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Russian Man Flees Sweden With His Children To Poland After Girls Seized And Placed With Another Family

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Russian Man Flees Sweden With His Children To Poland After Girls Seized And Placed With Another Family

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In the last weeks, Denis Lisov, a Russian man who fled to Poland from Sweden to rescue his childrenm gained infamy. The Swedish child services took his children and gave them to a Muslim foster family, practically isolating the father from contacts with them.

What he did, in the words of the Swedish authorities is that he “kidnapped” his own children, got on the ferry to Poland and tried to get on a flight to Moscow from Warsaw Airport. The Swedish authorities pursued him and even ordered his arrest, but Poland shut down such “juvenile” external terror on its territory. A Polish court decided to allow the children to remain with the father and provided asylum to the family.

For the Russian Lisovs, who linked their future with a ‘rich and socially safe’ Sweden, staying in this country was not a carefree paradise, but turned into a deep trauma.

While Denis (by profession a railroad worker) was engaged in formalities related to the legalization of the family’s stay in Sweden, fate brought down the first blow on the Lisovs. Denis’ wife developed a mental disorder with suspicions of schizophrenia. The second blow was even more severe. The Swedish authorities, using as a pretext the fact that Denis could not start working yet, and his wife needed treatment, immediately took their three daughters (12-year-old Sophia, 6-year-old Serafina and 4-year-old Alisa) and gave them to be raised by a Muslim family. This happened in September 2017.

The mechanism of the “substitute family” that also exists in Poland is reduced to the fact that the child lives with “substitute parents” who receive money from the authorities for the child’s guardianship, care and education. Some sources even describe this policy as one of the tools to provide financial aid to migrant families.

The Swedish authorities allowed Denis to see his children for 6 hours once a week, for their own “good.” In addition, the “new family” lived 400 km from the father, which practically made these meetings impossible. The girls complained about the “too entertaining way of life of their Arab guardians” and, of course, the barriers of a religious and cultural nature.

In the end, the father could not stand such mockery of himself and his children, and during one of these meetings he took the children and went straight to the ferry traveling to Poland. Then from the Warsaw airport, the family intended to fly to Moscow. But, the Swedish authorities chased after them. And entered them into the information system of the border control of the Schengen zone. In this situation, the Polish border guards were forced to detain them during passport control at the Warsaw airport.

However, the Swedes’ triumph proved premature: the Polish court refused to extradite the Russian citizens to Sweden. Representatives of the Polish authorities suggested to Lisov that asking for asylum as a refugee would legally classify his place of residence as Poland and cover the whole family with a system of legal protection from the Polish state. True, the Swedes did not surrender even after this defeat, issuing in absentia a warrant for the arrest Lisov, but in Poland he was not in danger of anything.

One Polish outlet commented on the situation colorfully:

“We did not give this family to the hands of the Swedish fascists.”

The history of the Lisovs’ family is the first such spectacular example of the benevolence of the Polish authorities towards Russia, but not their first step in defending traditional universal and national values. In the European Union, as opposed to the “civilization” of the West with the erosion of the role of the family and the traditional upbringing of children, in particular in favor of expanding the rights of various sexual and immigrant minorities, Poland becomes an oasis of tradition, whose conservatism is often neglected by the Brussels bureaucrats.

A policy that is in sharp contrast with the “civilization”, which imposes on everyone around the idea that the family is not the most important thing for a child, in its upbringing and development, was started by officials in Warsaw, after the National Conservative Party “Law and Justice” came to power .

Mechanisms of the aforementioned anti-family terror operate all across Scandinavia: in Norway, many parents, including the Norwegians themselves, tremble at the word Barnevernet – this is the Norwegian authority for children’s affairs, the sinister counterpart of the German Jugendamt.

Norway has brought “political correctness” to the utmost absurdity: a heightened tone in relation to the child, not to mention an innocent slap, is estimated as disrespect for it and a manifestation of mental aggression. On the other hand, hugging, kissing and other tenderness towards a child are classified as elements of sexual violence. In all these cases, the gallant Barnevernet hurries to “rescue” the child, often simply taking the children away from their parents.

When the number of Poles looking for a better life in Norway reached 100 thousand people and they became the largest national minority in this 5-million country, their contacts with the “children saviors” from Barnevernet also became traumatic.

