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Russian Military Delivers 1.5 Tons of Humanitarian Aid in Aleppo

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Russian military has delivered 1.5 tons of humanitarian aid in Aleppo. About 300 families have received food packages.

Russian Military Delivers 1.5 Tons of Humanitarian Aid in Aleppo

Photo: inforeactor.ru

One and a half tons of humanitarian aid were delivered to the Syrian city of Aleppo under protection of Russian troops. In total, 300 families received food packages.

“The aid is provided to civilians, refugees, families of victims of the war. We make such trips almost every day. Syrians meet us good, they warmly thank Russia,” a representative of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic, Daniil Rychkov, said.

As the RIA Novosti news agency reported, representatives of the Syrian government help to distribute humanitarian aid. Each package includes flour, rice, sugar, potted meat and canned fish, shampoo and soap.

Delivery of humanitarian aid is carried out in conditions of ongoing shelling of the city by terrorists. People continue to flee from areas, seized by terrorists, to the territories, controlled by the Syrian government forces.

In late September, the truce in Aleppo was derailed. Moscow said that the Syrian Army will not cease fire unilaterally more, allowing terrorists to strengthen.

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