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Russian Jets Scrambled Over Barents Sea To Intercept Norwegian Reconnaissance Plane

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Russian Jets Scrambled Over Barents Sea To Intercept Norwegian Reconnaissance Plane

Norwegian F-16s and F-35s train with a B-52H Stratofortress during a long-range, long duration strategic Bomber Task Force mission throughout Europe and the Arctic region in June

After many years of adopting a relatively passive role in NATO’s military activities and being careful not to participate in activities that could be interpreted as provocative or hostile by Russia, since at least 2016 Norway has become a much more frequent participant in NATO military activities, including long-range strategic offensive exercises and operations that could have no target other than Russia.

On Friday (17 July), Russia’s Northern Fleet’s fighter jets shadowed a Norwegian Air Force P-3C Orion reconnaissance plane over the Barents Sea, Russia’s National Defence Control Centre reported.

After the Russian airspace control capabilities detected a Norwegian Air Force P-3C Orion reconnaissance plane over the Barents Sea flying towards Russia’s state border, the Northern Fleet’s fighter aircraft were scrambled to identify and intercept the target. LINK

A similar interception on July 14:

In June, Norway hosted a NATO long range bombing exercise that featured four B-52s from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota on a long-range training mission that flew through the Arctic to Europe. The Stratofortress bombers, from the 5th Bomb Wing, trained with F-16s and F-35s from the Norwegian Air Force. LINK

Norway’s strategic policy shift has been underway since at least 2016-2017 when it became increasingly apparent that the country was executing a drastic change in its military policy, towards a far more aggressive posture. A total of 330 US Marines were stationed for a trial period from January 2017 at the Vaernes military base east of Trondheim.

The deployment marked the first time since World War II that foreign troops have been allowed to station in Norway. In 2016, the Norwegian Parliament approved a one-year trial period for the US military presence, including two six-month rotations. Subsequently it was decided to double the Marine presence in the country from 330 to 650 soldiers. The plans included a ‘prepositioning program’ to stockpile caches of military equipment in caves and bunkers sufficient for up to 16,000 Marine Corps troops, and providing bases for US reconnaissance aircraft and radar stations. LINK

Around the same time, Norway stepped up its role as a support and supply base for NATO submarines despite strong opposition from the municipal council of the town most affected. A US Navy submarine’s port call to Tromsø in 2016 caused considerable controversy at the time. It was the first nuclear powered submarine to dock in northern Norway since October 2007 when the last nuclear powered vessel made port call to Olavsvern.

Jens Ingvald Olsen, a member of the City Council, argued that no deals should be made with US authorities on visiting nuclear submarines: “First of all there is a risk of nuclear accidents, and we don’t have the emergency preparedness to handle such incident. Secondly, regular visits by American submarines will make Tromsø a Russian bomb target.”

By the following year, US submarine activity in Norway’s territorial waters and port calls had become commonplace, with nuclear powered submarines surfacing for crew-exchange or other purposes; either calling in to port or inshore waters along the coast. In 2017 activity increased sharply with more than 40 voyages into Norwegian coastal waters.

“3 to 4 per month,” said Navy Captain Per-Thomas Bøe with the Ministry of Defence in Oslo when asked by Barents Observer about the 2017 numbers of allied nuclear powered submarines.

Russia has become increasingly concerned by Norway’s change in military posture. In 2019 Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters:

“Contrary to the historical traditions of neighbourly relations and cooperation in the Arctic, Oslo continues to escalate tension and increase the risk of military action. This will not be left without a response.”

Despite increasing Russian concern, Norway has continued to shift its military posture to a more aggressive approach against Russia and increased involvement in NATO activities.


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Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, Norway is a frozen little piss ant of a shithole with the largest number of depression, drunks, bipolar and psychiatric cases, and these dumb ugly cowards, who have never fought a war, are kissing Americunt deadbeat losers arse. Russia should have shot the stupid fuckers down.

Free man

What a hateful piece of sh1t you are.

Lone Ranger

Dunno why scandinavians lick Uncle Sams arse.
No logic behind it.
They must like the taste…
That tells it all.

Zionism = EVIL

They have acute inferiority complex. I worked on a oil platform off Stravanger in the early 2000’s, and the dumbass Norwegians were really morons. They did not know jack shit, were drunk bums, could not produce anything and like Saudis were living off the oil money. Most of their STATOIL is run by the Bilderberg cunts, with limeys ripping them off.

Lone Ranger

Thats explains a lot :)


No sht!cia/eu also rigged last few winter olympics put norway#1 germany #2


Zionists are a powerful force in Northern Europe.


