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Russian Military: 10 Villages In Raqqah Province Signed Reconciliation Agreement With Damascus Government


Russian Military: 10 Villages In Raqqah Province Signed Reconciliation Agreement With Damascus Government

IMAGE: syria.mil.ru

10 villages in the Syrian province of Raqqah have signed a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria said on August 12.

According to the released  report, the following villages are now under the government control:

  • Ayed-Kabir – the population is about 1200 people;
  • Abbad – the population is about 3200 people;
  • Et-Taura-Garbi – the population is about 2000 people;
  • Et-Taura-Sharki – the population is about 2000 people;
  • Et-Taura-Junubiy – the population is about 2000 people;
  • Et-Taura-Shimali – the population is about 2000 people;
  • Saf-Safe-Shimali – the population is about 300 people;
  • Saf-Safe-Garby – the  population is about 500 people;
  • Saf-Safe-Junubiy – the population is about 500 people;
  • Khnedey – the population is about 6,000 people;

The Russian Defense Ministry provided no further details regarding settlements that were allegedly transfered under the control of the Damascus government. Nonetheless, if the situation on the ground corresponds with the statement, such developments would be a major blow to the US-led efforts to isolate the US-occupied, northwestern part of Syria from the rest of the country.




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  • Rob

    Well done. Its so great news.

  • RGtz98

    Can you place a map , please in order to see where they are

  • S Melanson

    Russia, if they did not before understand, know which side their bread gets buttered – and it is not the ‘West’. Hopefully Russian diplomacy will be more cohesive going forward as we need the considerable Russian diplomatic skills to play a part in the daunting task of healing the festering wounds in the ME.

    And a starting point is commitment to Syrian sovereignty – we know how partition turns out when imposed upon the indigenous population. The lessons have always been there in plain sight, about time we demonstrate by words and deeds that we actually learned something from them.

  • Feudalism Victory

    Is that controlling the dam? Be interesting to see if they can abide by their agreements.

    • Bill Wilson

      Those villages appear to be West of the dam and next to the area under SAA control. The Kurds probably had difficulty with trying to get those villagers to run their own affairs so told them to talk to Damascus to have the government run everything like they did in the past.

  • klove and light

    US team begins establishing op center in Turkey for ‘safe zone’ in Syria
    Mon Aug 12, 2019 09:00PM [Updated: Mon Aug 12, 2019 09:01PM ]

    Turkey, US agree on establishment of safe zone in N Syria

    US, Turkey agree ‘joint operation center’ for north Syria

    US President Donald Trump (R) and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hold a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Osaka on June 29, 2019. (AFP photo)
    A US delegation has arrived in Turkey to set up an operation center in the country for the stated purpose of creating a “safe zone” in Syria.
    The Turkish Defense Ministry made the announcement on Monday.
    The operation center was reportedly ready to run “in the coming days,” after what was described as “preliminary preparation.”

    Turkish Ministry of National Defense also confirmed that the six-person delegation traveled to the southern province of Sanliurfa, where “work is underway to establish a Joint Action Center for the Safe Zone, which is planned to be coordinated with the US in the north of Syria.”
    After months of deadlocked negotiations, Ankara and Washington announced last week that they have agreed to work to establish the operation center.

    “We have said on every occasion that we need a width of 30 to 40 kilometers,” Defense Minister Hulusi Akar told TRT television on Monday.
    Turkey also insists that the zone have no US-backed Syrian Kurdish troops, known as the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

    PressTV-Turkey renews call for US to stop backing Kurds in Syria
    Turkish Defense Minister calls on the US to completely end its support for the Kurdish militants in Syria.
    Turkey views the YPG as the Syrian branch of the homegrown Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant group, which has been fighting for autonomy for decades. Like Ankara, the US has listed the PKK as a terrorist group, but views the YPG as an ally in its so-called fight against the Takfiri Daesh terror group.
    Damascus has condemned Ankara and Washington’s violation of its sovereignty.

    If it happens…..and I wrote here numerous times what the Agenda is…..all bets are off for syria, and Putin clearly served as the master of the Partition of the syrian arab republic…….

    All nations that recognize the illegal satanic Entity named Israel are part of the Agenda.This includes USA,uk,russia,eu,uk,china etc….

    A one world Government, with Jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish Leadership.

    All this TINY..BIT by BIT bullshit News About SAA capturing some small Tiny non important villages just makes my Point……and anybody with a small brain should really Question the moves by Putin in regards to syria…….just to remember…it was PUTIN who gave the green light for Turkey to invade AFRIN.It was PUTIN who made the bs deescalation Agreement on IDLIB and allowed Turkey to build 12 Military bases in IDLIB.It was PUTIN who sold Turkey(the number 1 enemy of the syrian arab republic) the S-400 with an operational range of 400km, which makes any move by SAA on Turkey obselete now.It was Putin who made the dozen+ deals named “evacuation Agreements” with all jihadi Groups including alnusra in ALEPPO,DOUMA etc.. for the jihadi pricks to be allowed each time SAA and hezbollah had them boxed in , to evacuate with small arms and their families to IDLIB.It is Putin who ALLOWS IDF to attack Syria by own accounts over 2000 times without any type of reprecussions, even after IDF is to blame for the shoot down and killing of dozen+ russian Military personal on a plane.

