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Russian Mi-28NM Attack Helicopter Is Testing New Guided Missile In Syria – Report


Russian Mi-28NM Attack Helicopter Is Testing New Guided Missile In Syria – Report

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A prototype of the Russian advanced Mi-28NM “Night Hunter” attack helicopter is testing a new guided missile in Syria, TASS reported on March 24, citing a military source.

“The newest long-range guided missile Article 305, equipped with a combined guidance system, is being tested in Syria,” the Russian news agency quoted the source as saying.

According to a previous report of TASS, Article 305 is equipped with an inertial navigation system (INS), an electro-optical seeker and a two-way secured data link. The missile has a range of up to 25km, which is more than most similar Western weapons.

At least a single prototype of the Mi-28NM was deployed in the Russian Hmeimim airbase in the western Syria earlier this year for testing proposes. On March 21, the prototype participated in an attack on militants’ positions in northern Hama. Opposition sources said that the helicopter struck several targets in the town of al-Lataminah.

The Article 305 missile represents a major breakthrough for the Russian military industry. The combine guidance system will allow the missile to hit its target with a high accuracy from a safe distance.

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  • Prince Teutonic

    It’s Mi-28NM not 29…

  • RichardD

    The snowline in my ET/ED contact area of operations has reached it’s lowest elevation and is starting to rise.

    To get back into areas where there is little or no human presence with forest clearings where a ship can land and take off from. Has brought me into contact with non conventional lifeforms that I’d heard of, but didn’t know if they were real flesh and blood creatures. Until I started coming into contact with them directly. Primarily bigfoots. But werewolves that are some type of artificial dogman genetic construct may also be present. Those I haven’t directly encountered. Not yet anyways. But the further that I push these operations into remote areas, the higher the risk of bigfoot and other encounters.

    My Sub 2000 .40 S&W folding carbine with a 16 inch barrel loaded with 200 grain Double Tap flat nose hard cast lead has about 3 feet of game penetration capability and weighs about 4 pounds. I purchased a collapsible stock and synthetic forend for my Remington 7400 30-06 that loaded with high performance ammunition should deal with bigfoots successfully with one or a few shots. Without accessories it’s 42 inches long and 7.5 pounds heavy. I’m looking at putting together a Mechtech Glock 10mm conversion carbine with a 16 inch barrel is 24 inches long, before extending the dual rod stock. And with the pistol installed weighs 7 pounds. Using Underwood 220 grain hardcast lead bullets. This configuration has over 5 feet of game penetration.

    The 30-06 has a lot more power and velocity than a 10mm. Which produces a much larger wound channel and shock than a 10mm. But the 10mm is more compact and has a lot less recoil which allows faster follow up shots and target acquisition. Which in a wooded close quarters engagement with fast moving and possibly multiple bigfoots might be a better choice.

    • RichardD
      • RichardD
        • RichardD

          Buying a special forces tactical helmet is on my to do list. That I can mount my gopro hero 6 on with a 100 meter Nitecore light and external stereo microphones. I’m planning to add a side mount gopro swing down cantilever arm, and use it for a small Chinese 3 inch screen android phone that I can attach my Seek Compact Pro thermal imager into the micro USB port. So that I have hiking or base camp thermal capability for locating life forms not easily visable in the forest or darkness for threat mitigation or possible contact.

    • Sukhoi

      man these bigfoots are becoming a huge problem
      they’re trying to take over and displace the Human Race. It’s basically a more insane version of Planet of the Apes! Except this time it’s Planet of the Bigfoot Apes!

      • RichardD

        They look like an ET managed early hominoid fringe species that is maintained for genetic engineering purposes to me. I don’t think that their IQs are very high. I haven’t experienced any paranormal activity with them. Though many people have. And that paranormal activity could easily be from more advanced ET technology than ours.

        I doubt that they’d exist without ET oversight and management. They’ve evidently coexisted with us for thousands of years in remote areas. They’re a potential threat in remote areas to an individual or small group of people. But unlikely to be a threat to our species. We’re a much greater threat to them than they are to us.

        There may also be a high IQ variant that is itself ET, that looks much the same. But is more technologically advanced than we are.