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Russian Military Deploys 6 Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicles At Observation Posts Near Idlib Demilitarized Zone

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Russian Military Deploys 6 Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicles At Observation Posts Near Idlib Demilitarized Zone

A RHM-6 vehcile was filmed in souteastern Syria during the implementation of de-escalation agreement there in July 2018

The Russian military has deployed six RHM-6 chemical reconnaissance vehicles at its observation posts near the Idlib demiltiarization zone in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov stated on October 31 commenting on a possibility of new staged chemical attack in militant-held areas in different provinces.

He noted that particularly these provocations can be staged in the province of Aleppo. According to Major General Konashenkov, members of the White Helmets with professional video equipment had arrived in the settlements of Azaz, Marea and Chonbaney with this purpose.

The defense ministry spokesman said that Russian specialists are closely monitoring the situation.

“We have repeatedly informed the public about attempts by radical militants and the White Helmets, notorious for their fakes, to organize provocations using chemical agents and accusing government forces of using chemical weapons against the local population,” Major General Konashenkov said.

He recalled that on October 27 the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria received information from locals that members of the Islamic Party of Turkestan had transferred twenty 10 liter containers of chlorine for use in false flag attacks in the village of Maarrat al-Nu’man in the province of Idlib. The weapons were reportedly unloaded at Kafr Nabl and Al-Hawash, which are located near Maarrat al-Nu’man.

Additionally, the White Helmets conducted a search for “residents ready to participate in staged video shoots in exchange for food,” the spokesman said.

The RHM-6 chemical reconnaissance vehicle is based on the BTR-80 armoured vehicle. It’s equipped a long-range chemical reconnaissance device that defines the composition of toxic substances at a distance of up to 3 km. The vehicle has a meteorological complex, which automatically detects and transmits meteorological data over long distances.

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Who Cares for another Staged Chemical Attack? If the West wants to Fire a couple of their Rockets…. they will do it anyway…. They only need some of their Piss-Poor-False-Flag Excuses… just Remember that these Western Elitist Cockroaches are nothing but Psychopathic Chickenshit Fucktards….

Just make Sure the Syrian Iron Dome is Finished…

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Improvements of the capabilities of Syrian air defense continue.

Nigel Maund

“The White Helmets” are ISIS and therefore terrorists and the enemy funded by the US and UK Deep States to be instigators of “False Flag” attacks. If the Syrians blew them to Kingdon Come no one would care except the Mainstream “Mockingbird” Media


Are these CBRN vehicles for use against HTS? Are they for show? Or are they there to keep Assad honest? All the above, probably.


The British have been making a lot of noise about chemical weapons, which is a sure sign the British intend to stage a major chemical attack.

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