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JUNE 2021

Russian Military Debunks Fake News On Special Forces Casualties In Southern Idlib

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Russian Military Debunks Fake News On Special Forces Casualties In Southern Idlib

FILE IMAGE: Russian Military Police service members are in Syria

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has denied recent reports claiming that several Russian service members were killed in a blast near Syria’s Greater Idlib.

According to these false reports, three Russian Special Forces personnel were killed, when a an improvised-explosive device (IED) exploded near the town of Jurin in northwestern Hama.

“There are no Russian observation posts in the vicinity of the town of Jurin in Idlib’s de-escalation zone and the information published by one of the Russian outlets claiming that soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces were killed does not correspond to the truth,” the Russian MoD said in an official statement.

These false claims were first published by Vedomosti business daily before being picked up by many Russian and later Syrian outlets.

The Russian MoD noted that the author of the outlet’s false report has repeatedly published unconfirmed information based on rumors.

These false claims appear to be a part of new propaganda wave targeting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian forces in Syria. The campaign started following the recent SAA advance in Greater Idlib.

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Tiresia Branding

“business daily”… nothing british in this


Thank You “Tiresia Branding”….
for that interesting tidbit of information.
Seems similar to the “Moscow Times”…
Take care

Tiresia Branding

Yes, Moscow Times was in the same joint venture with WSJ and FT

Toronto Tonto

Its a state secret anyways , just like all the wagner girls that the US fried in Syria . And the mommies are NOT allowed to talk about their DEAD kids .


Your boring get a life russophobe.


All we say is the result of one of two possible conscious points of view. (the rest is meaningless babblement).
The first is to state our point of view based on experience.
Second is the transfer of other people’s information without critical consideration of the information itself.
In the first case – what kind of fucked up country do you live in when you have such an experience that you must not say anything in public!
In the second case – you are sheep and your statement is as important as fart in the wind because it is not your opinion and you have no idea if that information is true.
All of this is provided that you are not in the status of meaningless babblement – which is very debatable!

Daniel Miller

Mr.Meme is back again XDDDDDDD


Dude your jokes are worse than Trudeau’s policy.

Tiresia Branding

I heard that restaurants in Avivim serve a local specialty: “khazarian goose a la kornet”, roasted in a “wolf oven”. They said is a secret recipe. Can you tell me if it is kosher food?


Tonto… don’t forget about the american girls dead all over the globe…

klove and light

typical Modus Operandi of JEWS!!!

they lie,they steal,they murder

they have no morals, no Soul no spirit…they are the pure Evil of satan arihman


Yep, read this in several English versions of so-called Russian News.
The report seemed strange, as it was reported as 100% true, but with no backup, references or actual State Authorities confirming the deaths.
Thanks for the update.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

You always know when Russia’s SFO’s are having serious impact upon the CIA/Mossad supported terrorists, it coincides with U.S. state funded publications printing wild claims quoting sources that have no compunction in strapping bombs to their unwanted children and sending them to market.

Tommy Jensen

I heard it was 4 US Marines who met 20 Russian Special Forces in Southern Idlib at a crossroad and each Marine took out 5 Russians, and all 4 returned to their US base in NE Syria without a single scratch.
Russia wont admit that US won the fight again and tries to debunk it as fake news.


So you admit that US marines are supporting Al Qaeda?


I hate to say this, but any terrorist left in Syria must not be given any mercy. And to those pro-west media owner, eternal hell is waiting for them.

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