    And i truly wonder, what the Zionist stooge pig Putin will tell the smart asses the next couple of days after Turkey in conjunction with their NATO Partners take over east syria for good, after they occupy already the North of syria!!!!
    It is toooo bad that Folks still believe in good USA or bad USA or good Russia or bad Russia or good uk or bad uk.They ALL have the SAME MASTERS.They ALL follow ORDERS for the AGENDA.OUR masters today on a large scale on this planet are the Zionist jews.Best seen in the latest tragic bullshit Story of the suicide of the Zionist jew motherfucker epstein, the Zionist jew stooge trump as president as well as the most important step for their Agenda, the recognization of JERUSALEM as “eternal” capital of Israel.
    The last step to fullfil their Agenda will be nuclear Warfare, which will be started by the upcoming war between the Zionist stooge nations against Persia, on conventional Terms , and eventually lead to nuclear war, the total destruction of the monetary world and with it the total destruction of any law and order in the nations of the world.And out of chaos, their so called “Messias” will turn up……and create Order….a satanic order..with total Control over the Population that is left…………..

    Peace, love and harmony

  • klove and light

    ps. stop with These ridiculous bs “well done” comments , every 2 weeks when SAA was ALLOWED by Russia to Takeover 1 or 2 bullshit Tiny non important villages and showing some bs Video of ..WOW Russia or syrian airforce just destroyed 1 tank and 2 Toyota pickups with machine guns.


    Look at the mAP of SYRIA 12.08.2019

    and then tell me again what the fuck is Jolly About the map!!!!

    death to america death to Israel death to Putin and all the other Zionist jew stooges that sold their Souls to the devil!!!!

    and bravo to the brave..to hezbollah the houhtis and persia

    • Ray Douglas

      Which army are you in? Perhaps you like sitting on your sofa wishing for some other mothers son to die fighting for your ideas. If the SAA can win without fighting then it is better, then sons can return to their mothers and fathers and men can return to their wives and children. Why don’t just fuck off and let Syria do what has to be done to free their country?

      • stupid is as stupid does

        US & Isra-hell agenda is never ending war in Syria.
        So he is doing what he’s been asked to do.
        He is paid for that.
        Trolling for the war…

  • klove and light

    Almasda News breaking
    Home Syria Six US servicemen arrive in Turkey for creation of ‘safe zone’ in…
    Six US servicemen arrive in Turkey for creation of ‘safe zone’ in Syria: Turkish DM
    By News Desk –

    The Turkish Defense Ministry has confirmed the arrival of six US military personnel who will be involved in the work of the coordination centre for joint operations and the planned security zone in northern Syria.
    Washington and Ankara announced a deal last week on a buffer zone between Turkey and US-backed Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria. Turkish authorities consider them to be an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is banned in the country.

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had previously threatened to invade the territory east of the Euphrates River to secure the border from Kurdish forces.
    The Syrian government has objected to the US-Turkish deal as an attack on its sovereignty because both countries’ militaries are operating in Syria without permission from Damascus.

  • klove and light

    almasda News breaking

    Home Syria Turkey not backing down in northern Hama, new military convoy arrives
    Turkey not backing down in northern Hama, new military convoy arrives
    By News Desk –

    BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:20 P.M.) – Turkey is not planning to abandon their observation posts in northern Syria, despite the fact their allied militant forces have lost a great deal of territory over the last two weeks.
    On Monday morning, opposition activists reported that a large Turkish military convoy was traveling through the town of Ma’arat Al-Nu’man and making their way to the observation post in the northern Hama town of Morek.

    While Turkey has remained relatively silent since the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) restarted their offensive in northwestern Hama, they have continued to reinforce their observation posts in the towns of Sheir Magher and Morek.
    Russia and Turkey attempted to implement a ceasefire in the demilitarized zone earlier this month; however, Ankara failed to convince their allied militants to retreat from the area.
    As of now, Ankara has no diplomatic relations with Damascus, so communication between the two governments is done through mediaries like Iran and Russia.

    • RGtz98

      SAA should surround them , lol as they dont want to leave

  • Ray Douglas

    Obviously the Russian Army have been reading the ‘Art of War’ by Sun Tsu. The Art of War teaches how to defeat the enemy without fighting. Fantastic news, well done. Get your troops in quick!

  • Gue Bjuen

    it’s a great move but at the same time a very dangerous move. this could lead to a full out war between the kurds+US+france and the syrian government. but i think this is actually the best way to prevent the kurdish rebelion.

  • RichardD


  • gustavo

    If these provinces do not pass under SAA control, this does not make any sense.

  • Bill Wilson

    A map showing the location of these villages would be helpful. I Googled Abbad to find that it’s due east of Idlib in Idlib Province.