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Russian Military: “Fishwife’s Rhetoric” Shows “Intellectual Impotence” Of British Defense Secretary


Russian Military: "Fishwife’s Rhetoric" Shows "Intellectual Impotence" Of British Defense Secretary

British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson

“Fishwife’s rhetoric” demonstrated by British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson “perfectly characterizes an extreme degree of his intellectual impotence”, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on March 15.

Earlier, Williamson reacted to the question about possible countermeasures by Russia in response to the British sanctions over the alleged poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal by saying Russia “should go away and shut up.”

The Russian military noted that the vocabulary used by the British defense secretary “only confirms the vanity of all of London’s accusations against Russia… but also the total pettiness of the ‘accusers’ themselves.” The ministry described the U.K. as a “cozy home” of “fake sensations.”

“As for the boorish expressions by the UK Defense Secretary regarding Russia, in the absence of actual results of his official activities, apparently, they alone remain in the arsenal of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces,” the ministry noted.




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  • MD Ranix

    ameritards and impotents – true blue zio satanic devils

  • Mo Richard

    Fish wife’s rhetoric!!??
    Haha Haha xxXxX. You made my day.

    • Sephy

      I guess that’s calypso.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Really a Tempest in a British Teapot!

  • Why don’t the Brits show a vid showing “Rusha did it”, that’ll prove those dastardly Boris ‘n Natashas were at fault!

    • alejoeisabel

      Typical Anglo/Zionist false flag operation.

    • goingbrokes

      Boris is surely a Russian agent – the name is a bit of a give-away. Boris Johnson that is.

      And the proof that there is no democracy left in the West is the fact that a moron like G Williamson can reach a high office. In a democracy he would be serving tea/coffee.

    • Joe

      So far all they have as conclusions are ‘ likely’ , ”feel’, ”of the opinion’ etc to claim Russia did it.

      That’s western modern day Desperado justice.

      Another thing, the timing..at a time they are on anti Russia everything.

      • ZP

        This is now a reverse of “Obama said so” with MH17 in Ukraine, clearly US and UK are playing ping-pong of war

      • Exactly. What an embarrassment for France, UK, US. (Fukus).

  • alejoeisabel

    Because Zionists had their dreams of dismemberment of Syria thwarted by Russia and Iran, Zionist pushing the vassals in England and the US into sleepwalking into war with Russia. Russia knows this. Once nuclear bombs are exchanged throughout Eurasia and North America, a few will end up in Israel. Thus the end of Anglo/Zionist Imperialism and all humanity.

    • 1691

      You are right about the zionist. The last few years their focus was on divide and conquer the muslims and christians. The new hit is divide and conquer the christians. Let them kill each other. Cui bono?

    • richardbraverman

      Don’t forget the Zionist hold thousand year grudges. They have a reason to hate every culture on earth for something they allege to have happened in the past without proof.
      Russia is hated because it is Chrisitian
      Russia is hated because of the Pogroms (with lots of details left out)
      Russia is hated because of the Pale of the Settlement
      Russia is hated because even during the Bolshevik Dictatorship the average Russian resisted and knew the Jews were the source of the trouble
      Russian is hated because half-jew Stalin purged all his jewish challengers to the throne
      Russia is hated because Putin thwarted western plans to enslave the country
      Russia is hated because after Libya Putin is resisting the evil empire
      The Czar was always a Target
      Putin was always a Target
      To the Zionist, unless Russia is castrated; Russia will always be a target.

      • russ

        The Talmud teaches them ALL Goyim are animals in human skins.This is their most fundamental belief… and we can trust them how?

    • russ

      The Zionist banking cabal is very bitter towards Russia. The Greater Israel Project has had over 80 years invested and $trillions. This is the first significant loss this plague has ever had. I know the loss to Egypt in ’72 and Lebanon in ’07 were big, but not of this scale.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Hoomanetee would survive

    • MichaH

      I think sleepwalking is kind of the very wrong word to use.

  • Drednort

    was this russian and his daughter still important to the spies in britain if not no great loss being a spie is a dirty job, where is the camera footage there are cameras every were, in the cities by the way what is a fish wife

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      a queen fit, for a rainbow parade. Commonly… what is called a grand queer.

  • Shy Talk
  • Turbofan

    Is this guy mentally competent? Look at the picture.. He barely fought off Down’s Syndrome didnt he?

  • Nosferatu

    Anglo-sion empire hates slavics and russians especialy cos russians were not enslaved ant not going to be (except for short period in 90s)

  • Cheryl Brandon

    GLADIO; Death Plan for Democracy by Peter Chamebelin , which has been put into action with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, USA’s fascists plans to TERRORIZE the world into submission to it’s way of governing;It is a very chilling article.

    • Merijn

      There is this whole Aphabet of Operation Gladio A, B till Z…everytime a Government puts “Operation” in front of something….you gotta start worrying about your safety as a Civilian…. because you will be the “Collateral Damage”

  • Merijn


    What an EVIL M*therfucker….. This is what you are going to look like when you Sell your Soul to the Devil!

  • Brad Isherwood


    Crazy Poland at it again. ..
    Maybe they should reflect on history. ..
    When British Gov is making security promises…
    Armies are rolling over Poland in hours.

    Lol ! ! Poland……..Open wide for The Queen and Uncle Shlomo.