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Russian Military Build Up In and Around Syria

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On August 15, commenting various proposals of “humanitarian ceasefires” in Aleppo city, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that short-term truces had helped terrorists resupply munition and get reinforcements. “The main results of those pauses was an insignificant relief in the humanitarian situation, while terrorists added 7,000 people to their ranks, not to mention huge amounts of arms and munitions they received,” he said.

The very same day the Russian Navy started drills in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Caspian Sea that will last until August 20 and involve six vessels armed with the sophisticated “Kalibr” cruise missiles. Last week, the Russian Ministry of Defense requested has sent requests to the flight of cruise missiles on the territory of Iraq and Iran. Last year through these countries flying missiles launched at terrorist positions in Syria.

The Russian aircraft-carrying missile cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, with about 15 Su-33 and MiG-29K/KUB fighter aircraft and more than a dozen of Ka-52K, Ka-27 military helicopters and Ka-31 airborne early warning & control rotorcraft aboard, is also expected to be deployed to the eastern Mediterranean to conduct air strikes on terrorist targets in Syria and ensure the air defense of the Russian military grouping located at the Khmeimim Air Base.

In its turn, the Khmeimim Air Base will be transformed into a full-fledged military base and a permanent contingent of the Russian Aerospace Forces will be deployed there. The existing air base structure and defenses will be expanded, creating opportunities for deployment of additional military helicopters and aircraft. New radio equipment, including air traffic control systems, will be also deployed to the base. Additional sites for the Pantsir-S2 surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon systems will be arranged on the base and a special area, assigned for loading, unloading and servicing of the Antonov An-124 transport jets will be created.

All these developments came amid the start of Russia’s usage of the Iranian Hamedan Air Base to conduct air strikes on targets in Syria. On August 16, Russian Tu-22M conducted first air strikes from the base. On August 15, AlMasdarNews released photos of Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers allegedly deployed there. The Hamadan Air Base was already used by the Russian military on November 23, 2015 when a Russian Su-34 “Fullback” landed and remained there for at least two days, according to AllSource analysts. An Il-76 transport aircraft arrived on November 24 and they both departed the base.

The deployment of Russian Tu-22M bombers in Iran is a significant step that will change the military politic situation in Syria and in the whole Middle East, pushing Moscow and Tehran to deeper cooperation over crucial issues in the region. On the other hand, Iran is a state that evaluates its independence above anything else. This is why a long-term deployment of Russian aircraft in the Islamic republic will be in question.

In any case, the military political developments show that Moscow is not going to soften its anti-terrorist stance and will continue to increase military pressure on the Western-backed illegal armed formations in Syria.

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George Bush Pro-Russia

Awesome Report. We are Winning real hearts and minds.

Boris Kazlov

Russia saving the world again.Glory to the motherland!

Joseph Scott

Only fitting that they do. I don’t think any country has suffered quite as much at the hands of the Masonic globalists as Russia. It’s poetic justice to watch Russia unravel their plans.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You are so right. Here is the website dedicated to the history of how the Masonic-globalist have spent centuries trying to wipe out the good Russian people. https://holodomorinfo.com/

Joseph Scott

Fascinating site. I see they cover on the truth that the World Wars were designed to do maximum damage to Russia and Germany, and keep them apart, as these two were the greatest threat to the Masonic plan. You may recall that Stratfor’s George Friedman has actually admitted that this has been the plan all along. It’s very sad that they succeeded in turning Germany into a self-hating puppet, but magnificent that Russia is again on it’s feet and leading the fight, after all that.


“Hohlodomor info”, really? Are you an Ukrainian Nazi by any chance? Or why do you sell that anti-Russian propaganda legend?

Tom Johnson

Are you a Vodka impaired farm bumkin?

Tom Johnson


Real Anti-Racist Action

Iran lead the way, and Russia has learned from Iran how to win hearts and minds quickly, and how to protect Monotheist from the Atheist regimes of the UK, France and the USSA. Iran and Russia need to continue working together, and sign full on alliances to protect nation-states from empires. http://presstv.com/


your nuts.


Russia and China are the only hope for the humanity to be free from those devilish Anglo-Jewish criminals. Whole world should stand against them.

Tom Johnson

I have read about Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Normans, Anglo-Americans, but what is this Anglo-semite you speak of? Or is it a fictional character such as a Sober-Russian, an Erudite-Slav, or a Honest-Oligarc.


lol nice


It hurts to read these comments. You people are so diluted, its like me, an american shouting Yes! America is bringing freedom to the middle east and the world! (During the Iraq war). I also don’t like the american government and wish we could get some honest people, but for you ALL to think that somehow Iran, China Russia etc. are involved in Syria because… freedom and for the world? That is just so dishonest, and you are not doing yourself a favor by believing in a government agenda. Russia joined in on Syria because they have an important military base there, and it is a geostrategic location for Russia. Ever notice Russia’s allies are all only along its borders or very close? There is a reason Russia puts up with North Korea. If they were truly the saviors of the world, they would help free the North Korea people, along with China and America, all together. That would do some true good. Nobody has attacked Russia in almost a century. If people want to join NATO, that has nothing to do with attacking Russia, it only means they are SCARED of Russia. Lmao. Gullible jingoistic fools. The Russian government is diverting attention from there super hostile and unfriendly policy decisions that have destroyed the economy by replacing entertainment, news, and sentiment with videos of carpet bombing “terrorists”. There is plenty of info, and no not info from the West but independent Syrian news and civilians showing definitive evidence of Russia using old stockpiles of cluster bombs and attacking civilian villages no matter if there is even a clue terrorists are there. Then they blame the west for not giving them information. Russia took a year to even start attacking the real terrorists. Before that they were helping win the civil war for Bashar, who to this day is not allowing humanitarian convoys to enter cities with even a few “terrorists”, or just being in a terrorist area. He justifies this by saying “this is war”. Yea maybe war against an enemy like ISIS, and if there was no civilians. But not on your own people, that is ruthless and tyrannical.

Stop kidding yourselves. I don’t kid myself about the U.S. government, which is why I tried my best to get Sanders elected, and will be voted for Jill Stein. ALOT of americans want peace between Russia, America etc. and for the world to grow together, in harmony. There is plenty resources to go around, if we are able to transfer wealth from multi billionaires back to the people who truly need it- lower class and struggling middle class families. Especially when super elite pay less % of taxes then even those working at a fast food restaurant.

Try not to hate other types of people, and try to understand how they feel. Not all americans get all their info from MSNBC, CNN and FOX news. We got lucky by finding alternative news sources, and now no better not to blame other people for being fed propaganda, for ignoring key information, for manipulating the news cycle etc.

Take care friends. Remember, I am an american who only wishes for us all to live in peace and prosperity, free from the deceptions of the politicians and super elite.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Russia brings more bombers, yes. They also bring more advanced strategic planning. So the US base commander says “you better stay away from our stuff” Would that be ISIS?

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