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Russian Major General Seriously Wounded in Battle for Syrian Palmyra

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Russian Major General Petr Milyukhin has been critically injured in the battle for Palmyra in Syria.

Russian Major General Seriously Wounded in Battle for Syrian Palmyra

Head of the Directorate of Combat Training of the Western Military District’s Staff, Major General Petr Milyukhin (Photo: Oblastnaya gazeta / Aleksandr Zaytsev)

Head of the Directorate of Combat Training of the Western Military District’s Staff, Major General Petr Milyukhin, was critically injured in the battle for Palmyra in Syria, a number of Russian media reported. According to the Fontanka newspaper, it is the first Russian general, who was wounded in Syria.

As the newspaper reported, Milyukhin was blown up by a land mine about a week ago, he lost both his legs and an eye.

The Major General received first-aid treatment at the scene, however, due to ill health he was transported by a special flight to the Main Military Clinical Hospital named after NN Burdenko in Moscow. “He is here,” a representative of the hospital told the newspaper on Friday, refusing to disclose any details.

As the Infox news website reported, citing its own sources in the hospital, Milyukhin is currently in intensive care, doctors are trying to stabilize his condition.

“He is in the 56th unit, it is a resuscitation department,” a receptionist of the hospital answered a question of a correspondent of the RIA Novosti news agency.

The Russian Defense Ministry still has not commented the situation.

The headquarters of the Western Military District told Infox that Milyukhin is a subordinate of Commander of the Russian group in Syria, Colonel General Andrey Kartapolov. According to the website, Milyukhin’s direct responsibilities included formation of plans of combat operations and monitoring of their implementation.

In December 2015, Milyukhin obtained a rank of Major General by a decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On March 2, 2017, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to Putin that the Syrian Armed Forces, backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, had completed an operation on taking of Palmyra. The city already was liberated from terrorists in March 2016, but in December, they again managed to take control over Palmyra. For the first time, terrorists took Palmyra in May 2015.

Twenty seven Russian servicemen lost their lives during the aerial operation against Syrian terrorists, which was started by Moscow in the autumn of 2015.

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Daniel Castro

Great heroe, meanwhile USA zio generals sit back in the pentagon thousand of kilometers from battle ordering the murder of civilians,


With remote weapons.

Fritz Otto

Thats havy to get such strong injuries! Anyway I wish him to geet well end reestablish his life as soon as possible and all the best for his future live! and also I am feeling a big gratitude to the russian people to carry such enormous task.


I am reminded of Hercules.


Modern myoprothesis can halfway replace limbs.
I think our guys never lose spirit after such heavy

Brad Isherwood

The Saudi/Qatar train the Mercs going in to Syria from ATGM, sniper to mines.
British SAS,US SOF,Nato lead these mercs from ops to fall back and mine Syria.

Notice the IED attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan…….Empire trains Al qeada to kill American
And US retards sign up for Nat Guard or military….thinking Uncle Shlomo loves their @ss.

What’s the tally now?
1 Million Iraqi Dead…
5000 US amputee and head trauma. …..low estimate.
How many US veterans homeless?
In poverty?
Commit Suicide?

100,000+ US Serviceman on disability?

Vietnam shot down over 5000 US aircraft all classes,
50,000 Kia….
It started advisors. ..CIA bombings (The Quiet American /Micheal Caine)
Then False Flag. ..Gulf of Tonkin

America. ….just swing it.

888mladen .

You missed US navy ship Liberty. :) President L Johnson:”I want that damn ship sunk to the bottom of the see”.

John Whitehot

kias were 60000 not 50000


Europe deserves thousands of the DAESH and Al Nusra terrorists to return there and only then will the brainwashed Libtards of Europe realise who the enemy really is. An enemy that the Libtard NATO forces have trained, armed and financed all too often. And still is.

Russia is again saving the world from the latest wave of Muslim barbarians that first assaulted Europe in Roman times.

The courageous Russian General follows a long tradition of Russian valour.

Peter Moy

Absolutely. The US puppets, colonies , hangers on and little worms in Europe as part of this intervention “coalition” deserve all of these butchers after they are defeated on the battlefield. Then these arrogant, murderous politicians can seek the world’s sympathy when a few of their people are obliterated by these returning rats. Boo Hoo!


However, it’s the Angloamerican Empire that deserves most of that,
as they are the ones who ordered it. Who do you want to punish most,
the one who swings the sword or the one who orders it?


Honor who honor deserve.

Toni Liu

What this mayor general did in the front line battlefield so he step on mine, I thought most generals move to inspect most battlefield area after everthing secured, did he fight directly against isis along side russian special forces or what?


Well, it was a land mine that had been missed obviously.

Leon Auguste

So very unfortunate! Speedy recovery

Valery Grigoryev

It was during his return from Tyas airbase to the city of Homs three weeks ago. The army vehicle with him and 5 other Russian officers was blown up on the road by a landmine.
4 were dead, and the other 2 were wounded, including him.


NATO/GCC openly sponsor Islamic terrorism in Syria, meanwhile Russia pays the price of fighting it.


Anglozionistamerican scum are responsible….and they are paying the price….but the judgement is to come and it will destroy the empire of lies and murder once and for all time….To the dustbin of history …like the previous incarnation of nazis…these zio nazi Wahhabi terrorists are going to hell.

gfsdyughjgd .

This how the great Russian military men goes down in history never surrender never retreat always march forward ever.Bravo call i repeat bravo call.Get well soon brother in arms.

888mladen .

It looks like US special forces or/and SAS job. Apparently according to SouthFront US air force was helping SAA and Russian troupes to take over Palmira. That means that US must have had boots on the ground to conduct targeting which is normally done by special forces. It is highly suspicious. Somebody must have obtained information of his whereabouts and planted a mine just on the right spot. And let not forget that the general has been a high value target. You never let such an important military brass travel in an alone four wheel drive. There should have been a lead vehicle in front of his one at least 20 m away.

gfsdyughjgd .

You are talking the truth when ever Russia and SAA get break through USA/Nato pretends as their help and kill either Russian troops or SAA troops.The cause of this accident is USA/nato bomb.

888mladen .

This article was posted a day ago and this is what I posted 3 day ago on this topic: US Accuses Russian Aerospace Forces of Carrying Out of Airstrikes on Kurds in Aleppo Province. Comment quote:
“Not worried so much about US command complains. However what I’m
concerned about is the presence of the US special forces in vicinity of
Tiger forces taking in account what happened
recently in Donbas Eastern Ukraine.”
It’s interesting how nobody has taken notice of it.

888mladen .

“Andropov was well aware of the West’s development of elite special
operations forces such as Delta, SAS, and GSG-9 and sought a counter to
their likely infiltration into the USSR in the event of hostilities. US and NATO special-missions units would be tasked with the
assassination of the Party leadership and Soviet high command and the
sabotage of strategic objects”

John Whitehot

how the fuck is this anyhow related to the article? you talk over yourself trying to appear you’re bringing evidence to prove your fixation with the general being hit by US or UK (why not the fucking mossad then?), which is an absurdity. Stop watching James Bond and jewish produced Hollywood movies and believe that the real world works the same way.

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