Against this background, even a real diplomatic war broke out: for helping the Poles, as well as other immigrants in Norway, including Russians, in their battles with Barnevernet, the Norwegian authorities in February declared the Polish consul Slawomir Kowalski as persona non grata. The Norwegians wanted to demonstrate their determination to protect the “authority” of Barnevernet, and caused a diplomatic escalation, although they could have just waited until the end of the consul’s stay in Norway (and it expires in June 2019). Moreover, the “authority” of the Norwegian officials could not be saved: the video of the latest intervention of the consul was public, where the policemen accompanying the Barnevernet officials who take away Polish children are seen and heard. They turn to the consul, who reminded them of their rights and diplomatic status, in the style of “get out of here, or you will be kicked out.”

In response, Warsaw sent a Norwegian diplomat home in response, Polish authorities awarded Consul Kowalski with the medal “For Services to Justice”, and Poland’s popularity as a safe haven for persecuted families reached Norway. Things reached the point that Norwegian Silje Garmo requested asylum in Poland because of the threat that Norway would take her child. And she was granted the asylum.

In another story, a Bulgarian father is also fighting for his children by the Norwegian authorities. Tchavdar Georgiev is struggling to keep his children, who are to be given to a foster family.

After a 12-year marriage with a Norwegian woman, Tchavdar left and his wife separated, and agreed to share raising of their children equally. But in early 2018, his wife was arrested, Georgiev took the children to Bulgaria to take care of them.

They occasionally visited the two children’s grandparents in Norway and the Barnevernet contacted him, claiming that he hadn’t created an environment “Norwegian enough” for them.

In the words of Yordanka Bekirska, Georgiev’s lawyer, in Norway “the mother, father and the social system have equal authority over the child. But if the father is a foreigner, he’s beneath the system.” Meaning that the Norwegian authorities are attempting to take his children away and provide them to a foster family, since the environment in Bulgaria is not “Norwegian enough” and the children will not develop to their presumed full potential.

These developments are another demonstration of the developing split of Europe into a neo-liberal, pro-migrant part and the remains of the “original Europe”.  Poland and Hungary became the core states resisting to the expansion of neo-liberal policies.

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Zionism = EVIL

Russia should be more concerned about the 3 million Natasha whores it has exported via Jew pimps and white slavers since the USSR collapsed. Putin has made life miserable for the average Ruskie whose income is now below mid range countries and poverty has grown immensely since Putin and his Jew masters started ripping off Russian economy enmasse.


As I have always said Poland should look to the east , I know their past with the USSR , but that split into 13+ countries… Atleast they did the right thing

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The Nordic countries appear hellbent on becoming cultural Marxist hellholes of Sharia driven Eurabian socialism.


But why couldn’t the generous welfare state pay for Dennis to manage the kids himself? I don’t follow this, other than through some ulterior motivations.


It’s a man hate thing, and it’s spreading.

paul ( original )

It certainly is. May be it’s a white man hating thing, but that’s just for now.

paul ( original )

It’s hard not to profoundly loath the Swedes. In truth I loathed them anyway, and now even more. No fate is too terrible for them. Thankfully the Poles held the line here. Or at least that’s the impression I got from the article. Anyway the Poles are up in my estimation, the Swedes can not sink any lower.


the Swedes stand for nothing, kind of amazing how little identity

Promitheas Apollonious

that what happens when you are run by zios, queers and perverts.

Tommy Jensen

In the Scandinavian socialist countries child removal is a money industry due to political decided social engineering. Psychologists and social Consultants and the system gets fat on destroyed families. 10 old Marius who learned himself to multiply 8×7 can be removed from the family on some weird fluffy new speak excuses. 50% of 15-20 old girls in some Scandinavian munícipes make consultations to a shrink because they cannot figure out their society of gay marriages, gender equality and hot air green clima change campaigns they are being fed with in ground school. There are even University PhD professors claiming its unnecessary to learn math and read, as long you get along with the group thinking you are in. Divorces of families are promoted and heavy public funded in favor of women. Just take care, you can get through with your family and children but its a fight under constant attack.


sweden is a neo-stalinistic country with oppression from the bureaucracy that in every respect equals what stalin managed to come up with. it is unbelievable what those bureaucrats think they can get away with and gets away with since the entire bureaucracy is one swarm of ass-kissing toads waiting to be kissed. a truly pitiful country being ruled by those parasites.

Pave Way IV

Good thing he wasn’t a journalist or publisher – the Swedes would have sent out a kill team after him.

