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JUNE 2020

Russian-made Mi-35M Attack Helicopters Kill Top Advisor to ISIS Top Leader (al-Baghdadi)


Russian-made Mi-35M Attack Helicopters Kill Top Advisor to ISIS Top Leader (al-Baghdadi)

Iraqi Air Force Mi-35

The Iraqi Air Force’s Mi-35M attack helicopters carried out a series of air raids near the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, killing a top adviser to the group’s ringleader, the Iraqi state-run media reported.

The key ISIS member, named as Abu Usama, was a top adviser to the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (otherwise known as Ibrahim al-Samarrai) and the second-in-command to the ISIS shadow governor for Mosul.

The air raids took place at the town of Tal Kayf, located some 12 km from Mosul that remains the ISIS headquarters in Iraq and also resulted in killing of some Abu Usama’s henchmen.

According to the Iraqi police said, other 36 ISIS terrorists had been killed in the recent clashes in the al-Shourah area near Mosul.

The Mi-35M is a Russian-made multirole attack helicopter. It was developed by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, and has been series produced at Rostvertol since 2005.

Russia has supplied Iraq with Mi-35M and Mi-28NE attack helicopters since 2015. Only until 2016, the Iraqi military received a total of 43 military helicopters, including 24 Mi-35M and 19 Mi-28NE. The Russian attack helicopters are actively involved in the ongoing operations against ISIS.



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  • opereta

    The head should be displayed after cientific preservation,in an adequate jar !! (PD : Pictures should be forwarded to Mossad and CIA HQ for corroboration !!)