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JUNE 2023

Russian Mi-35 Helicopter Crash-Landed In Northern Syria

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Russian Mi-35 Helicopter Crash-Landed In Northern Syria

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A Russian Mi-35 military helicopter crash-landed in northeastern Syria on February 28.

First, Kurdish media claimed that the helicopter crashed northwest of Tel Tamra between the villages of Rakhaniya and Kasimiya, two kilometers from the Russian military base. These reports claimed that one of the crew members died.

Later, the Russian Defense Ministry released a statement shading light on the situation. According to the statement, the Mi-35 helicopter made a forced landing in the area. None of the crew members died or received injures. The crew was already evacuated.

According to the initial assessment of the situation, the helicopter was not subjected to enemy fire. Therefore, the technical malfunction is the main version.


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Black Waters

MoD all the way, the kurdish vermin plays both hands, hard to trusth.

Just Me

No, it is the headchoppers who are being offered a bounty to kill Russians, Bill Burns and the Jew Blinken have openly said that Russia is weaker than the USSR and it will be much easier to bleed it in Syria. Soon the Russian bases will be attacked.


I want to know when the Americans are going to bleed in Iraq and Syria?

Jens Holm

The only way is some escalation. You can be prepared by donating more coffins. Many more then americans will die much fatstert then now.

I think You question and language should be how to stop whats going on and which good solutions, there might be.


We know how to stop it,tell the US to get out of Iraq and Syria and stop supporting terrorism,its not rocket science.

Jens Holm

I will remind You, that USA and the rest of Nato was ASKED in by the Bagdad Goverment. We did leave 100%. USA offered about 10.000 should be in Iraq as – if needed – a rapid reponce force against enemies of Bagdad.

It was not needed they said. It was not needed.

Syria is a USA, France and UK thiong and not Nato. The same goes for most of the relatrions to the bad Omens in Iran.

You still is kept non informated about who is who. I have supported we shoudl not participate in anything like that since USSR invaded Afghanistan.

Very much as too much is erased on Your very small memorycard or never has been there :(

Jens Holm

As written above I have been telling USA that even since Al Qaida was made in Afghaniostan.

I also has told Our solution should be a wall around the whole ME with walls west of Istanbul and somewhere in Caucasus as well.

Fairness here would be oil for food only.

We cant halpt people, which insist in no change. When we support some, they kill the other ones. When we support the opher ones , they kill too.

So Im for sober information only and by TV, Radio, Internet and DONT CARE.


It is the only way to prompt the Americans to leave.

Jens Holm

No its not. Local people among each other not even try the many other solutions, which are well descriebed to them and even able to see for the ones, whcih still has free internet.

Jens Holm

Its not about both hands. Its about You have narrowminded thinking only in 2 dimensions, when there are many mpre.

I allow me to say Kurds there normally are not lying about things at all. And here: Why should they.

I can only see most of the rest try to play many hands too as well as it goes, and its dont go well for any there as well.


Always believe official russian defense report over any no good cia turd lieing pieces o sht (period) Likely good pilot and advanced life saving design,only to have usa milita complex spin it like failure, indeed jealousy are they cursed as it will get only worse for cias as time flys by,in their own wake:

Jens Holm

I think its completly irreleveant when You blame Kurds for this and that all the time.

Facts are it had to land and is not doing fine.

Its typical rapports about things are visible by many and one see them from east and another see the same from the west.

Now even the Russians are very good in Your infections too ha ha. Did they have candy for the children with them too :)


They keep fucking with Russia and Iran like this, it will mean total annihilation for the Al-Qaeda turkish backed jihadi bastards. Thousands will be put to death now.

Just Me

In all fairness, Russian confused policies and appeasement of its US and Zionist “partners” has emboldened them to an extent that they will directly attack Russian bases. Russia and Iran need to get their act together.


It will result in very heavy bombing by the RuAF in and around Idlib…….hundreds of jihadi’s will be gone in a few minutes.