Yeah, the eh…. Vikings, are nothing but AmeriTard asslikers, and to even think this sheep f…. have anything to say, is even dumber, Norway is totally controlled by Washington, thats why nothing happens regarding infrastructure, like the railroad prodjects whom others have talked about for decades, to the deep sea harbor in Kirkenes, absolutelly nothing is done, because the UssA says so, been like that since WW2, and we had our JudenPress shithole VG in the north and they woundered why nobody up there was terrifyed about the Russians, they just laughed, and in the comentary field the southereners stated that this was because we in the North are Commies, or Putin patsys, yeah, traitores and the angle on this article was one of the worst I have read since I started reading news, and on top of it, they had to write another one just to take the “worst” acusations of the VGs angle of us been traitores somehow, downscale the previous article rethoric, down a bit, but the North knows pressicly what the inbreed Khazars thinks and how corrupt and false they really are, that goes all the way back to WW2, and the rats in Oslo whom dont know jack shit about their own nation, and the fact of an smal city like Kirkenes, the only city bombed more in the WW2 theater in europa was Valeta/Malta, and yet, the southerness brags about the inflated nonsense about Dha Resistance, yeah, the same men whom hid in the forest for years and when the war was over had the bravery and balls to come our in eh….. force just to cut the hairs of women whom engaged with the Germans, thats all they have, and we know that, and the ruining of the north, an entire part is been pissed upon because of the UssA.

Pathetic low life scums, the worst there is, never ever trust an Norwegain, when Finland was attacked, they didnt lift an finger and the stupid Finns think the NATO will be different, god help the Finns if they are that delutional, and then we have the Sweds. The nation whom have killed most Finns of them all.
The truth is, Norway is nothing but an bitch, week spineless rats, thats it.


Zionism = EVIL

They are fake “Vikings”, every drunken alcoholic mixed breed cunt in the Nordic frozen tundra claimed to be a “Viking”, they had faces like fucking Neanderthals and totally dumb.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The real Vikings are the Rus…. The ones who row. (meaning of ‘Rus’ in old Norse)
The Varangians (/vəˈrændʒiənz/; Old Norse: Væringjar; Greek: Βάραγγοι, Várangoi, Βαριάγοι, Variágoi) was the name given by Greeks, Rus’ people, and others to Vikings,[1][2][3][4] who between the 9th and 11th centuries ruled the medieval state of Kievan Rus’, settled among many territories of modern Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, and formed the Byzantine Varangian Guard.

Антон С

Ryurik belongs to rus and obodrit tribes, both slavic. He is son of Novgorod duke’s sister and son of obodrit duke. Duke of Novgorod left no sons, his dynasty ended in the middle 9th century. Local nobility decided to elect new duke among relatives of old one. Ryurik is not slavic name, because his band of warriors was a mix of scandinavian people, mostly norvegian and swedish. That’s why some historians say that Ryurik himself was a norwegian or a dane.

Black Waters

Check the documentary on starmedia, it’s even more accurate.


Norway, Sweden, Denmark and along with Holland, Belgium and France were active Nazi supporters too. The Nordic states even had their own SS.

Norwegian Legion (Norwegian: Den Norske Legion, German: Freiwilligen-Legion Norwegen) was a Norwegian collaborationist formation of the Waffen-SS during World War II. It was formed in German-occupied Norway on 29 June 1941, in support of the war aims of Nazi Germany and Aryan supremacy. The unit still has strong support in the Norwegian military with allies in Denmark and Sweden.

Антон С

The most funny thing with those “euro-aryans” is that real aryans are living in Iran – land of aryans in translation. Aryans were sanskrit-speaking tribe. Iranian language derived from sanskrit. Even tajiks (as ethnos of iranian lang. group) more aryans, than germans.

cechas vodobenikov

true Anton—a mystery how it gravitated to germany

Антон С

It came via “New age” and neo-pseudopagan occult sectarians. In Russia it started with famous artist and orientalist Rerih and writer Blavatskaya. Spiritual practices of India were perverted. Theses days sectarians tells that indian text of Vedas are not indian, but russian ones.) 100 years ago no one could dare to say such absurd, but there was another crap: aryans from modern territory of India came to Arctic to survive a global catastrophe. They created Hyperborea (supernorthern in translation, bora – northern wind). Modern sectarians think that hyperboreans were their ancestors. The same as mad Adolf thought. That’s why nazis searched for Shambala in Tibet – place where hyperboreans came from. Crazy sh*t, but some people still believe it even after nazis. Even in Russia. Nazis were sectarians and anti-christian even with their moto “Gott mit uns”. In my opinion even “The Beatles” and their trip to India connected with “New age”.


They like to bullsht though,like back then when Russia built europes longest rail/trans port bridge,mind you pretty much world record timeframe despite sanctions,only to have some savvy blowjobs,rave on about some huge underwater norwegian project scam,which is typical of usa hegemon jealousy,which I denounced as fake,phoney and false project for obvious reasons,not I’m against developments,but to be frank nothing has been seen by hato combined pscyc’ops!
Reminds of cia/fake moonlandings,fake x etc,as usual timed just like neo-liberals corona virus?

Jim Bim

Norway is a lame US puppet and after its former PM became NATO`s sec. general, Norway has shifted to a more Russophobic and hawkish posture.
Forgotten is that the Red army liberated the northernmost part of Norway ( Finnmark, bordering Russia ) from the Nazi`s, almost 3000 soldiers of the Red army lost their lives in the liberation.

AM Hants

Weird how so many of Russia’s non-nuclear neighbours, are so desperate to please the US and antagonise their neighbour. Forgetting how good relations have been, before the Globalists got so needy.


Yup, the Norwegians have climbed right up America’s arse.


Meanwhile, in northern Norway the signs on shops are bilingual – Norsk and Russian. True fact. So politics is one thing and economic expediency is another

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