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JUNE 2023

Russian Media: US Side Sabotaged Trump-Putin Meeting In Vietnam

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Russian Media: US Side Sabotaged Trump-Putin Meeting In Vietnam

REUTERS/ Jorge Silva

The US side has sabotaged an expected meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald  Trump during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Vietnam, the Russian daily Kommersant reported.

Putin and Trump were expected to meet on the sidelines of the 25th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting. However, “something gone wrong” during the “coordination” of this effort.

According to Kommersant’s report, initially the US side showed an interest in meeting and the US president even announced possible topics for the discussions, but then, just sabotaged it.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters just minutes before landing in Da Nang that “there was never a meeting confirmed, and there will not be one that takes place due to scheduling conflicts on both sides”. Then, the Americans just ingored the reported background agreements over the meeting.

This resulted in a fact that Trump and Putin have shaken hands and held a brief conversation at the summit, something very different to what all has expected.

The US diplomatic demarche is another sign of the deteoration of the US-Russian relations. This problem is expecially important amid the conflicated situation in the Middle East where a new conflict is appearing. At the same time, the US-Russian statement on the Syrian conflict includes nothing new and just repeats the existing promises of the both sides.

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Solomon Krupacek

“something gone wrong” during the “coordination” of this effort.

putin is insignificant. he is ognored. this is the destiny of traitors, weak leaders. they are not respected. like gorbachev, yeltsin.

Samuel Boas

Gorbachev and Yeltsin? Bunch of drunkards, bastards.

Solomon Krupacek

i agree.

and unfortunately, putin is their moderate version. still too much pushing on issue “to be friend of western countries”. west does notlike russia and will not accept and respect. to understand this should be the alpha and omega of russian politics. dont try to be the nice guy.


putin is insignificant. he is ognored

I don’t like to be ognored. Poor Putin, I know his pain… Solomon, please never ognore me, good boy!

Solomon Krupacek

what is ognore? or 2 times the same mistype? are you drunken? guy, how is it possible, thet you, iranian so much like drink alcohol?

look at putins face. such puffed-up face have intensive drunker of users of psychopharmaca..



what is ognore? or 2 times the same mistype? are you drunken?

You’re fantastic Solomon. I don’t know what I would do, if you stopped writing your comments.

Shhh…. Don’t tell anyone, but I copied your original comment… ;)

Raptar Driver

Ask yourself what ognore is, that is your typo, not the sharpest tool in the shed hey Solo Man?

Solomon Krupacek

what is raptar?

Raptar Driver

Look it up, it is an old Latin word.

Solomon Krupacek

only raptor, no raptar.

Raptar Driver

Everyone knows raptor, try a little harder I’m not doing your work for you.

Moussa Saab

“are you druken” “iranian drink alchohol” “look at putins face. such puffed-up face have intensive drunker” XD You made my day Solomon.


Make sure you have a bucket handy. This will make you sick. So much for a Trump handshake. Count your fingers. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-12/trump-reverses-sides-intel-agencies-over-russia-election-meddling-offers-mediate-sou

Doctor Who?

The Ultimate Sacrifice for a Country that No Longer Exists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsVAlEYCkTM


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Video’s like this one provide the information the MSM do not and will not express. No spin just understandable facts based in reality on the ground presented in just 7min. Good job south front


How could it possibly make a difference if Vlad and the OHB (orange-haired buffoon) have a meeting or not? The bankers won’t pay any attention, and they run the show.

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