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Russian Military Delegation Meets Prominent Tribal Leader In Northeast Syria (Photos)

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On April 20, a delegation of the Russian Military Police and the Syrian military held a meeting with Sheikh Mahmod al-‘Akub, leader of the al-Harb tribe, near the city of al-Qamishli in northern al-Hasakah.

Local sources said Sheikh al-‘Akub invited the delegation to the meeting. The two sides held lengthy talks. However, no statement was released.

Al-Harb is one of the biggest Arab tribes in al-Qamishli countryside. Sheikh Mahmod al-‘Akub is known for his ties with Damascus. Last year, al-‘Akub was among a tribal delegation which visited Tehran, allegedly to coordinate against U.S. forces in northeast Syria.

The meeting with the Russian delegation provoked some opposition supporters from the al-Harb tribe, who issued a statement condemning it.

In the last few months, locals in al-Qamishli countryside began working to restrict the movement of U.S. forces in the region. The locals intercepted many U.S. convoys in cooperation with the Syrian military.

The Russian meeting with al-Harb tribe’s leader was likely meant to solidify bilateral relations. It is logical for Arabs in northeast Syria to see Russian presence as a counter weight for U.S. forces, which are partnered with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).


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You can call me Al

Totally agree, but what I find surprising and worrying is “The meeting with the Russian delegation provoked some opposition supporters from the al-Harb tribe, who issued a statement condemning it.” – WHY ?.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Read my comment above and then do some research.

Jens Holm

Most accusations about the deep deep state (and of course by USA, Westerns, Jews, Mosad) is YOURSELF not being able to or too lazy bum to look and learn Yourself even its open and even free on the Internet.

You show it very well right here.

You mainly are raised to obey and shut up and therefore by autopilot are taught You should believe anything Your Leaders and Grandfathers says as well as never westerns like me.

Yours affiliated again and again write “lie”, “fake”, “Wkipedia” is no good. I do not know if they has You by Your nose or behind, but You seeemes raised in a structure where evenb Your history books are totally false and fight more abiut the past because You nver has been reading about theat for free at the Internet.

But there is nothing about the future and like that here, You not even know, You can look up which in that Region has and had supported Assads, FSA, ISIS, Kurds, SDF, Turks.

It no wonder SDFs has tryed to burn all infected schoolbooks based on hate to each other and neighborcountries as well.

At least You ask. But look up. Hire a an interney Butler or something. Be a learner.

Bill Wilson

Because the sheiks are always cutting deals to enrich themselves and which are not always in the best interest of their tribal members.


Losing their CIA payments

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The meeting with the Russian delegation provoked some opposition supporters from the al-Harb tribe, who issued a statement condemning it.”

LOL, and what did they condemn, I’ll take a guess, I’ll bet they were saying, ‘but why do we have to have Iranian backed NDF soldiers guarding the checkpoints and enforcing their laws, we’re Sunni Muslims and don’t get along with the Shia soldiers, why can’t we have some of the Sunni militias that are also members of the NDF operate in our territory instead, why do we have to tolerate the Iranian backed Shia militias’. That’s what I’ll bet they were complaining about, and I don’t blame them. So in effect the Sunni Arabs have both US backed Kurdish SDF and Iranian backed NDF Shia fighters both telling them what to do, so who could blame them for wanting Sunni Arabs to be the police force up here, instead of the other 2 groups they don’t like at all. Some of you seem to be blissfully unaware of what the NDF actually is, it’s not a part of the SAA, it’s a conglomerate of different militias, some Sunni and some Shia and some mixed as well, but they’re all supported by Iran and mostly funded by Iran, so in effect they obey Iranian directives over Syrian directives, even if they are a Sunni militia defending their homeland, that’s if they still want to claim their paychecks.

Pave Way IV

Sheikh al-‘Akub is the leader of the al Harb tribe around al-Qamishli. He maintains relations with Damascus and went to Tehran last year. Doesn’t sound like the tribal leader is either pro-opposition, anti-Shia, or anti-Iran. He doesn’t like US troops occupying northeast Syria.

‘Some opposition supporters’ in the al Harb tribe were complaining about the Russian meeting. What does that mean? Three guys and an old woman? What about the other 15,000 al Harb alround al-Qamishli? I have to wonder if these ‘opposition supporters’ even live there or are just bitching remotely from Saudi Arabia. Plenty of Sunni al Harb were slaughtered by al Nusra/ISIS. Neither the Kurds, nor the Shia are their enemy. The head-choppers are gone – they just want the war to end like everyone else up there. US (or proxy SDF) presence and oil theft means the war will never end for them.

Jens Holm

I will say Your version is much better then the Share Willing Conscience.

Those people are in the middle and just like many Kurds try not to be knocked out by foreigners comming there – too.

They has no respect for any Assads anymore and has tryed ISIS for some time and even some few FSA´s. Here the divided Kurds at least was local ones and the enemyship to them is and was propganda. Its mainly the same poor boat.

But there is change there. Now they see Turks, they see Assads and even Russians. I am sure they thonk tjhey have seen too many strangers there but might have to obey the biggest guns but with no respect

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No you’re wrong on many counts, most of the Sunni Arabs in his tribe don’t want to be bought off by the Iranians, they don’t all stick their hands out for money just because they’re boss does, and what business would a Sunni Arab tribal leader have going to Iran for talks anyway. So in fact it was probably a bunch of fat greedy old men that agreed to the Sheikhs trip to Tehran, the other 15,000 tribal members probably didn’t even know about it, or if they did they probably complained about that too but we never heard about it. Iran wants to cooperate with the Sunni’s to to harass and annoy the US in Syria, that’s why he was invited to Tehran, but I’ll bet you every cent I have the Russians would’ve been totally opposed to that trip, not for it. And where do you think the majority of Isis recruits came from, the Sunni Arab population supplied Isis with most of it’s recruits, and Arab tribes like this one still have many members of their groups still fighting in Isis even now. You’re trying to see things in neat divided lines and spaces but there are none in Syria, everything’s convoluted and intertwined, there is no this group or that group, you can only ever say ‘it’s sections of this group and sections of that group’. Sorry that’s not entirely correct, the clever Russians did discover one group of Syrians that they could rely on, the Baathist, they’re pretty homogeneous and also very loyal, maybe that’s why they’re replacing so many SAA officers with Baathist party members now, and they come from every ethnic and religious group in Syria, so you’d think they’d be the least homogenous of any group, but they’re not, they’re in fact the most homogeneous group of the lot.


WC takes his own views far too seriously and puts it on like he lives there and knows everyone. Classic hasbara technique – luckily no one cares what he says!

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