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Russian Leading Political Party Provides Prediction For Middle East’s Future

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Russian Leading Political Party Provides Prediction For Middle East's Future

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The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia released a statement which is an attempt to predict the future of the Middle East, Central Asia, Caucasus and even parts of the Balkans.

The LDPR is the third most popular party in Russia.

In their opinion a lot of changes will take place, some significant, some not so much.

Pakistan will unite with Afghanistan and a single state of Pashtunistan will be created. All other non-Pashtun peoples will be pushed westward towards Central Asia. The Kharazeyans – another people of Afghanistan – will be forced to flee to Iran, where their fellow Shiites live.

However, Iran itself by that time may be destroyed. Anti-Iranian forces will try to create in its place a separate Iranian Azerbaijan, Persia, Turkmenistan and Baluchistan. As a result of the division of the country, a huge number of refugees will appear, who will rush to the north – to the Caucasus and Turkmenistan. In particular, the Iranian Turkmen will try to reunite with the Turkmen in Central Asia, and conflicts are possible on this basis.

In Turkey, with the support of the United States, a new state of Kurdistan with its capital in Diyarbakir will be created on the basis of Turkish, Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi Kurds – and there are about 40 million of them. This will begin the partition of Turkey. Subsequently, Europe will help Armenia return the Western Armenian lands, which are still part of Turkey, Greece will liberate Cyprus and will lay claim to Izmir. Bulgaria will try to return Thrace.

In Iraq, the Sunnis will return to power and restore dominance in the northern part of the country, in the capital Baghdad, and the southern part will become the basis for a new Shiite Arab state with its capital in Basra.

The main beneficiary of these changes will be Israel, which will dominate these small, fragmented states.

A huge number of refugees from Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey will lead to a protracted civil war throughout Central Asia, including South Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. There will appear their refugees who will rush further north. But Russia will not allow anyone to enter either its territory or through its territory to the West, to Europe.

Ultimately, after a long civil war, by 2030, the leaders of the Central Asian republics will ask to accept their territories into Russia in order to ensure security. They will ask that the Russian-Pashtunistan border pass along the current border between Afghanistan on the one hand and Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan on the other.

But Russia will take a wait and see attitude. On the one hand, we recognize such new states as Baluchistan, Iranian Azerbaijan, Persia and Kurdistan.

There is also a possibility of Armenia taking back its western lands, the liberation of Cyprus and the annexation of Thrace to Bulgaria.

Russia however will struggle to accept the Central Asian republics as part of it, since their economies are in shambles, there will be a huge number of refugees, who have gone through the horror of war.

Russia will work towards strengthening trade and economic relations with these republics and will buy all the traditional goods of Central Asia: fruits, vegetables, melons, wool, cattle, meat, cotton and everything that is in abundance in Central Asia, and trade will provide the necessary income to maintain the standard of living of the population in these republics.


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Hadi Heidary

seems to me like wishful hallucinations of a 10 year old.


Yeah, right. Not realistic at all. It’s designed to scare Turkey and Iran into siding with Russia.
Given the major crises both the US and Europe face, espeically financially, it’s unlikely there will be any funding for this.


You got it right. And this is Zhirinovsky we are talking about. He has always dreamed of a sort of strategic pact with Turkey.

Jim Allen

Iran already side’s with Russia. Long time allies.
Turkey’s painted itself into a corner. US Government is looking to do the “regime change” thing to Turkey, apparently tired of Erdogan’s loose cannon game, leaving Russia to
do what it’s always done. Turkey need’s Russia far more than Russia need’s Turkey.

Another useless article

Why would southfront choose to publish such utter nonsense? Just because some clearly clueless idiot in Russia decides to make up some delusional future predictions about a region he clearly has no knowledge about doesn’t mean it has to be published. It’s because of articles like this that I have stopped coming to southfront as regularly as I used to.

Jim Allen

Umm….because it’s news, and SF does news…

L du Plessis

….iran by that time will be destroyed 😂 what a joke!! iran is thousands of years old, still undefeated and you think someone is going to just destroy them??? japan was nuked twice and still standing!!

Jim Allen

Iran is not undefeated, it is thousands of year’s old.


This is just one groups’ gaming idea of what will happen or perhaps what they hope to see. I think Southfront was quite derelict in labelling it as the prediction of Russia’s “leading” party. It clearly is no such thing.


What utter nonsense 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


This analysis omits mention of the Uighurs. They are Turkic peoples. No mention is made of China. The cohesion of tribal entities defies nation state borders and sometimes destroys them.

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