Russian Military Adviser Killed In Clashes In Syria


Russian Military Adviser Killed In Clashes In Syria

A Russian soldier stands guard in the ancient city of Palmyra in the central Homs province, Syria, Thursday, April 14, 2016. (File photo: AP)

A Russian military adviser has been killed during clashes with militants in a Syrian government forces camp, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on April 20.

“A Russian military advisor, Major Sergei Bordov, has died as a result of an attack by militants on the garrison of (Syrian) government forces,” the Russian state-run news agency TASS quoted the Russian Defense Ministry statement.

According to the ministry, Bordov was in the camp with a group of Russian military advisers training Syrian soldiers when the militant attack took place.

Bordov reportedly helped establish the defense line and directed Syrian troops during the clashes.

It is not clear in which part of Syria the incident took place.



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  • Derapage

    HTS does heavy use of UAVs to lead these attacks. So In my opinion Russia should equip his officials with jammer devices

  • Mase fah

    God bless his soul

  • Thegr8rambino

    Which militants were responsible for this? I hope they pay dearly for this, I’m thinking like 100 less rats, plus several advisers/commanders, yes that sounds satisfying lmao

  • Bill Wilson

    Sounds like the militants caught the camp guards standing around with their hands in their pockets, like the Russian soldier in the photo.