Just Me

Let’s hope so, even a compete a$$hole like Gorbachev who has been on CIA payroll all his miserable life is warning about Russian “softness” against US and NATO vassals provocations. Russia has enough firepower to obliterate Idlib and the headchoppers, but not sure there is a will.

Jens Holm

Gobui wasnt at the CIA payrole.

Yhe m,ain problems for the Bolsjevists were made by themself in economiuc and politic matters, where they only were able to look back by almost dead WW2 warriers. By that nothing was build apart form nukes and military forces agains and enemy, which only wanted and opoen europe and world after the Bolsjevic Neocolonialisme even before WW” by Molotov and Ribbentrop.

People like Gorbi, Jeltzin and also very much Putin should have been given the responsability for USSR 10 or better 20 years before they actually did. That have given the infected system at least some chances to remain in an improved version.

And yes Gorbi was helped very much. There was no help in the highly incompetent leadership in Russia.

That unfortunatly partly also was like giving a finger and some there took the whole hand. But You dont understand, thats what happens when things ollpase and there is no local structure to make crisis handling.

Very much of that is still the same. The big difference is that a lot of millions now are their own countries again and even Ukraine is there as a country. I like and support we should not support a system, which can collpase a big state as Russia TWICE within 100 years.

None should apart from Putin and company and people like You blaming us for, we want Europe as many small countrioes in an open relationship.


each time the jihadists fuck up, Russia and the SyAA end up taking a big chunk of area back under their control……..the turkish mongol and the US both back down. We’ve seen this again and again. Actually this is the preferred tactic of the resistance. Today 70% of Syria is liberated. The jihadists are being killed, are on the defensive and above all demoralized.


The only way to cure the problem and i have said it for a long time,is a massive ground operation backed by heavy armour and air strikes,if that means destroying Idlib so be it,in WW2 towns were destroyed to get the Germans out,its sad but thats war,look at the battle for Monte casino in Italy,or the battle for Caen in Normandy,a cousin of my mothers was killed in that battle,the city was almost destroyed.

Jens Holm

Its almost funny but pathetic too. Americans has been blamed for exactly that in Syria as well as Iraq.

To me it makes more sense Assads, Purins and Erdogan retreated and let thos Jihadist have their own Sharia infection only ruling their own on the same bad level as Assads.

Jens Holm

Yerrh, and why has that not happend. They are heavy populated, there are nor even many extra Jihadists but many many 100.000s of refugees there.

None of them want to live as Assads, Erdogan and for that mattert Putin wants.

The main problem is Russian hardly solved anything be dominating mpre then USA. Assads are the rotten apples.


How quickly you forget the head hoppers supported by the forces and money that wanted Assad gone.

Jens Holm

I have not forgotten anything at all. Whats Yours ??? Friends doing exact what You want or dead ???

And in opposit to You I see Assads should not be helped. 1 of 3 socalled Syrians are not in the country. there ar emillions as internal refugees in camps and in housing. Many 100.000 are wound for a leg or more. Its estimated 500.000 are dead. There are total destruction and it continue every day.

Thats You succes.

So whats fiasco.

I have written about several possible solutions, but as long as You continue to solve nothing else then Assads are the Leaders even a majority dont support it and even under hard conditions has arm,ed themselve sagainst it – I relaly dont see Assad ar5e and should be Leaders of more then Latajia there.

People are not even allowed to choose other systems as if the whole world only is pest and cholera and those are Assads or Jihadisme.

People here not eenm try to undestand a country is trust and a state if it includes people insted of excluding. They and You dont understand local elected ones in local structures also handle a country much better then a center having no ideas for any kind of know how apart from bajonets and fear.

And its even very visible just at Your doorstep and visible by internet by Youtubes and millions of articles about it.


It is a fiasco lately due to Israel and the cabal wanting and paying for the fiasco directly.

Jens Holm

Thats only science fiction wishes.

Seen from distance they act in routine since 1948 just as we cut the grass here, if there are no cows and sheep to do it. USA donate them well.

Jens Holm

You insiniuate and then even conclude.

I ahve not gfrogotten who they are. And do agree very much for Assads should have been gone in 50 seconds decades ago.

