsense”

intellectually this does not even deserve a one word reply. But, If I were to dig up 10 megabytes of claims text produced by Assad’s side and 10 produced by jihadists since october 2015, which one you think would contain more bs? because if the data is collected randomly, I’m ready to bet money that jihadist goes >90% BS, while Assad goes <30% BS.

Graeme Rymill

” Some sources went further and even claimed that 7 Russian military service members died in the incident.”


Some sources went further?….that must mean surely that some sources didn’t claim 7 dead. And those sources not reporting 7 dead therefore were pretty accurate! It is a complex world isn’t it?

Oh I forgot… it isn’t complex.. you see the world in terms of black and white, evil versus good. I used to see the world that way too. But then I was 10 years old at that time…


A few more raids on militants compound may yield hard evidence that if there’s indeed portable anti air missiles provided by the west.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Surely tech problem..but instead of landing right away…they went to land in Hama airbase for safety reasons..it is to avoid that crew can be capture!…sadly they couldnt land there although one crew member survive!


They hit electrical power lines neal Zara village!


God Damn It, the poor Pilots just died from technical failures from the aircraft, come on, they were someones brother, son, father, husband, etc. Rest In Peace boys, you are already brave souls, just its a big shame that you got out from this life’s so young serving your country, by saving people in another country. May Peace be with you Heroes.

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