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Russian Jets Launch First Airstrikes since Ceasefire in East Aleppo – Report

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Russian Jets Launch First Airstrikes since Ceasefire in East Aleppo - Report

AlMasdarNews reports: The Russian Air Force resumed their aerial campaign over east Aleppo last night, targeting Fatah Halab’s positions in several districts.

The Russian air battalion began their bombardment by striking the jihadist rebels at the Bustan Al-Basha District, destroying a number of enemy vehicles near the eastern neighborhoods.

Following their airstrikes over Bustan Al-Basha, the Russian AIr Force turned their attention to the Hanano Youth Housing Complex, launching several attacks around this imperative area in east Aleppo.

In addition to their airstrikes at the aforementioned sites, the Russian Air Force also struck Fatah Halab’s positions inside the districts of Bab Al-Nayrab, Suleiman Al-Halabi, Sheikh Sa’eed, and Al-Sakhour.

These airstrikes over east Aleppo last night mark the first time since the 24 hour ceasefire on Thursday that the Russian Air Force has targeted the militants.

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Bio_ Hazard

Civilians had 24 hours to leave but terrorist won’t let them. Soon you’ll hear US crying Atrocities even though there was 24 hour. The US will never blame their moderates only Russia did this Russia did that. They will ignore the fact that terrorist are trying to keep their human shield.

Leon Auguste

If there are any Free Syrian Army (East Aleppo) reading this post … Ask yourselves ..why are we fighting in the first place? Was the reason not to topple a repressive Assad regime and give the Syrian people a better future? WHY ARE YOU TAKING THEM HOSTAGE???? So Sad…

Leon Auguste

The Russians / Syrian air force, knowing perfectly well there are civilians wanting to leave but being prevented should call off the air strikes indefinitely… There must be another way… C’mon… This is ridiculous!!!

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