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Russian Military Builds New Runway in East Syria as ISIS Flees Mosul

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Russian Military Builds New Runway in East Syria as ISIS Flees Mosul

AlMasdarNews reports: The Russian Air Force has built a new runway at the T-4 Military Airport in eastern Homs after reports of several Islamic State fighters fleeing the large Iraqi city of Mosul for Syria.

Prior to the Islamic State’s massive counter-offensive in the Al-Sha’er region of east Homs, the Russian Air Force was actively using the T-4 Military Airport as a command center to advise the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the area.

However, due to the increased security risks near the T-4 Airport, the Russian military advisors moved their command post to Palmyra and most of their aircraft to the Hmaymim Airport in west Latakia.

With ISIS fleeing Mosul for eastern Syrial, the Russian Air Force has made the decision to beef up their air presence around the Deir Ezzor Governorate in anticipation for this influx of terrorists.

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Got to beef it up, w/ major striking force & do the right thing. (Honest American here)


I wished the Russian leadership would really go all in and secure Syria 100%. Would love to see them win outright and quick, to push the West out of Syria in order to save the world! As rotten as it may be to wish, as it would be a dangerous task!


On an emotional , and military level , I must agree . If Russian special forces , possibly with Egyptian contractors could at least secure Days az Zawr , while the SAA cleans up Aleppo , at least that city would not be taken.
Immediately after the election in the States , Hillary will be running the show even though she is not “the Commander and Chief” until Jan . It might be difficult or not wise to upset her . If , Russian troops are already officially ” on the ground”, expanding or reducing are options .
It needs to be firmly seen that Russia is Syria’s ally ,her troops have every right to be there.


We do not see the bigger picture. Patience and wait and see so comes to mind.


Most can see it coming. The Western media with their scripts up and running, with very dubious videos and images. It is just the US and allies, moving their mercenaries and special forces into Syria. It is nice to know that Russia and Syria are fully aware and more importantly prepared.

Jens Holm

Dont get any sense in that. SAA and Turks are still stocked in Palmyra as well in Der El Zor.

Today they has killed several civilians in Der El Zor again.


I had a suspicion that the US plan to reinforce Syria’s terrorists, by funneling them out of Mosul wasn’t going to work. SURPRISE!

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