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Russian Jets Strike Jihadist Forces in Southern Aleppo ahead of Upcoming Offensive

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Russian Jets Strike Jihadist Forces in Southern Aleppo ahead of Upcoming Offensive

AlMasdarNews reports: The Russian Air Force carried out several airstrikes over the last 6 hours, targeting the jihadist supply lines to the southern corridor of Aleppo City.

According to a military source in Damascus, the Russian Air Force specifically targeted Jaysh Al-Fateh’s (Army of Conquest) positions around the Khan Touman and Al-Ramouseh roads in order to obstruct jihadist reinforcements from reaching the front-lines.

The military source added that most of the airstrikes targeted the southern sector of the 1070 Al-Hamdaniyah Housing Project, Rashideen District, and Jabas Souq (Aqrab Market).

In the coming days, the jihadist rebels of Jaysh Al-Fateh are planning to attack the northwestern and southwestern corridors of Aleppo, as they look to besiege the government districts.

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go Assad go teach those dumb American inbreeds a lesson bye bye usa nice try but now u in deep shii last news tonight was out of very reliable source john Kerry likes to do it with young boys


Hummmm. Source?

John Whitehot

lol. If somebody says “kerry fuck off” u gonna ask the source? u folks are done.


I believe its sarcasm!(which is sarcasm) In addition one concludes when you say “u folks” you include him. Which I highly doubt hes involved in any way shape or form. Other then perhaps being American and reading the story. He was simply being kind by responding to the retarded guys writings above. He should have actually told the retarded guy if you are going to use the term “dumb inbreeds” it would make more sense to have a coherent statement following.

John Whitehot

i see. : )

Kristy Rain

The Teenage Militant Jihadi Akbars will begin another strike! But first it is prayer! April Al-Niel must pray seperately. Next they will order Shifa, followed by another segregated prayer. Then their leader, Al-Munshaq, will give the Teenage Militant Jihadi Akbars a brief lesson on the necessity of using local civillians as human shields (guilt free!) and how they become Martyrs even if they refused at first.

All of this and much more with this new season of ?..
? Teenage Militant Jihadi Akbars!
Teenage Militant Jihadi Akbars!
Teenage Militant Jihadi Akbars!
Mod-erate Beheaders!
Snackbar *power!* ?


I’ve seen the numbers 12,000 and 1200 fresh jihadist getting ready for a new try at breaking through into east Aleppo , expecting the first is right . Would be good to reduce those numbers significantly .
Salute SAA .

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