Russian Mi-28 Helicopters Smash ISIS Targets in Syria (Videos)


Russian Mi-28 Helicopters Smash ISIS Targets in Syria (Videos)

Screenshot from the video

New videos depict Russian Mil Mi-28NE Night Hunter helicopters hutning ISIS targets in Syria.

Russian helicopters likely use Ataka (NATO designation AT-9 Spiral-2) anti-tank guided missiles with shaped charge warheads, designed to eliminate armored vehicles.

Helicopters hit targets from various distances, sometimes well over 5km away

On some videos it could be seen terrorists are firing at the helicopters with automatic weapons. But they incapable to damage the helicopters which can withstand hits from 12.7mm bullets.

There is also video which depicts Mi-28NE eliminating stationary targets.



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  • Mateen Zaman

    Wow superb

  • Nexusfast123

    Russians demonstrating more of their capabilities. Very good.

  • Stephen E Hughes

    Russian military should consider using drones for aerial surveillance prior to helicopter & air strikers , checking for MANPADS & anti-aircraft weapons. Also to watch how ISIS forces regroup after an aerial attack. This would be for follow on attacks, and planning future tactics. Former Soviet Union spetsnaz tactics in Afghanistan War such as small teams covert helicopter insertion on high ground, to direct and call in air and artillery strikes. Targeting water convoys, trucks to animals, water supplies and water resources , as was done in Afghanistan by spetsnaz.