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Russian Leadership Is Concerned Over Possible Start Of Civil War In Tajikistan

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Russian Leadership Is Concerned Over Possible Start Of Civil War In Tajikistan

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon (right) and his son, Dushanbe Mayor Rustam Emomali (center)

Tajikistan is a former USSR republic located in the southern part of the Central Asian region. The state, most of which is covered by rough terrain, borders with Afghanistan. After the fall of the USSR, Tajikistan faced a civil war, which lasted from 1992 to 1997.

In the post-USSR period, Tajikistan appeared in one of the worst situation among all former USSR republics. Its economy was depredating and a number of social problem in the country was rapidly growing.

The spread of radical ideologies from Afghanistan is another factor influencing the internal situation in Tajikistan. While in the previous decade, one of the key player spreading own ideology was the Taliban, recently, ISIS propagandists have also intensified their efforts.

On January 28, Russian Interior Minister Igor Zubov said that unidentified helicopters are redeploying large numbers of ISIS members from Pakistan to Afghanistan’s border with Tajikistan. Zubov added that it’s highly likely that large-scale provocations are being prepared in the area in order to trigger a humanitarian crisis and destabilize the situation near the Russian southern border. In other words, the interior minister said that a civil war might start in Tajikistan.

According to the Russian non-governmental organization “Federation of Migrants”, 1.745m Tajik citizens entered Russia in the period from January to September 2018. It should be noted that the real level of labor migration to Russia from Tajikistan is much higher than the provided numbers.

The total population of Tajikistan is 8.574m. 5.498 of them are in the age group from 14yo to 65yo [2.723 – men; 2.775 – women]. If we take into account that labor migrants are often 18-45yo men, it will appear that about a half of Tajikistan’s working-age population is in Russia. Most of them believe that the regime of President Emomali Rahmon is responsible for the current complicated economic and social situation in their homeland.

This could be compared to the situation in Uzbekistan. According to the very same data, 3.4m Uzbek citizens entered Russia in the period from January to September 2018. However, the population of Uzbekistan is 4 times higher than those of Tajikistan – 32.39m.

Tajikistan is one of the points, which could negatively affect regional security in the Central Asia. Cells of the Taliban and ISIS expanded their presence within the country in 2018. The main reasons are the complicated social and economic situation, which is a result of the approaches being employed by the current government as well as the common economic doldrums in the region. If the situation develops further in the same direction in 2019, this country could become a new hot spot in the region.


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Zionism = EVIL

All of these ex-USSR stans are corrupt banana republics and need to be incorporated into the Russian Federation as the Americunts and Zionists are destabilizing these corrupt untenable regimes. The Americunts have their evil eyes on Tajikistan as it is the most vulnerable with CIA flying in headchoppers from Syria and Iraq into Afghanistan. The Amu Darya is hardly a secure border as Americunts infiltrate Wahhabi headchoppers across.


When I heard the US was flying its ISIS army to the Afghanistan Tajikistan border I figured the US was starting another war.

Xoli Xoli

Sinbad2 you have it correctly. Just two days USA a started ISIS deployment to Afghanistan and Tajikustan.

Robert McMaster

Just transport the entire population of Balitmore over there and plunk them down. That’ll scare the bejeepers out of the locals and everything will settle down. And there’s lots of Baltimorians so frightening that the incoming ISIS et al crowd will flee in panic. Two birds with one stone.


lol…Keep it up dude

Robert McMaster

move to Buffalo!


Hey Ruskies! It’s ok to shoot those copters down!!!


Why not go to the source, and blow up America?


I don’t think my Russian neighbors would appreciate that. ?


afghanistan `= destitute states of morons (aka usa)
and tadjikistan not so much russia no more


the first thought that comes to mind – de americans, just can’t keep their fingers away and so far they have failed miserably but if you keep trying and trying and trying, they will succeed one of these days but hopefully they have bankrupted the country before then!

Tommy Jensen

…..and we were crying that now US did it again. This is unfair :-(.

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