Xoli Xoli

How can arabs who oppress and kill own girls be allow to raise someone else children.Fuck the asylum he must go back to Russia.


We want emphasize the following: Northern socialism, capitalism, “liberal fascism” and other ideologies do not matter in this case. One being a communist or a supporter of some variant of far national socialism can imagine and give arguments (from his point of view) why children should be removed from families and raised by the society. We do not support this, but the logic of such people is understandable. Thinkers, modern philosophers, social and science fantasts demonstrate this. However, ordinary human beings cannot understand the logic of people that remove children from the family with, let’s assume, some problems and give them to the family with critical problems. The core of the problems of this “new family” is idleness, parasitism and the exploitation of childhood to pursue own lucre goals, mainly to continue the parasitic entreating lifestyle. Furthermore, this “new family” has a very different cultural and religious paradigm in comparison to those that children have. If the girls were given to a Muslim family from some post-USSR state or Turkey, this would not be such an issue. Nonetheless, the problem in this case is deep cultural differences between the “new family” and the kids. Such behavior of the government machine can have several explanations: 1. This is the legalized corruption. As a car salesman that gets % from every sold car, a Swedish or Norwegian children salesman gets % from every “sold” kid. 2. The twisted government system that exercises jurisdiction in this territory is seeking to eliminate the existing ethnic and cultural basis in order to ease the exploitation of this territory by a narrow group of persons not linked with this area. 3. A conspiracy one, but in the framework of the existing reality, it has a right to be noted. The government system is being managed by powers representing destructive, utopian, mad cults.


It reminds me of the Assange case, one of the women denied that Assange raped her, however the authorities said a woman cannot tell if she has been raped or not, only the courts can decide.

Ishyrion Av

I’m so happy the family is back together and best for them is to move to Russia as soon as possible. As a father, I cannot comprehend how this can happen, although it happens every day and thousands of children are kidnapped from their families in Sweden and Norway and Finland. These governmental children kidnappers deserve nothing less than a bullet between their eyes, from legislators and judges to policemen and social workers. And I wouldn’t shed a tear for them because they are worse than animals, they are a “legal” network of children trafficking, slavery and sexual exploitation.

Ishyrion Av

When someone sees a sexual assault when a father is embracing his daughter you can be sure that someone has a sick mind and he or she really assaulted sexually somebody sometime. When you hear some organization or legislator claiming that our children has to learn how to discover their sexuality at 3 or 4 or 5 or 12 years old, you can be sure that someone is a pervert who wants to be himself or herself the teacher of that “exploration”. And because they want to destroy a child, they deserve nothing less than a bullet between their eyes.


One of the most disturbing articles I have read for a while. Family is the bedrock of civilisation, always has been and it cannot ever be any other way. Cultural marxism has been the avowed enemy of the family right from the beginning, even going all the way back to Adam Weishaupt. I didn’t realise cultural marxism has taken over the state in the nordic countries. THIS IS A DISGRACE! This is an attempt to normalise the seizure of children so that in the future the market for paedophiles remains well supplied. If you want to bring up traumatised, confused, and ultimately suicidal people who cannot think for themselves, separate the child from the parents. It is pure evil. It is the exact opposite of human society. This is the destruction of society in action. Share this like crazy.


Why do you emphasize that the foster family is ‘muslim’? How do you know? How is this relevant? Certainly, they speak Swedish, just as the kids. What barriers are you talking about? Whenever one goes to a different family, there are differences; but these don’t have to be barriers (unless you wish them to be so). Cultures can be understood and mutually appreciated, you know. “Deep cultural differences” are bullocks. I grew up in “the West” and there is much more I find strange and alien then the natural warmth and humanity that I have experienced in Muslim families. Most often, I found them to be far closer to my heart.


Apart from the fact that this story is a ‘canard’… an invention to vilify Muslims… come on, this is too obvious. Dad fights for his girls… that have been given to Muzz-lambs! OMG… crusade!!! Surely, they were eaten by them. Christian, white, whatever man, fight, fight, fight, destroy the cultural bolshevick jewish muslim!!! Pathetic, SF, more than pathetic.

Xoli Xoli

When he make this daughter’s he was sweating alone with his wife.Very good example for arab men learn how precious women are.Now take your daughters and run away from oppressive male guardianship of Saudi Arabia.We Christians will welcome you and let you do what ever you want in peace.If your daughters decide not to marry then it’s up to them to.No force religion and prayers. It is a personal matter between any human being and God.

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