Assads just as Erdogans are the people, which makes the extremisme grow by ferilizing their reasons for it.


Quit defending terrorists! Let Russia and Iran do their job……Worry about your Israel. Syria or Iraq is not your business.

Jens Holm

There we go again. I not defending terrorist. Thats You naroowminded version in its worst.

Should I as Dane 110% higly sekular support fanatic Islam. We already has too many normal moderate muslims here, which are not able to or deny to integrate the ones like me feeding them.

How can You ever write something like that?? I know why. You know nothing else then with or againt. Instead You should try to learn other solutions is better then this.

I can see Russia and Iran has much as a kind of job there, at they are and behave. None of them has any realtisc solution that work.


man……nobody cares if you are fucking those refugees. Behind this drama sit you toady NGO’s working for the US, brainwashing, arming and funding those terrorists. Neither Syria nor Iraq are your problem. You got that? Expel those refugees.

Jens Holm

When so many are refugees Asads dont represent them. He actually is the opposit to that.

And You certainly need to have washed Your brian Yourself.

You seemes to have no ideas for any realisme. Half of the refugees in the world are muslims. You should wonder why and correct it, if its really true, You care for muslims and some unity there.

I see none. UN are not able to do anything about it as wel being blocked by too many as well.


If the west didn’t militarily intervene in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, there wouldn’t have been any refugees jack ass.

Jens Holm

Thats an upside down conclusion and only partly correct. You also ignore the reasons for it and has to add and subtract reasons.

I from the start was against USSR invaded Afghanistan using big stuff all over. Yemen has have internal and external conflicts long time and includes Gamel Abdel Nasser, which also tryed to un unite tem and Syria.

Thats no accept, what happens but Your conclsuions is no kind of peace and much more killing ao “OTHERS”.

I will remind You that refugees andemmigrant mainly comes from devastating no devellopment zones, and they mainly are muslims leaving muslims.

I also allow me to mention, they come to here for at least a possibility to a better life.

Its tjhe same for USA. People are not leaving but do almost anything to go to the “Western Hemospere and very much Our western ways to do things well”.

As written before Im no supporter of Our invasions even I see terrifying examles of leaders doing random as they please.

My alternative is a wall around those regions only with peacefull things in and out such as food for oil.


Bullies always see a lack of action as being weak,so they continue to bully,when i was at school a bully was picking on a mate of mine,one day i came into school and hit the bully with a thick heavy Book on his head,knocked him out,was in trouble with the head master but the bully backed off,in fact everytime he saw me he walked the other way lol,thats the lesson.

Jens Holm

That the typical behavioristic attitudes solving things with no brain.

Maybee You have it from the jews in an eye for the price for an eye.


you goin quit defending the jihadi terrorists? or is that part of the repertoire indoctrination at the Daesh academy of tel aviv?

Jens Holm

Maybee Yiu are right. As long as You continue to kill each other, You dont come here.

Right wings in Europe might even donate money and weapons for it but no food:(

The limitation is in “defending”. It dont cover whats going on as well as my oppinion as well as other opinions then Your about Your great succes.

You have done it on genrder having great succes there too making women even more stupid then the men, You are supporting.

Jens Holm

Well, they are attacked. So why should they sit on their hands as sitting ducks?? I would not.

Icarus Tanović

God bless you.

Jens Holm

You can rely on that. Qaida, Nusra what ever has no choise and no where to go. They like any kind of help.

In a way it sould make sense a solution could be rto leave them their living as they actually do by retreating.

Just Me

The US and Zionists are supplying manpads to their terrorist proxies as the deep state promised.

Jens Holm

Of course they do. The bad ones there are not the SDFs at all and the rest is armed to teeth if they have any.

Jens Holm

A pity or them. They did a good job to modify those helicopters to sand and like that.

Lone Ranger

That close to the Russian base it was probably malfunction. They pushed them to the limit in recent months so not really surprised. Still lightyears more reliable than U.S. tin cans. And no injuries, Thank God. Amen.

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