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JUNE 2023

Russian Military Destroyed Ukrainian AN/TPQ-36 Counter-Battery Radar In Donetsk

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Russian Military Destroyed Ukrainian AN/TPQ-36 Counter-Battery Radar In Donetsk

An AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder Radar in Serbia, 1996. By the US Air Force. Source: http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/systems/dvic595.htm

The Russian military has destroyed anther American-made AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder counter-battery radar of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), a spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on December 10.

The spokesman, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, said during his daily press briefing that the counter-battery radar was destroyed on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, without elaborating.

The AN/TPQ-36 was developed to located the source of artillery, rocket and mortar fire. The radar scans the horizon over a 90° sector several times a second, intercepting and automatically tracking hostile projectiles, then computing back along the trajectory to the origin.

The X-band radar can detect and report the positions of up to ten different weapons in seconds, at a maximum range of 24 kilometers.

The United States supplied the AFU with at least two AN/TPQ-36 radars in 2015. After the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine on February 24 of this year more radars were delivered. The Netherlands delivered five radars in March, while the United States supplied ten radars in April and three more in May.

The U.S. and its allies in the NATO have supplied Ukraine with many other counter-battery radars of different types. However, these radars had no real impact on the battlefield. Many of them have been already destroyed or damaged by Russian artillery fire.


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Sarah Ashton-Cirillo - the trap who took Crimea.

American tax dollars, going up in smoke… literally. For the pleasure and JOY of the US defense industry.

jens holm

Very nice to be worried about American economy.

Rystica not even has a sober tax system to collect. Most of the rest is drowned by OIligarcs and corruption.

Foook Yu

Like America where Amazon pays not even a single penny in federal taxes? Russia Russia Russia. Infantile POS. Gtfoh you limp dick con artist apologist for nazis.

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo - the trap who took Crimea.

It’s Saturday Jens, the homo sauna is waiting for you. Male Fugees need some extra cash for the weekend.


It is not American tax dollars this is payed by Europeans by a loan from the US: So for the US it is a win-win they sell their products they get the money and then they get the interest payments from Europe … the war is in fact waged against both Russia and Europe. Europe is an occupied continent Germany could object for 1 day to not sending any weapons to a war zone as their constitution says. The moment they start protesting the US/UK blows up their pipeline. When they grumble again the US smites their own GSG-9 on a few people to intimidate them all.

For the US it is a win-win. Money, sales, two competitors eliminated, Europe de-industrialized, German-Russian links severed. Eventually they will manage to make Europeans so poor they will start to emigrate to the US again. Huge win. Lots of destitute indentured servants incoming.


Das stimmt. Im Grunde alles was du geschrieben hast. Traurig aber wahr.

Colby kanter

What day does the winter offensive begin?

jens holm

The question is if any of them are able to.

But winther offensives start when enough is frozen.

In that is a high element of logistics with supply. You need enough good clothe. You need extra calories for food.

I sont see the Rusticas are able to any of importance. I see the Ukras engage the Rusticas to spend as much supply as they can, so the Rusticas cant make any real gamechanging moves.

I speak for my slef following it well.

But both of course can be lucky. Luck fx would be Ukras could isolate Svatova.

Biden has AIDS in his mouth

Jens the Jew…not tired of fucking yourself yet?


Ask the afu soldiers in bakhmot

jens holm

That is an expensive one. Verification is needed. .


your tax Krones will pay

Azov Battailon called Lloyd Austin a dirty Ape Nig

Fact 1-Can the USA win a WW3 if yanks strike first? No, because Russia has superior multilayered air defense systems that can hold NATO nukes (at least in theory) and includes the S-500 and S-550. Much better than the AD that NATO has. But even if the US manage to hit Russia, she still have the dead hand automated system that guarantees mutual destruction. Fact 2-Can Russia win a WW3 if she strikes first? Plausibly yes, because she has smarter nukes than NATO has. These includes the hypersonic nuclear missiles that can’t be intercepted by NATO systems (at least by now, Dec. 2022). Considering fact 1 and 2, we conclude that the USA can not win WW3 against Russia (let alone if China sides with Russia). But we also conclude that the RF has a realistic chance to atomically destroy the enemy and still survive. So I suggest a preemptive strike asap (before the yanks develop a way to intercept hypersonic nukes).


Can we get some context on the description of the picture? I find it confusing that an American radar was in Serbia in 1996. Maybe it was in Bosnia, or Albania or Hungary…

Natalie Biden was 13

Natalie Biden was 13 will now explain why this is a dumb strategic mistake from the American and Ukrainian side to attack Russian Mainland: If you amplify the radius of the reach of system like HIMARS and others, you will force the RF to take more territory. Now you ask Natalie Biden was 13, ‘why are this connected?’. Well, Natalie Biden was 13 explains: Lavrov said that after protecting the Russian territory with Russian troops, the RF will also need a demilitarized buffer zone on Ukronazi soil, for example if the reach of the Himars is 100 km, the buffer zone is 100 km. If you change the reach for let’s say 300 km, the buffer zone will be 300 km, and so on, and this increasing can go up til the border with Romania and Poland. Natalie Biden was 13 explained.

Last edited 5 months ago by Natalie Biden was 13
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